What is Gentle Yoga?

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You’re probably aware of what yoga is: a selection of practices (physical, mental and spiritual) that originated in India. In this article we will look at one specific type of yoga by answering the question: what is gentle yoga? As such, we’ll cover the benefits of gentle yoga (especially in comparison to typical yoga. We’ll also explore the benefits of yin yoga weight loss and how you can find gentle yoga classes near you.

Definition – Gentle Yoga

The term yoga covers a vast range of disciplines but in simple terms, yoga is about stretching your body, challenging your mind and relaxing your spirit.  The stretches in gentle yoga may still cause sweating and tiredness but the focus is more on gentle stretching and slow movements, ultimately leading to a more relaxing experience that is far less strenuous on the body.

What is Gentle Yoga and how can we improve by using it?

We’ll take a moment to explore the basics. Where typical yoga takes the participant through various positions and stretches in relatively swift movements, gentle yoga is entirely about taking your time. I mean what is gentle yoga if not a slowed down version of more typical yoga techniques? Beginners may hold a position for up to three minutes whereas more experienced individuals may hold a position for 5 minutes or more.

Gentle yoga was originally more common among pregnant women and the elderly due to the lack of strain. Nowadays, the gentle yoga benefits have led to an increased following with people for all ages and ability taking part. For example, the restorative yoga weight loss that forms from gentle yoga is alluring to all walks of life. So now that we know the answer to the question: what is gentle yoga? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

Meditative Function

One aspect that many people comment on in relation to the gentle yoga benefits is its meditative function. Gentle yoga may be less strenuous on the body but it requires a lot more focus from a mental point of view. Holding these positions for longer periods of time requires a great deal of concentration which usually allows people to enter into a meditative state, often without even realizing it. The benefits of meditation on mental and spiritual health are pretty well-known so incorporating that into a physical exercise offers the best of both worlds.

This means that if you’re in need of a meditation session or perhaps a way of reaching out to your angels you could use gentle yoga as a form of meditation, perhaps adopting one or several of these positions into meditative poses. This can actually expand your meditation sessions into something new and exciting, further increasing your vibrational energy and even increasing your ability to contact higher beings. Many ancient practices combine difficult yoga poses with meditation so if this is something you’d consider then gentle yoga is a great segue into this practice.

Easing Digestion

When we have digestion problems in any form, we’re often resistant or at least wary of trying any form of exercise for obvious reasons. Due to the slow moving nature of gentle yoga and the rhythmical movements involved, the body becomes more relaxed. Gentle yoga is essentially a way of soothing the nervous system. The slow movements also allow for the stretching of the body and the increase of blood flow into the areas of your body that need it the most. Increasing the blood flow can improve the healing rate of your body, reduce swelling and inflammation and unclog any blockages.

Improving Sleep Patterns

One of the issues with doing an intense or medium workout later in the evening is that your heartrate increases which causes you to feel more alert and awake. This isn’t exactly something you want when you’re about to try to get to sleep. Gentle yoga gently stretches your body: the muscles, the skin, even massaging organs, all in such a manner that your body feels relaxed afterwards. Due to the slow nature of this type of yoga, your heartrate doesn’t ever have to increase much above your resting heartrate.

Benefits of Yin Yoga Weight Loss

Yin Yoga (a form of gentle yoga) can play a role in weight loss. You may be wondering why a slow-moving, non-challenging yoga practice has anything to do with losing weight. You’re not burning a high number of calories or putting any strain on your muscles. The simple fact is that yin yoga or any form of gentle yoga improves your mood, relaxes you and can therefore steer you away from any eating habits that were the result of stress or negative emotions.

Easing you into the Practice

Another benefit to gentle yoga is in the title: it’s gentle. While you still stretch your muscle and work your joints, you’re not pushing yourself outside your comfort zone at all. This differs from other types of yoga which promote stretching into sometimes uncomfortable or difficult positions, some of which require a great deal of experience and practice.

Gentle yoga not only acts as a beginning step into more challenging forms of yoga but it also works as a way of working muscles and joints in a way that avoids the risk of injury. This is perfect for anyone suffering from mobility issues, has an injury, needs to warm up very gradually prior to sporting activities or exercise or those with a baby on the way.

Where to Begin?

Now that we’ve answered: what is gentle yoga? You’re perhaps curious as to where you can begin practicing gentle yoga. Gentle yoga classes are offered within most communities but don’t be afraid to explore the internet for online resources. The simple nature of gentle yoga means that you don’t need to worry about practicing it on your own at home.

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