Cleanse Your Energy with a Salt Bath

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Did you ever think that just salt and water can cleanse your energy? If you are still wondering, the answer is YES, IT CAN! You just need to regularly use Spiritual Baths. Just salt and water, combined, have some serious energy cleansing power.

It is used to cleanse your aura; it is a very easy and effective method. But, you need to know about your aura first, and then learn about how these salt baths can be spiritual baths for you.

What is Aura?

Every living thing whether it is a plant, an animal, a human, an insect, or a microorganism, is made up of energy. The energy can be dense or thin, and it is this energy that our body is made up of.

The five senses then perceive the dense energy which gives them the power to work. It should be known that the energy inside our body is not just restricted to our physical body only.

Do you know how to cleanse negative energy with a spiritual bath? You can learn how to rid your body, mind, and spirit of negativity by using simple household ingredients in a bath.

There are many spiritual practices that offer huge benefits to our health, and you can learn them by interacting with your angels. Your Guardian Angel can provide insight into the act of removing negative energy!

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How do you spiritually cleanse yourself?

All humans are surrounded by the extensions of our physical body; this is called the energy field of our body or the AURA. Thus, we are all surrounded by the aura and energy fields of the people around us. You can see, feel, or sense these energy fields.

It is not easy to understand your aura. And just the way you need to cleanse your physical body, you need to cleanse your energy. That is why you need spiritual baths or aura-cleansing baths. Do you feel disgusted with yourself when you have not taken a bath for a couple of days?

Yes? That is because it is time for you to clean up… similarly; your energy needs to be cleansed time after time.

Why Should You Cleanse Your Energy?

The easiest and most efficient way to do that is to have a salt bath – also known as a spiritual bath. These spiritual baths take care of the aura’s health and well-being. All the negative energy inside you that can demotivate you, result in a lack of confidence, or make you feel unhappy and depressed all the time, will be cleansed by the aura cleansing bath.

Keeping your aura clean is very essential as before any illness develops in your body physically, it contaminates your aura. Thus, if you keep your energy field clean, you will be safeguarded from potential illnesses as well.

Enhance the Experience with some Simple Additions

There are some easy ways that you can enhance the energy-cleansing power of a salt bath. For starters, dim or turn off the lights in your bathroom and instead, light a few candles. Ideally, you want to use candles with a relaxing smell e.g. lavender.

Playing some music or sounds that allow you to connect with your spiritual self can also be beneficial. For some people, this might be classical music, for others, it will be the sounds of thunder and lightning on a rainy day.

Choose the sound that appeals to you the most, as only you know which sounds/songs can help trigger a meditative state.

What does salt do spiritually?

Heat the water up to a warm and comfortable temperature and fill your bathtub with it. You will need unprocessed salt which you need to mix the warm water in the tub. Approximately two handfuls of the unprocessed salt would be enough to cleanse your energy.

You do not need to be too choosy with the salt; any pure unrefined salt will give you the desired effects. When the water is at the temperature you want, and your tub is full, while entering the salt into the tub full of water, imagine as if the light is also being entered into the tub.

The light is the source of the highest vibration possible which will completely cleanse your body and uplift your mood. You need lavender and frankincense essential oil as well. Two drops of each of the two need to be added to the salt and water mix in the tub.

These ingredients are a relaxing antidote for your body which will raise your vibrational frequencies. Crystals, as known, raise the energy of the body. Thus, keeping an inside the tub will add to the ability of the saltwater bath. However, this is not a necessity. Without the crystals, your bath would also be very effective.

Method of Taking a Salt Bath as a spiritual baths

Now that your bath material is ready, before entering into the bathtub, you need to make an intention of entering the tub so that all the negative energy stored in your mind, body, and soul will be cleansed and your aura will be pure when you come out of the tub. Now, you have to enter the bathtub and let the water soak your body for at least 30 minutes.

You need to make sure that your head gets soaked too. If you think it is too hard for you to submerge your head into the saltwater bathtub, you can bring a cup with you so that you can easily pour the water onto your head. Every part of your body should be submerged in the water of your spiritual baths.

While being in the water, you might start thinking about all the negative things happening in your life. Your emotions might start getting the best of you which is completely normal. When these things come out of you, you will learn to let them go.

You will start feeling light weighed after a while as the negative energy starts to leave your body slowly and gradually. Keep yourself relaxed and enjoy the warmth of the water as it cleanses your body inside out.

Does Salt remove negative energy?

After you are done with the bath, you can use either towel off the salt on your body, or just take a quick shower. You can use either way as it really would not matter.

Now that your bath has ended, you need to give yourself a moment of peace of mind and imagine light surrounding you. When you start feeling the light around you, it is then that you will feel as if you have been cleansed and your vibrational frequencies have been raised!

These spiritual baths are known to be very effective and are worth trying if you want the negativity out of your life. Get rid of the negativity and give your body the cleanliness it deserves!

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