Sage Cleansing Will Help You Turn Your Life Around By Getting Rid Of the Negativity

Sage cleansing

We are fearful when we make considerable transitions in our lives. Be it a physical move or an emotional turmoil; we face changes every day some bigger than others leaving a huge impact. Sage cleansing will do wonders for you if you’re faced with this situation.

First and foremost, sage cleansing and how can you perform it?

When I got the job, I had been waiting for as long as I could remember, I felt a mixture of emotions. I was excited and terrified at the same time. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that I had finally landed the job of my dreams.

Hence I was frightened something bad would happen, or I would somehow jinx it. My mother always advised me about burning sage to keep the negative vibration at bay.

Sage burning is a ritual known for cleansing and healing one’s soul and surroundings. If you’re skeptical about it, we will clarify all your confusions, and you will find out that it isn’t another sham in the name of spirituality.

There are some steps that you can carry out to perform a sage cleansing.

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Start the ritual with a sage stick

  • Sage burning begins with first buying the sage stick. This may be made from different materials; you have a variety to choose from. Where to purchase burning sage? They are not very rare objects and can be found at food stores. Another thing you will need is a bowl and a cup of water. The container of water will be used to extinguish the sage after the ritual is completed whereas the bowl will be used to hold it over.
  • One of the vital steps in how to sage a house is ensuring proper ventilation. Open your windows and doors and let nature enter your home. If you have any fans, turn them on. We need fresh air.
  • Light the stick when cleansing home with sage. Then blow on it to extinguish the flame and let the embers smoking.

What about the prayer?

  • Wondering about the prayer to say when sagging your house? This is up to you. You can make up your prayer or series of chants to be repeated each time and in each room when the ritual is being carried out. The key here is to make your intention clear. You’re doing a sage cleansing to get rid of the negative energies that surround you.
  • Once you have lit the sage and the embers are burning, we come to the climax of sage cleaning. You have to hold the sage in your hand and move around. Don’t forget to pass by the walls, the windows and keep your hand above your head to get close it close to the ceiling. While you’re cleaning your house, think about the negativity that is around you.
  • Imagine that the smoke is absorbing it. As the smoke is floating out from the windows, it’s taking away all the bad energy with it. A house cleansing prayer can be repeated to maintain your focus on getting rid of unwanted and harmful energy. This is a symbolic understanding of what the sage smoke is supposed to do. Only after you fully understand it will you be able to benefit from its wonders.

Get rid of the negative energy!

It’s not only important to cleanse your surrounding of undesirable energy, but it’s also vital to carry out the sage cleansing for your body as well especially after carrying out the ritual.

There is a chance that your body might have absorbed some energy and to make sure this doesn’t happen, perform a sage bath:

  • Cup your hands over the smoke from the sage stick and use it to wash your face.
  • Use your hands to wave the smoke all over your body so that it can absorb any possible negativity. Picture the same scene in your mind again.
  • The smoke is sailing away taking all your troubling thoughts and inhibitions away. Sage cleansing for your body will help you feel relaxed and at ease.

The final step

  • The last step of sage cleansing is extinguishing the stick. You can use water for this purpose, or if your stick is tiny, you can flush it down the toilet. If you feel that the sage stick is too holy to be thrown away in such a manner, after putting it out correctly, you can bury it in your backyard or under your garden.

How does sage cleansing help you?

Although it seems like a superstitious ritual, it helps people all around the world every day. Sage cleansing enables you to get rid of the negative energies that may be surrounding you and forcing you to think disturbing thoughts.

When surrounded by such energy, you’re unable to achieve your full potential. You feel scared of the unknown, always thinking about the worst possible outcome.

Once you have carried out the ritual, you will feel warm and relaxed. Your soul will be able to vibrate with positive energy, and this will bring out a definite change in your approach towards life and towards others.

If you’re happy with yourself, you will bring happiness to the people around you. Sage cleansing is not only restricted to your room, but it will also have a positive impact on your life as a whole.

One way to incorporate the ritual into your daily life is through mediation. If you already practice yoga or take out 15 minutes in the day to sit quietly focusing on your energies, this is not a big task for you.

All you have to do is cleanse the place by burning sage before you sit down. You should perform sage cleansing when you’re moving into a new place to keep your anxiety at bay.

Nobody likes being scared in the middle of the night in a new home. Do it in a modern workplace? If you’ve argued with someone, this will help you clear your mind.

You can take as many medicines as you think will work to keep your anxiety under check. Out mind is a wandering soul; it cannot be caged.

But you can learn to control it, be the one in charge. What better way than to take help from nature to achieve this task? Sage cleansing is one way to do it, try it out and find out for yourself!

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