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Clairalience -The Power of Detect Spiritual Smells


Smell plays a far more important role in our lives than we often think: it alters how our food tastes, can trigger positive or negative emotions and it even plays a role in how attracted we are to someone. But are you aware of clairalience? This is a psychic technique that is often referred to as psychic smelling. In this article, we will explore exactly what this is and the different ways it can be used. We’ll also explore some of the psychic smells meanings. So let’s jump straight into looking at the clear smelling psychic ability of clairalience.

What is Clairalience?

So what exactly is clairalience? Well, have you ever been enjoying your day but smell a familiar smell and suddenly you’re transported back to starting school or visiting your Grandparents as a kid? The sense of smell plays a major role in memory and more importantly, it acts as a trigger to recall memories that would otherwise have remained lost.

The psychic sense of smell gifted to us through clairalience is a more powerful (and spiritual) form of this. It allows us to actually pick up smells that aren’t originating from the physical realm. So what is a psychic smell and what are the uses of clairalience?



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Spiritual Smells

You’re probably wondering what spiritual smells smell like. Well, not actually any different from any other smell. Imagine (or remember if this is true to you) that you had an aunt who passed away. While she was alive she would always wear the same perfume.

If you went to her house you could smell it, if she’d been to yours you could smell it, if somebody else wore the same perfume then they smelled like your aunt. How would you react if after she passed away, you suddenly got a whiff of that same perfume?

Your first thought would probably be to assume that somebody else was wearing it. However, through clairalience, this could be a sign of your psychic smelling ability. Your aunt could be present in spirit form, watching over you and your clairalience is detecting that through the most familiar smell: her perfume.

Although there are other functions than just letting you know a spirit is present. It could be that your aunt wants to help you process the emotions you have bottled up from her death and by making you smell that familiar smell, trigger a release.

Other Uses of Clairalience

Of course, there are many, many other uses for clairalience. One such example is actually the ability to sense danger in certain situations. If you’ve ever taken a whiff of out of date milk, then you know the feeling of recoil you get from smelling something that your mind warns you to stay away from.

Sensing danger is pretty similar to that. You’ll smell something through clairalience that will make you alert and focused. It could potentially even be a smell that you associate with fear e.g. the smell of the sea if you’re scared of swimming or water.

Clairalience can also be used to aid in meditation. When you light a candle in order to release some of its natural energy, you’re actually able to absorb more of its positive energy through this psychic sense of smell.

This can help you relax but also help take you to higher levels of meditation. This is especially true if the candle has a smell that you associate with being at a higher level as it helps lift you back to that place. Mastering clairalience can take patience and practice but with a little time, you’ll find yourself with the nose of a spiritual bloodhound.

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