The Gift of Psychic Dreams – Do you have it?

psychic dreams

Everyone has dreams, we all dream at night, and even during day time. Sometimes you remember what you dream of, sometimes you do not. Most of these dreams are your unconscious mind taking your to random places to meet people you might, or might not have, come across in real life. But, what are psychic dreams?

What Are Psychic Dreams?

Ever happened to you that you saw the dream and it came true in the upcoming future? If it has ever happened, then that dream you saw, was a psychic dream.

Psychic dreams are dreams that reveal a part of your future to you while you are sleeping. Having such is not under your control, you just happen to see them.

You may see that you would be meeting your grandmother who lives very far away, and she happens to knock on your door the next day…  Your intuition is linked to your dreams, so you need to have a very strong hold on it.



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Types of psychic dreams:

There are 3 main types of such dreams that you might have experienced in your life:

  • Precognitive Dreams

These types of dream reveal a part of your future that you have had no clue about, until the point that you had the dream.

These dreams can unfold something really big in life that is about to happen or just be about basic everyday life events that are to take place.

Often, you keep seeing the same dream, this way it is easier to remember your precognitive dream.

  • Telepathic Dreams

Another type is a telepathic dream. In these types of dreams, rather than talking to people you may or may not know, you encounter a character of your self. It’s like, talking to yourself in your dream. It may sound rather odd, but the character you talk to in your dream is a character built by your subconscious mind.

That character may not necessarily be you; it can be the angels, your guides, or spirits of deceased loved ones who want to guide you, or help you, in your life.

These dreams are vivid and may sound very real when you wake up. It may feel as if you never dream at all and everything happened in real time life.

  • Clairvoyant Dreams

When you have a clairvoyant dream, you can know something about the present or the future.

Clairvoyant dreams are not predictions of what is going to happen in the future; they just reveal information about events that are going to take place shortly.

For example, you may get to know about the contents of a private conversation you are going to have with your parents only to find out that it is going to happen at a later date.


Not everyone has abilities to see psychic dreams. Only if you have the abilities will you be able to unfold your present or future, otherwise there is no way for you to dream about events, or get to know information about your upcoming future.

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