Exploring the Meaning of a Green Aura

Green Aura

From the moment you are capable of seeing the aura of yourself and others, you immediately find yourself facing more questions. What does each aura color mean? Do the different shades of each color offer a different and more specific meaning? And what about Green aura?

In this article, we are going to answer these questions by focusing on one color already mentioned: green. We’ll take a look at the green aura meaning. We’ll also explore how the aura color meanings vary depending on the shade of that color.

For example, we’ll take a look at the difference between a light green aura and a yellow-green aura. Let’s start off with the basics!

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What is an Aura?

The very nature of an aura can seem confusing to many people and the explanations you’ll hear will vary drastically depending on who you ask. In simple terms, an aura is a sort of spiritual shield or force field.

Its main function is to protect each person from the negative spiritual energy that they are likely to encounter on a day-to-day basis. For example, if you have to deal with extremely negative individuals at work then it is likely that your aura will change over time to adapt to that situation.

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What does a green aura mean?

However, auras aren’t perfect and they are greatly influenced by a number of factors such as physical health, mental health, spirituality, diet, environment, angelic presence, and much more. As such, you can view the color of an aura as a reflection of that person’s vibrational energy level.

It also signals the effectiveness of that person’s aura, usually as a result of their personality. For example, a green aura would indicate something different from a blue aura. So what does a green aura mean?

Yellow-green Aura

The meaning of green, in relation to the yellow-green aura (or green ora as you will sometimes see it spelled), is one of abundant creativity. It’s often said that those displaying this shade of green are full of love and life.

They always view the glass as being half full as opposed to half-empty and even walking to the shop usually involves them having a spring in their step. Many describe these individuals as master communicators but it may shock you to hear that those displaying this shade are rarely talkative.

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Instead of expressing themselves and their ideas via the spoken word, they will often take the approach of creating something new and unique.  For some this will mean painting, for others it will mean writing, it could even mean the creation of songs and music.

One way or another, this aura colors meaning is one of happiness, joy, and creativity. This shade of green can be developed simply by attempting to be creative. Grab your pen and notepad and just start writing down whatever comes to mind. If it’s all nonsense then try again the next day!

Dark Green Aura

As we continue exploring the variance of the green color personality, we can take a look at the dark green shade. It’s often said that green is the color of envy and in this case, that turns out to be true.

A darker shade of green signifies deep-rooted jealousy that has likely formed over time to become a toxic source of negative energy. These individuals are typically spiteful and unable to take criticism.

They will feed off their own negative emotions in a vicious cycle which is one of the main reasons they struggle to escape this shade. One simple step they can take is to go out into nature.

This will help ease the flow of negative energy within them and can open the door to different shades of green. From here, they need to imagine themselves like a ball of positive energy as opposed to a negative one.

This is the hard part as all the negativity inside them will rise to the surface in a desperate attempt to remain in control. They’ll often be reminded of why they should continue to think negatively and bad memories can even float to the surface.

If you can get past these then you’ll notice a difference instantly.

Bright Green Aura

The final shade of green that we’re going to explore today is the bright green shade. This shade represents feelings of love and being content. Those displaying this shade will see the positive side of every situation.

When they meet a new person they will always give them the benefit of the doubt, regardless of what rumors may have been circling beforehand. They are very charitable individuals but most of all, they are happy with what they have in life.

They don’t need fancy cars or massive houses; they just need close friends and family. On that note, you will typically find that these individuals are minimalist.

They won’t buy a new pair of shoes unless their old ones are completely unwearable, they won’t get the bus to work if walking is an option, and they won’t splash out on expensive food just for the convenience of not having to cook.

All in all, these people can get by with very little, and yet they’ll still have a smile across their faces. There is very little that can bring the energy levels of such a person down.

In order to reach this shade of green, you have to nurture these positive emotions within yourself. Find what makes you feel happy and do it. If you enjoy going to the cinema then go see a new movie or two.

If you enjoy hanging out with your friends then throw a party or organize a meal. Allow yourself to feel happy and you’ll find that your vibrational energy level naturally increases.

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