9 signs you are an Earth Angel

Earth angel

You may have already heard about the angels of heaven, but do you know anything about Earth Angels? They are on Earth and perhaps you are one of them, but you are unaware of it! Find out now more about the Earth Angel!

See below the Nine Signs identifying if you are one of them!

Most people are not aware of the angels on Earth. Not only are most human beings oblivious to this, but they also do not even think they themselves could be an Earth Angel and reap the benefits.

What is an Earth Angel?

Checking if you are one of them is easy if you follow the angelic process below. You could be one of them if you match at least six of the 9 following angelic signs below.

You could become a representative of the Angelic world in your daily life for your sake and the sake of other human beings.

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So welcome to their world if you match the 9 following angelic signs.

1st Sign: An Earth Angel works for the benefit of humanity

One sign of Angels on Earth is the serving of humanity and protecting every kind of life: human, animal, and Mother Nature.

Angels on Earth promote life not death, peace not a war between men, and a respectful attitude toward other living beings and the natural environment.

2nd Sign: An Earth Angel does not expect a reward for his or her good deeds

The second main feature of Earth Angels is they do not expect a reward for their good deeds. They think, talk, and act positively and naturally. They are constantly promoting good and fighting evil.

They never ask or think about getting a reward in exchange. They never show any disappointment if nobody recognizes their kindness and their merits.

3rd Sign: An Earth Angel promotes positive thinking, attitude, and feelings

Real Earth Angels always think, talk, and act positively! This attitude always guides and motivates their behavior. They are always joyful, optimistic, laughing, smiling peacefully, no matter what is happening around them.

They never panic or lose their temper. They really have a way with words and actions to solve any kind of situation, even in the most desperate or worst cases.

4th Sign: An Earth Angel is humble, does not show off, nor looks for wealth, celebrity status, social recognition…

Angels on Earth never chase any kind of recognition because it is meaningless. They are self-confident because of their powers and they are humble.

They think, speak, and take action irrespective of others’ reactions and of criticism because they are inspired to do the right thing. People look to them for their wisdom. 

5th Sign: An Earth Angel neither blames nor criticizes anyone

Angels on Earth never speak ill of others or talk negatively behind their back because they know it is useless, counterproductive, and a waste of time. They always tell the truth and speak openly with the concerned people.

If anyone behaves or talks to them in a disrespectful manner, they do not lose their temper, get angry, or react in a negative way. They never add fuel to the fire, but instead, try to put it out by making agreements instead of stirring up hatred or division.

6th Sign: An Earth Angel is fully responsible for his or her actions

Earth Angels never take their frustration out on other people when they fail. They always take full responsibility for all events happening in their life. When they want to solve a problem, they work it out on their own.

They may ask for external advice and implement it if they think it will work, but they don’t blame others if they are unsuccessful. They always learn from their mistakes and never repeat them, aware that the same actions always generate the same results.

7th Sign: An Earth Angel is able to lay down his or her life for other people

Earth Angels act without concern for their own lives, knowing that the body is only flesh and blood and that life is transitional. They will lay down their life without hesitation for the sake of others, to save or protect any human from death or danger.

Their respect for another life is stronger than their own personal preservation if they believe their sacrifice is worth it.

8th Sign: An Earth Angel is brave and courageous; not afraid of anything

Angels on Earth never back down from the risks, whether they are intellectual, social, or physical. They are aware that dangers cannot be overcome by ignoring or avoiding them but by addressing them head-on.

They talk and act when required, regardless of potential risks, and never hide from them; they know it is better to fail to try than not trying at all.

9th Sign: An Earth Angel is consistently promoting and expressing Love

Angels on Earth think and talk about Love, but more importantly, they express it consistently through their behavior, aware that only actions matter. Here we are talking about manifesting the ultimate and supreme form of Love without expecting something in return.

We are talking about all forms of love, not just about love between two people which is only one way to express the Supreme Love of God. Their thoughts are full of Love, their words and actions always promote Love.

Am I an Angel? Time to check if you are one of them!

Take stock now! How many boxes did you tick?

  • 1st case – Less than 6 boxes: Not too bad. Do not worry, you can become one of the Earth Angels if you learn to develop the other signs.
  • 2nd case – 6 to 8 boxes: Nice! You are aware of your strengths; you should develop the other signs until you fully meet the nine signs required.
  • 3rd case – 9 boxes: Great. You are one of them but you are not aware of it.

Express the 9 signs every day and not only will you improve your life but also the lives of others around you, and progressively the life of humankind, spreading good in the world.

This way you can express the kingdom of God and the Earth Angel realms amongst us!

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