Indigo, Rainbow, and Crystal Children

crystal children

Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children are referred to as Star Children. Many parents, during the upbringing of their children, forget to notice how special their children may be in certain aspects.

Being special does not necessarily relate to disabilities; as is the norm. A special child is known as a crystal child. These have certain qualities that other kids lack. They are special in their manner.  Discover now more about Crystal Children.

What is a crystal child?

Crystal children are those who are sent by God to help mankind. They are well aware of their purpose for sending them to Earth. They know that God sent them to help the world.

These children have the ability to talk about people who have passed away, that they never knew as if they knew them. A crystal child has the ability to communicate telepathically with the families of the deceased; something a normal child can never do.

While a woman is bearing a crystal child, she becomes clairvoyant as well. This probably happens so that the communication level between the mother and child is not disrupted.

Also, they do not tend to start speaking until they reach the age of 3 to 4.

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How are crystal children different from indigo children?

An indigo child, unlike a crystal child, does not have any idea about its purpose of being sent to Earth. The peers and colleagues of indigo children do not understand them which frustrates them.

Therefore, indigo children have a hard time living in the world. Crystal children, on the other hand, are well understood by people around them and thus, enjoy their time living in the world.

Crystals fascinate them

Normally, crystal children do not have any demands. But, if they see a nice piece of crystal, they will burn your blood until you get that specific crystal. They do not have a long list of needs; they are very simple children who enjoy the nature and beauty of the world.

For a crystal child, a crystal holds great importance as the crystal is a healing object and these children have a natural instinct to help and heal others. They have a forgiving and loving nature, and they answer our prayers to help us.

Having special abilities, these are not regarded as normal by doctors. Their special abilities make them unique in their nature.

Some characteristics are given below:

  • Tend to have long-lasting relationships
  • Often enjoy music
  • Are sensitive to small things
  • Are of a very calm presence
  • Are good at mediating

Rainbow and indigo children

Being, a part of the star children, the rainbow children are the new kids that have been sent down to Earth by God to help humanity. Rainbow children are born to crystal children. Being very advanced and evolved spiritually, rainbow children are equipped with special skills.

These kids are givers; they provide humanity with vibrational energy and unconditional love. The focus of the existence of these rainbow children is to serve humankind.

Some characteristics of the rainbow children are given below:

  • Very loving and generous
  • Are found to be mostly in their world
  • Have a tendency to care for others
  • Can withstand hardship and are very brave
  • Prefer being telepathic

The indigo children had more freedom than the earlier generations, as their parents were more of the “live and let live” kind. Indigo children and known as rebels, they do not tolerate themselves or anyone else being treated unfairly.

Some of the characteristics of these indigo children are given below:

  • Stubborn and have a strong will
  • Authoritative problem
  • Are not afraid to try new things, and are very creative
  • Are not patient, often get very frustrated
  • In the process of growing up, they need to know their limitations

Rainbow children

Being different from crystal children, rainbow children have unique traits. They are fear-free and know exactly where their protection is. To experience divinity, you must have a look into the eyes of these rainbow children.

Crystal, rainbow, and indigo children come under the heading of “Star Children” are unique children sent to this world by God with each having a separate set of goals. Each one of them is special in its manner.

These children have a transparent aura while the rainbow children reflect the energy that comes from the rainbow. Having been born to crystal children, these rainbow children are very special as they carry the traits of their parents as well.

On the other hand, the indigo children have an indigo aura that is reflected in their calm nature.

Star Children

The star children, as they grow older with the passage of time, may forget the reason they were sent to this world. This may be an effect of the surrounding in which they are brought up or the people with whom they spend their everyday lives.

However, they do not lose the qualities that make them special. Like the crystal children, the rainbow children, and the indigo children, we all come from the stars but have different roles to play in this world.

The roles assigned to the star children are unique, but the other children also can learn from the star children, what they do not know. Having a lot to teach, these star children are an open book to the mysteries of the world.

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