Raising Your Vibration by Heart Breathing

heart breathing

Breathing is an everyday thing you do all the time to ensure that your heart gets enough oxygen to stay alive and keep your body energized. You can’t be prepared to stop breathing and still expect to live a normal healthy life; not at all. Heart Breathing is a powerful tool through which you can breathe in light into your heart so that the vibrational frequency of your body, mind, and soul is raised. There is a very easy way to increase the Heart Breathing.

How to Make Use of Heart Breathing

To start off, you need to ensure that you are in an upright standing position. Make sure that you are comfortable in the place you have chosen and the posture in which you choose to stand. You should not be leaning in any direction, be upright and present.

You need to clear your mind of any thoughts that have the potential to distract you and focus on what you are about to do. Start off by making a small prayer to the Angels to bless you with their presence which you make use of the heart breathing method. The angels will be of help to raise the vibration of your heart and to expand the light beyond your heart.

Heart Breathing – What to Do Next?

Once the angels have been called upon, you need to start focusing on the center of your body, towards your heart. Focus as hard as you can and let go of any other thoughts as they are going to distract you. Focus on the breathing heart and breathe as slowly as you possibly can.

Inhale, and exhale… inhale, and exhale… slow and steady…

Be fully present at the moment and be aware of what you are doing and why you are doing it. As the process of inhaling and exhaling continues, you can let go of any stress you have by exhaling it out of your mind, body, and soul. Imagine yourself being occupied in the light as if you are surrounded by a huge ball of light that is blessing you with all its energy.

Continue Without Getting Distracted

Breathe in the light from all around you, and there is plenty for you to make use of. As you breathe in the light, your heart will become more vibrant and will start to expand. It will feel as if you are breathing towards success as the process of spiritual development takes place.

Move around and breathe from different places – front, back, right, left, diagonally. Keep going around and round in a circle to make use of all the light in your surroundings.

You will feel a certain gush of energy as the light gets inside your body and you will start to visualize your heart chakra glowing with a crystalline yellow light so brightly that it will be hard for you to imagine it for a long time.

You Are Blessed with Light

Heart vibration is the tool which vibrates your heart at an increased level due to the light that enters into it. The light entering raises the vibrational frequency of the heart which in turn blesses you inside out.

The vibration in the chest when breathing in is a sign that the vibrational frequencies inside your body are being raised at a level higher than what they currently are. This is nothing less than being blessed by the Divine Himself. The light that enters into your heart to expand is a blessing in its own that should not be taken for granted.
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