Prayers for Strength

prayers for strength

Sometimes the world can become a bit much for us to deal with on our own. We never knew what direction our life could suddenly turn in and when the unexpected happens, we can often feel a bit defeated. It’s important to know that you can always reach out to you angels who are always watching over you. In this article we are going to explore some prayers for strength. This will involve taking a look at the various aspects of strength and deciding what aspect we need to focus our prayer on. We’ll also take a look at whether there is a wrong way to pray.

How to Pray

Before we take a look at the various types of strength and some examples of prayers for strength you may choose to use, we have to discuss the nature of prayer itself. Many people wonder if there is a right and wrong way to pray. The power of prayer isn’t something many people have a great understanding of and so when it comes time for praying for strength and wisdom or protection and guidance, people feel a bit out of their depth.

The truth is that there isn’t a wrong way to pray. You can pray in your head or you can pray out loud. You could hold your hands together or pray while you meditate. Many people choose to pray in a religious building while others pray before they go to sleep. The important part of any prayer is that it comes from deep within yourself. Don’t pray for something just because your friend does, pray because there is a matter that you wish to take further or because you require guidance or even protection. All you have to do is pray from your soul and the rest is just bells and whistles.

What is Strength?

Before we actually cover a prayer for strength, we have to establish what strength actually means. If someone tells you they need strength, what would you imagine they are referring to? Would you think they needed physical strength or would you assume they meant emotional strength or even spiritual strength?

What if your friend was ill or had an injury then you might assume that what they really needed was healing and that perhaps the strength they were referring to is the strength to recover. It’s also possible that by strength your friend could be referring to the need for will power. So to cut a long story short, prayers for healing and strength could essentially mean the same thing as could a prayer for strength and guidance. Let’s take a look at a few examples of some prayers and when you may use them.

Prayers for Strength – Physical Healing process

The first example of prayers for strength we will take a look at will be one for physical strength that can also be used to encourage healing and recovery from a physical injury such as a broken bone or illness. Keep in mind that you can use these prayers for strength (either as they come or as inspiration) or you can edit them to fit your own situation. Just have faith in your own ability. This prayer would be to the Archangel Raphael as his name means “healing power of God”.

“Raphael, Archangel of Heaven and healing power of God, I reach out to you now in my time of need. My body is failing me and I lack the strength to pick myself up out of bed in order to return to work so that I may provide for my family. I ask for your healing energy and light in my time of need so that I can not only help myself but also others. I am grateful for your attention. Amen!”

Prayer for Emotional Strength/Will Power

As we already discussed: prayers for strength aren’t limited to physical strength. Sometimes our emotions get the better of us (or alternatively, the emotions of others do) and other times we simply lack the will power to carry out whatever task we should be doing. When you feel physically strong but emotionally weak, you should turn to the Archangel Michael for help. His name translates as “He who is like God” and he is arguably the most powerful of the Archangels. He can facilitate any emotional/mental growth. This prayer may apply to someone whose mental health has taken a toll.

“Mighty Archangel Michael, I call out to you in the hopes that you are listening and can provide me with the aid that I so desperately seek. I have lost my way in this world and have lost all hope of returning to the life I once knew. My own thoughts betray me and I simply lack the strength to continue. I ask that you shine your healing light upon me in the hopes that I can pick myself up. Amen!”

Prayer for Spiritual Strength

Remember that a prayer for strength and guidance can be the same thing, particularly if you’re referring to spirituality. There is a certain power in prayer and when we lose our way and drift off our spiritual path, we tend to search for guidance and for the spiritual strength to accept that we have wandered. Prayers for strength are sometimes necessary to demonstrate to our angels that we’re aware that our spirituality has taken a hit or has even left us entirely. When we doubt our beliefs, we tend to end up in the same situation. So here is an example of a prayer to the Archangel Zadkiel (Righteousness of God) who is the angel to turn to in these matters.

“Dear Zadiel, Mercy of God, I have strayed from my spiritual path and no matter what I try, my path remains out of reach to me. I feel like I’m lost in a thick, dense forest with no light to guide me and no path in sight. I ask that you send me a sign in order to show me the way back to my path so I can begin my spiritual journey once more.”


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