Selenite Crystal – Improve your spirituality using the Selenite Crystal

selenite crystal

The number of different types of crystal used within the world of spirituality is too high in number to count. So understandably it can all become a little confusing and hard to follow. In this article, we will be focusing on one particular type of crystal: the Selenite crystal. We will cover a number of topics such as the overall Selenite crystal meaning, the Selenite properties, the Selenite vibration and the energy it holds. This article will even take a more in-depth look at the different types of Selenite crystals such as the Selenite ball and the Selenite stone, even the Selenite wand meaning. Finally, we will take a look at how to perform a Selenite meditation.

What are Selenite Crystals?

Selenite crystals are a form of gypsum, which is a sulfate mineral with a huge list of practical uses. Depending on the type of gypsum used, it can become blackboard chalk or used to carve massive sculptures like those found in ancient Egypt or Greece. Selenite is one such type of gypsum.

The name itself originates from ancient Greek after the Moon Goddess: Selene. Apparently the reason for this is the color of the crystal, which often resembles the pale color of the moon. The material is surprisingly soft and as such is easily carved into other shapes.

The natural form of this crystal is tubular. You may be wondering what the Selenite wand meaning is but we’ll look at its Selenite properties further into the article. The tube shape is simply how the crystal forms.

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Selenite Crystal Properties

You’ll often find that a Selenite crystal will be turned into a Selenite stone which is easy to transport or keep on your person at all times. Another option is a Selenite ball, which is larger, and a type of crystal ball that truly highlights why this crystal was named after a Moon Goddess.

What you’ll find with a Selenite crystal is that it’s a mental stone of sorts. The Selenite properties while not being solely related_posts to the mind are certainly a major focus. One of the reasons Selenite meditation is seen as so beneficial and effective is due to the Selenite properties.

The crystal itself is often referred to as “liquid light” and can be used as a communication device between you, in the physical world and your angels in theirs. The crystal provides a calming effect that naturally puts your mind at ease and provides its carrier with mental and emotional clarity.

Furthermore, the Selenite crystal can ward off any type of psychic attack. Strangely, it’s most effective at protecting you from yourself. Other people may try to fill our minds with bad thoughts or immoral impulses but more often than not it is our own mind that betrays us.

One of the Selenite properties is reducing these occurrences and providing you with more control over your own mind. If you find yourself getting stressed at work or anxious at school then Selenite crystals could aid you in the control of your own emotional state.

Other Benefits

Selenite crystals also serve a spiritual function that is sometimes forgotten about. The Selenite vibration is unique in that it’s almost entirely a spiritual vibration. The vibration it gives off acts as a homing beacon or guide of sorts to allow your spirit to follow a certain path much easier.

For example, contacting non-physical beings such as angels can be significantly easier if making use of Selenite vibration energy. There are those who believe that Selenite crystals also contain another power: being able to aid in the development of telepathic abilities.

How to use the Crystal

Using the Selenite crystal depends entirely on the type that you have. If we focus on the naturally formed version of the crystal first we can look at the Selenite crystal meaning in terms of its function, in particular, the Selenite wand meaning. The term wand simply refers to the long tubular shape of the crystal.

In this shape, the crystal has a number of different uses. Primarily, you would use it for Selenite meditation or healing. This is due to the raw energy provided by its natural form. That’s not to say that the larger crystals have more power but it does play a small role in it.

Another option is a Selenite ball. This type of crystal ball wouldn’t really be used for gazing into due to the color of the material (although some people can use it as such). Primarily, you would use it during a séance due to its spiritual gateway properties.

Alternatively, in its spherical form, it works wonders when placed in the center of the room as its healing energy can be spread evenly, allowing for improved moods by all present. Of course, there is also the Selenite stone to consider. As was mentioned earlier, this is like a travel-size Selenite crystal. You can keep it in your pocket or in your purse or wallet, which means you’ll always have access to its properties.

Selenite Meditation

You’ll most likely realize from what we’ve looked at so far exactly why Selenite meditation is seen as such a productive tool. By using a Selenite crystal that aids in your connection to non-physical realms, you can rely less on your own ability and more on the Selenite properties we looked at earlier. That’s not to say that you can put less effort in but rather that your efforts will now go a lot further. You should begin a Selenite meditation just like any other and gradually enter into that familiar meditative state.

Depending on whether you’re using a Selenite crystal in its raw form, a Selenite ball or a Selenite stone, you may want to approach the meditation slightly differently. For example, the stone will fit easily in one hand, as will the wand. The ball should either be held in both hands or placed on the ground, floor or stand with one or both hands pressed on top of it. As you meditate you just want to focus on the crystal and let your mind follow its energies. It will take you where you need to go.

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