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Love yourself in the mirror and elsewhere…

Love yourself

Loving yourself is one of the Pillars of Happiness. But you will grasp even more how important it is as you think about the following assertion, which you have certainly already heard: you cannot love others if you can’t love yourself.

Loving each other means…

Loving yourself does not mean that you are individualistic or egotistic, even less narcissistic or indifferent. Loving yourself means that you recognize the divine Light shining inside and turn yourself into a sun that lights your path and… that of others. So I beg you to love yourself every morning when you do your hair in front of the mirror.

Love yourself also means…

Respecting yourself, telling yourself that you are the most important person there is for you. So, love yourself sincerely and deeply!

This way, you will be able to see what lies on the other side of the mirror, I mean to begin to really love others and, if such is your desire, to help them efficiently.


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