Soul Age – Everything You Need to Know About it!

soul age

You know the whole concept of your age, and how it is calculated from the year, you are born to the current year. But, have you ever heard of the concept of Soul Age? What do you think the term means? Is it related_posts to your soul, or is it related_posts to your physical existence in this world? Learn all about this here…

What is the meaning of soul age?

It is the age of soul growth and development. It is not only calculated for one life time, but it is also calculated over all the life times that you have lived across.

This is the age that is not dependent on time rather; it is a tracking which is tracking your growth rate. On the path of soul and growth development, this age of soul depicts how much your soul has grown and progressed.

You can’t say that your age of soul is better than that of another person because the way it progresses is decided by the Divine way before the incarnations even begin. This age does not tell you how many lives you have lived rather; it tells you how much you have grown spiritually over the course of time.

There Are 7 Stages of the Age of Your Soul

Everything has a stage that develops over time. The soul age of your life also develops and grows over time. There are 7 stages of this process…

  1. The Infant stage

In the modern world, to survive is something of a big deal. When you start walking on the path of life, you come across many instances where the spiritual life has a lot of fears for you to overcome. Infant souls are those that are born in the primitive conditions of life.

These are short lifetimes which are difficult to pass through due to the continuous phase of challenges that become a mountain upon you.

Due to these souls being new to the spirit world, they are extremely pure and more connected with the spirit world and the Divine.

  1. The Baby stage

After passing the infant soul age, the journey of the baby soul age begins. Coming after the infant soul age, the baby soul is having more experience in the world and is thus less fearful and more sophisticated.

Often, life is seen as a phenomenon which is scary, but it is this time for you to learn by doing things correctly.

Having the structure and authority, this age is when a person is most patriotic and sometimes even blindly patriotic – which is not good.

At this age, people feel proud of what they do as they think that alone is the right thing. Often, they want to live a simple life and highly value family, tradition, culture, and religion.

  1. The Young stage

This is the time of life where you start to compare yourself to others as if you were in some competition. Keeping an eye on the society and your surroundings, young souls know who is on top of the ladder of life, and who is at the bottom.

These young souls are the workers who work tirelessly and effortlessly putting in all that they have got. However, all that effort does not pay off as these advancements are not considered important.

Young souls like to get the maximum experience they can, that is all that they seek from life. Experimenting, creativity, motivation, and adventure are all part of their ongoing life.

  1. The Mature stage

This is the time where the soul starts to feel that something is missing. Everything they have achieved feels as if it was not enough and it does not define success anymore. Therefore, the search begins; which is a definite, inevitable quality of the mature soul.

At this point in age, relationships start to get to their deepest, and the soul tends to learn to look from the perspective of other people.

Looking to find prominence in the society, these souls the value of human relationships is very high for these souls as the sense of connection gets strong.

  1. The Old Soul

By accumulating knowledge, wisdom, and experiences throughout life, and reincarnating multiple times, you reach the old soul age. The physical age is very less as compared with the soul age for old souls. Having been matured and keeping growing for many many years, the old souls have a higher than usual vibrational frequency and tend to have a stronger connection with the Divine.

Being powerful spiritual leaders, their intuition is way stronger than the intuition of soul ages below them. These old souls do not fear to trust their instincts.

  1. The Transcendental Soul

The very highly and advanced souls are known as transcendental souls.

They have awakened the path of awakening over the course of life. They live in an enlightened and fully conscious state of oneness.

Their mission of life is to provide service to others by being present and available to help them. Their teachings shine the light on the love, oneness, and awakening of everyone.

  1. The Infinite Soul

This is the last stage of the incarnation process as a physical being. They are fully manifested and know of all that there is in the physical world.

These souls do not have anything to do with the physical world; their purpose is greater than that which is to be awakened by the full embodiment of all that exists.

This is the last stage of the incarnation process, which leads to a better world.

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