Love and Light – What Does It Mean?

love and light

Becoming a standard greeting in the spiritual community, sending love and light is an interesting conundrum. It is the simplest, yet one of the most incredible techniques to help friends and colleagues in a time of need. You must be wondering how right? Let me tell you how in simple terms.  

In very simple terms, the love and light definition is like a prayer made for the better of other people that you may want to help. The prayer can be verbal, or just in your mind. Either way, it will reach the angels, and you would have sent love and light to the person you intended to.

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How to Send Love and Light

We’re all aware of the love and light meaning. We may struggle to put it into words or explain it to others, but it exists within our minds and within our souls. It’s something innate that travels with us from life to life. So, what do love and light mean and how can you send them to others?

This powerful technique can be used at any time, anywhere in the world. Anyone you know who is facing a tough time in life, or is suffering from hardships, would make you want to help them. The best part is that you can do that simply by sending love and sending light to them.

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To help your friends and colleagues, you first need to fill yourself. To accomplish that, you need to focus on your breathing as slowly as you can. Do you know what it means to send love and Light?

Understanding the meaning behind sending love and light represents a major step along your spiritual journey. Continue to grow spiritually, develop your skills, and increase your vibrational energy level so that you can send love and light to all who need it.

Focus Zone

To get into that “Focus Zone”, you need to ensure that your mind is clear of any kind of thoughts. Empty your mind and now focus on your breathing.

Once you feel that you have good focus, start imagining your heart being filled with light and love. Imagine as if your Heart Chakra is emitting light with positive vibrational frequencies.

The intention of a pure prayer

Once you have accomplished that and understand the love & light meaning, make the intention of a pure prayer asking the angels and the Divine to fill you and your surroundings.

Keep reciting the same prayer until you start imagining your surroundings being filled with light.

Now, that you are filled with light and love, you can focus your mind on sending that light and love to another person or another part of the world. Start imagining that person or place being filled and surrounded by light.

As soon as you start imagining your prayer being accepted, thank the angels and the Divine Light. Keep emitting love and light and slowly start to exhale and gain back your consciousness. Thank the angels and the Divine again and end your “meditation” zone.

What is the real meaning of love?

You must now be wondering what all has been mentioned about light, but there was no light shed on the “LOVE” part of “sending love and light?”. This is not the case; love comes after the light has been sent, but love is the essential element in this whole process.

To make it easier to understand, you can think of light PROVIDING you with a form for this technique, where the love KEEPS you in that form. Now, it’s for you to decide whether love is a more important element of light.

What is love and light meaning, if not a deeply spiritual reflection of our true selves, reaching from our core to the core of others? Through sharing our light, we give others the freedom to do the same.

If there is no light, you do not have a form to perform the technique. But, if the element of love is missing, then you can’t stay in form. Thus, light and love, both can’t function without the other.

Is it love, or is it energy?

When you make prayer for someone, are you sending them love, or is it the energy that is being transferred? Did you think of that? Well, it can be one, or both, depending on how you make the prayer.

If your prayer is intended to transfer your energy to the other, then you are sending love and energy. The energy comes from you that is being transferred, and the love comes from the prayer that you are making.

If there was no love, you would not have made the prayer at all.

How do you pray a powerful prayer?

However, if you are making prayer just out of love and you do not want your energy to be transferred, then it is just the love that you are sending to them.

There is no transfer of energy in that case. So, in short, you need to make sure you know your intention before making any prayer. Know your decisions inside out!

Prayer for love and light

A very simple yet very meaningful prayer has been mentioned here to assist you:

I intend to send light and

love to you my friend, with all my heart.

From within me, and through my surroundings

– to love you, to heal you, and

to help you with all the hardships

that you are facing in life.

May God bless you and

may you be loved always

and forever!

As you read this prayer, you realize how simple yet beautiful and meaningful it is. No prayer is perfect, but prayer with a good intention can be rated close to being perfect.

Thus, you need to focus more on the intention and less on how you put the words in your prayer. When your intention is pure, your task becomes easier.

A Prayer for Energy Transference

There are times when you’re using prayer to send love and light, not just to send love, but also to send energy. We’re going to look at an example of such a prayer.

You might use this if someone you love is feeling the effects of negative energy or has suffered some sort of trauma/injury that is impacting their mind or body:

I wish to send love, light, and

positive energy to someone

whom I love and care for deeply.

May the clean and pure energy

I send help wash away whatever impurities

are currently having a negative effect on their spirit.

My energy is your energy,

and I hope, wish, and pray that you

find the light  at the end of the tunnel. 

May God bless you and

guide you along your journey!

Final Thoughts!

Sending love and light is a very easy task, but will not be effective unless you know your intention and make sure it is pure. The easiest method to help your family and friends is to send love.

Depending on your intention, you can either send love, light, or both. Know your intention and keep your prayer direction accurate to ensure maximum help to the person you want to send love to!

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