What Are Incarnated Angels?

incarnated angels

Incarnated angels are exactly what you are thinking of. They are angels who have been sent to Earth in the form of humans to fulfill specific missions entailed upon them by God.

They are often called “Earth Angels” because they appear on Earth in the human form but are angels. The mission that an incarnated angel is assigned with is special in the sense that it can’t be fulfilled unless the angel appears in human form.

Why do angels incarnate?

Incarnated angels, although human, are still angels. The purpose that they are to fulfill requires them to appear in human form. Mostly angels give signals when they want to convey a message or guide and assist an individual.

However, there are certain occasions where the signal is not enough to fulfill a prayer. Thus, the physical form an angel takes becomes necessary. Incarnated angels arrive on Earth to fulfill an incredibly important spiritual mission!

These angels can offer lessons and guidance to lead humanity back down the right path. You can learn about their purpose on Earth and search them out to receive spiritual guidance. You will come to see the wisdom in their words.

You can always reach out to your Guardian Angel to learn more about incarnated angels!

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Angels incarnate

To get incarnated, these angels need to forget the extent of their angelic hierarchy and characteristics and need to forget their light. They, in turn, must experience the life of a normal human being. Thus, they are very human.

However, they still can connect with the Divine as it is a natural thing for them to do. Incarnated angels usually do not have a very long lifespan.

Some may live up to adulthood if the purpose they were incarnated is to take effect during the adulthood phase of their life; otherwise, they mostly die during infanthood.

These angels very rarely get married due to not living long enough to get married. However, there are cases where these incarnated angels get married and have kids.

The reason for their short life span is the purpose of their incarnation. Whenever the purpose has been fulfilled, it is time for them to leave the Earth in the physical form they were sent in.

It is rather tough for them to communicate and thus, their normal mode of communication is through music, art, or writing.

Incarnated Angels duties

Forced to be confined to their human body, they feel trapped. Therefore, most often their dreams are out of their body so that they can feel at ease at least when they are asleep.  The duties of these incarnated angels range from being a teacher to a counselor, to a healer, to a guardian.

When you need assistance in physical form or lessons that can’t be learned unless you have experienced something in real life, these incarnated angels will be bestowed upon you to guide and assist you through your life.

Life on Earth may prove to be difficult for incarnated angels

Angel incarnation is emotionally and physically a challenge for angels. The most obvious reason is the fact that these angels do not belong to Earth. Having been living in Heaven before, Earth does not accommodate for the perfection that these incarnated angels experienced before.

The difference between Heaven and Earth is a massive one. There is no corruption in Heaven. However, Earth is a place of injustice and criminals. Life in Heaven is very peaceful, and there is nothing to worry about.

However, on Earth, you have so much to take care of; other than yourself. The toughest challenge for these angels is to be bound into bodies and not being able to fly.

Therefore, it is better for them if they do not remember anything from the time before they were incarnated. It will be easier for them to survive in this physical form.

The biggest challenge for these incarnated angels is not to lose focus on the mission that they are entitled to. The dark side force (Satan) will try and deceive these angels of the beauty of life on Earth so that they forget about their mission.

This is the job of Satan, and he will do anything to do the best he can. There can be many ways to do this.

He can indulge the angels in enjoying the life they are blessed with on Earth; he has a billion ways to put you off from the missions you NEED to fulfill. Therefore, it is a huge challenge for these angels to stay put on their mission and not lose focus.

Signs of being an incarnated angel

There are signs which can help you point out which human in their physical form is an incarnated angel. Some of them have been listed below:

  • They ignore people who try to tell them what to do. Being angels in life before, they are not entitled to forms of authority and often ignore people who try to take their authorization.
  • They are harmless. They will not try to harm you in any way even if they have the chance to do so. Neither will they take revenge if you try and take advantage of them.
  • They have an angelic appearance where they reflect light and happiness. They have round faces with full lips.
  • They are giving beings. Their first instinct is to care for other people before caring for themselves and therefore they rarely say “NO” to anything you approach them with.
  • They are very good conformers. You may have friends who always give you the best advice and always provide comfort to you when you are sad, lonely, or depressed.

To incarnate angels is to take away all their angelic abilities and send them to the Earth and make them live a life of normal humans. Although it is a tough challenge, they NEED to fulfill it as it is God’s will. They can’t neglect God’s commands and therefore do what they are told!

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