Pink Aura meaning – Discover what represents this Aura color!

Pink Aura

We’re going to take a look at a general overview of what a pink aura means as well as touch on the different shades that it can appear in. We’ll start off by taking a general look at auras. 

If you’re new to the idea of auras then you might still be struggling to wrap your head around all the various colors, their different shades, and ultimately their meanings. From pink to blue, to green, to red, auras can appear in all sorts of colors.

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What is an Aura?

Depending on whom you ask, you might hear various definitions of what an aura actually is. They can be a little tricky to describe as our understanding of them is still pretty low.

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What we do know is that an aura is essentially a type of force field or shield but one that deflects spiritual energy. When your aura is working as it should it will deflect negative energy while allowing positive energy to pass through.

This stops the negativity of the world from weighing us down and corrupting our souls. When we start to explore the aura colors meaning, things become a little trickier.

In order to understand why auras will appear in one color over another, we need to understand where their energy comes from.

Auras are the product of various aspects of our lives. Eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, taking part in religious or spiritual practices, and being a good person: are all factors that will influence the strength and therefore the color of your aura.

Pink Aura meaning

We can now take a look at the pink aura meaning. Like all the aura colors, understanding the pink color meaning is the first step to understanding the pink aura meaning.

When you think about it, what does the color pink mean to you? Do you think of love? Do you consider it to be a feminine color? Both of these assumptions are pretty close to what a pink aura represents.

This color is tied to those who are:

  • Caring and compassionate beings;
  • Typically sensitive (something we naturally associate with caring, feminine energy)
  • They can also display a somewhat terrifying survival instinct that kicks in whenever they or a loved one are in harm’s way.
  • The pink aura is somewhat similar to the red aura, in the same way, that the color pink is a lighter version of the color red. The reason that this is the case relates to white energy. The color white represents purity, cleanliness, and peace.

Someone with an aura that is pink is the same as someone with a red aura, only their spirituality is likely to be of more pure nature.

That’s not to say that there is anything wrong with having a red aura, it simply means that someone with a pink colored aura has likely found their spiritual path and has begun their journey along with it.

What does a Pink Aura say about your personality?

Well, you should know that artists and motivational speakers have something in common, they often share pink as an aura color. Now, this color corresponds to an innate curiosity and a strong desire for love and peace.

However, pink auras can also point to unpredictable behaviors where rationality does not rule, when it comes to seeking unconditional love or escaping and avoiding uncomfortable and unfair situations.

Pink as a primary aura color is rare because most people do not approach their most sensitive side to establish a deep and lasting human connection.

The ones that identify themselves and are aware of this color as aura, should be proud of their aura color.

By being honest in their feelings and sharing empathy and altruism towards their neighbor, he can make sacrifices to help others and defend their moral values, without a 2nd thought.

Their actions will work successfully and the time spent will be well appreciated and emotionally rewarded by the people they help.

Other features of the pink aura personality also include great psychic ability, good self-discipline, and knowledge of the space around them, having also a great sense of loyalty, creativity, and generosity.

He is someone highly communicative, feeling like a fish in the water, in the presence of friends and family because he likes to receive them and give them unconditional love and support, without asking anything in return.

As an artist, his creativity and intuition are strong points that incite some deep and romantic works, from poetry that explores the human condition to the colorful paintings that elevate the state of the soul.

But before you consider actually that all this applies to you and your aura, make sure that your aura has the color pink.

FYI, you can also perform an Aura color quiz, to know better and to answer: What color is my aura?

The Shades of Pink Aura

As we discussed earlier, the aura color meanings only scratch the surface. In order to fully understand what any aura color represents we have to consider its shade.

For a pink aura, there are a number of different shades that somebody’s aura could possess. Typically we divide them up into three clear categories: a bright pink, a dark pink, and a baby pink.

There are a few more but the further you divide the shades up, the more difficult it becomes to actually identify what shade any pink aura holds.

Baby Pink

Baby pink, as a color, is a light, soft pink. It differs from bright pink in that the color can be light but also dull. The baby pink meaning relates to a person’s ability to see beyond their material desires and possessions.

This is a key part of expanding your spirituality and will always lead to a bright, more powerful aura. Someone with a baby pink aura has already started down that route and has put spiritual pursuits as their number one priority.

However, abandoning everything in the material world isn’t the answer, something that many with this shade of aura will do. It’s important to remain connected with others on a social level.

Balance and moderation are two of the most important aspects of any practice, whether it be spiritual or otherwise. Leaving your favorite people and places behind in pursuit of enlightenment will only lead to a very lonely existence.

Instead, you should find the appropriate balance between the two.

Bright Pink

Arguably the bright pink color is an improved version of the baby pink color. Someone with this shade has found that balance that we were discussing earlier: they are great friends, they are reliable, but they still direct a lot of their focus towards improving their spirituality.

This is important because we can’t discover new spiritual knowledge on our own. We can reach out to angels, we can read a book and we can browse the internet…but one of the best ways to learn any practical skill is through our interactions with other people.

For those with this shade, it’s important that you nourish it. Take some time every now and again to carry out some self-exploration, perhaps via meditation. Look deep within yourself and find out if you truly are keeping things balanced.

Check your aura color regularly and if it starts to lose its brightness or change color then you’ll know something is out of place.

Dark Pink

If your aura is a dark pink color then you’ve found yourself straying into the territory of negativity. There’s no reason to panic or worry as your aura is still pink which means you’re still in the right place.

The most likely cause of the darkness in your aura is one of two things: either you’re being held back by someone in your life or by your own mind.

There’s no quick answer to this problem but through consulting with your angels, you can certainly find a solution. For most of us, it’s just a case of facing our demons.

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