Signs of Angel Presence

angel presence

Many people wonder how to know when you are in an angel presence of angels. If your God is always watching and angels are there to aid him and his children then shouldn’t you always be in the presence of angels?

The truth is that you’re unlikely to ever be surrounded by angels as there are roles for them to play both on Earth and beyond. There are times when an angel’s presence will be noticeable.

This article will explore these signs as well as answer the question: what does it mean when you see an angel?

I See Angels

First, we’ll look at some of the more obvious signs. Not obvious in the sense that you’ll know it’s angels but obvious in that these signs are usually rather noticeable.

It’s important to keep in mind that different angels will have different signs. So the angel presence you feel could be Gabriel but certain traits may mean it’s more likely to be Metatron.

Chances are that you’ll have a gut feeling as to whose angel presence you feel but if you’re unsure, you can always ask for a clearer sign.

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Visual Signs

There can often be visual cues that you’re in the presence of angels. One of the more obvious examples would be seeing an angel. This is less common and you’re much more likely to see evidence that an angel had been there in their angel form rather than seeing them as such.

This could mean finding a white feather. It could also be seeing the shape of an angel or angels in the sky, possibly in the clouds. Similarly, one may see colored orbs either in the sky or around them.

Not to worry, this doesn’t mean you are surrounded by angels but is more likely to mean you are surrounded by the angel presence of one individual angel.

I See Angels in my Dreams

There are times when visual signs will involve seeing an angel directly. This will usually be in dreams or visions. Feeling or seeing an angel presence in a dream can sometimes be the most likely encounter for most people.

Some angels even use this as their main form of communication which you can see throughout scripture. This allows the reason for their visit to be made clearer than through signs or feelings.

Sometimes, these dreams will be lucid: meaning that you remain in control of your thoughts and actions as you dream.

Non-Visual Signs of Angel Presence

Sometimes angel presence will only be noticeable through feelings. It could be something simple like a sudden change of temperature or noticing a smell, usually sweet, despite there being nothing to cause it.

You may even feel that the angel presence in the form of tingling on the top of your head or simply through the feeling that you are not alone.

Some people describe a feeling of warmth, almost like they are receiving a hug. This same feeling can manifest as a form of energy, vibrating deep inside.

You’ve probably felt these before and wondered where such a feeling has come from. Signs of an angel’s presence is not common knowledge.

What does seeing an angel mean?

So you may be asking yourself this question and it is completely understandable. If you haven’t asked for guidance then it is normal to ask yourself “What does seeing an angel mean?”.

Put simply, angels are always going to offer guidance to those who need it. They don’t always wait for prayers or for someone to make a mistake.

They will help guide you to where you need to be in life. Not just for your own benefit but also for the benefit of those around you. One simple action could have equally negative consequences as positive ones.

The simple decision to turn left or right could make all the difference. Maybe helping a friend through one approach or another decides whether they come out the other side or not.

As mortal beings, it can be near-impossible to see the full effect of our actions and the big picture will often remain clouded to us.

Some people hold back on telling others that “I see angels” out of fear of ridicule. That decision is yours to make and won’t impact the help you will receive.

They simply want you to take any guidance they provide onboard, even if you don’t follow every sign you see.

Guidance through Signs

There are times that we can see evidence of angel presence but through the inner workings of our mind.

For example, if you’re driving along a road and suddenly you find your attention drawn to a sign for a charity event or perhaps a warning of an accident ahead, this could be an angel offering guidance.

Don’t ignore these seemingly random moments of alertness. There is a reason they happen and it isn’t pure coincidence.

It could be something less obvious like turning your radio on as the host mentions something that you would have missed had you been 5 or 10 seconds later.

Guidance through Feelings

In the same manner, you may ask yourself “If I see angels, can I feel them?” and the answer is yes. An angel’s presence could be more emotional within you.

Where someone may see a sign, they could just as equally get a gut feeling: Perhaps feeling more emotional about a certain scenario or event than they usually would.

Maybe there is a homeless man to who you don’t usually give money to but as you walk past him today, you can’t help but feel sorrow for him and shame for yourself.


This is a form of angel presence and its meaning is to highlight an aspect of your being that you may have been too willing to ignore before.

This is the angelic equivalent of an intervention and is often referred to as such. It’s not simply your angel trying to help other people through you, it’s also a way of helping you to help yourself.

Perhaps your faith in humanity has faded a little or even your faith in religion or God.

So if you suddenly have a feeling to go on a journey to find deeper meaning in yourself or higher powers, this could be a friendly nudge from an angel. Angel presence comes in many forms and with many meanings. So try not to be afraid if you find yourself surrounded by angels’ presence.

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