Full Moon Water to Recharge Your Body, Mind, and Spirit!

moon water

Why you should be aware of the mystical powers of the Moon Water? Let’s start! Has it ever happened to you that you had a long day of back to back meetings scheduled with different clients and you are on your way back from office tired and very sleepy…

All of a sudden, the full moon rises above you, and you start to feel a crazy sense of energy inside you. You do not feel sleepy anymore or tired, in fact, you feel pumped and ready to shine? Prepare to be surprised by the mystical powers of the Moon Water!

What is moon water?

That is the ability of a full moon. The energy if a full moon is like no other, even coffee can’t account for the energy that a full moon can equip you with. It is water that is set out in the open sky where the moon’s light can enter the water to charge it.

That is how moon water is made. The purpose of the formation is to make use of the energy of the moon and use it for your benefit. It’s water that gets charged by a full moon only. It has more energy than normal moon water.

Moon water possesses a number of truly beneficial spiritual properties! The feminine energy of the moon is most powerful during a full moon. You can learn to harness this power in order to cleanse your body, mind, and spirit.

By learning the meaning that charged moon water represents, you can cleanse yourself of negative energy. Learn more about full moon water by contacting your Guardian Angel!

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The Lunar Cycle

As clearly represented by Lunar Cycle, the fact that a full moon only appears once a month makes it even more special, and a full moon much waits for this reason.

The light of the moon needs to reach the water that you have set out for it to get charged and for the energy of the moon to be transferred into the water.

Thus, make sure that the placing of your water container is such that moonlight reaches the water directly without being directed otherwise.

How do you make Moon Water?

Placing a jug or container out into the open so that the light of the moon reaches the water to make it. The water soaks up the light of the moon and gets charged with energy. The soaking can be seen as if a sponge soaks up water. It is a very effective and very fast process.

You can’t know exactly when the water is fully charged so, the best thing to do is to let it be set out into the light of the moon until the morning. The more the water is exposed to the moonlight, the more it gets charged.

Thus, when you drink the water after the water is fully charged, you will be energized. The effect of the moon water is much greater than the effect of an energy drink.

The taste would be different, in a good way, and more tasteful. After drinking it, you will feel as if all your senses have been awakened and your spirit will be cleansed. You will feel recharged and pumped up as if someone gave you adrenaline shots.

What are the benefits of  Moon Water?

It can be used for various reasons. Not only can YOU benefit from it, but non-humane things and creatures can also be benefited from the water you created.

For example, there are some cases where sick animals, were cured by this water almost instantly without having to go to a vet. This water can be used to water plants as this will help the plants grow in a very fast and healthy way.

You can also add a little amount of the moon water made into your bathtubs for showering purposes and to prepare a spiritual bath to cleanse your energy with a salt bath.

Your body will fully be purified this way, and extra cleansing would not be required. Not only your body, but your soul and spirit will also be cleansed, and you will feel peaceful and light-headed.

Essential oils, oil sprays, and tea can also be made using the water created by using moonlight. All the different uses can be enjoyed with a different taste and extra added effect of this energetic and refreshing water.

Intention matters

Last to know but the most important condition in the making and use of moon water is your intention. Before you take upon a task, you always have an intention and purpose for doing that task.

Your intention while using the moon’s energy for your benefit should be pure; with no intention to hurt anyone. You must be wondering how somebody can hurt anyone with moon water, right?

I will give an example for you to be clear on the fact that people can take the wrong advantage of God’s blessings. You are very clear about the fact that the energy generated pumps you up.

So, someone might create it with the intention to gain enough energy to bet someone up to gain revenge. Now, this intention would lead the angels to act upon the water that is generated.

It won’t be charged and will not be blessed with the energizing charge of the moonlight.

Cleanse your soul

On the other hand, if you want to create the water so that you can cleanse your soul, body, and spirit to be completely pure… then the water will show its magic and work wonders for you.

Thus, it all comes down to your initial intention. You must ALWAYS have an intention before you do something and make sure that intention is pure and with no hatred. If you work with a positive mind, you will reap the benefits out of all the opportunities that life gives you!

The benefits of moon water are many but, if we are not aware of how to use it, there is no point in creating it in the first place.

Thus, now that you are well informed about how to create it and how to use it do not let the next full moon go away without providing you with some good benefits!

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