Karma Cleanse – Why you may need to cleanse your Karma

karma cleanse

Karma: the balance between good and bad, between moral and immoral. You may know it through the idea of good deeds resulting in good things. In this article we will take a look at what exactly karma is and more importantly, how to carry out a karma cleanse for when your karma is leaning a little too much into the negative side as well as how angels can play a role in both clearing karma and maintaining a balance. We’ll also explore some things to watch out for such as grand angelic ceremonial of karmic deliverance and hyper beneficial angelical karma.

What is Karma?

Karma is often seen as a sort of scales. If you are leaning more towards positive karma then better things happen to you than if you’re leaning more towards negative karma. Ultimately, that is what karma is. It’s the premise of a positive action leading to a positive reaction.

By doing good we, in turn, spread good around the world, which ultimately leads back to us. Karma doesn’t even have to be viewed as an entirely spiritual idea as its workings are easily noticeable within any society. It’s like a virus that spreads positive energy around the world.
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Why is Karma Cleansing Important?

Karma cleansing can be beneficial to everyone. You don’t have to be an inherently evil person to have negative karma. Some karmic energy is passed on genetically, sometimes we just end up in a situation where our actions impact our karma negatively, it could even be that our thoughts betray us and our intentions send us to the dark side.

Everyone receives negative karmic energy at some stage in their life and it’s important to accept that and every so often be ready carry out a karma cleanse. Just remember that you’re not alone as your angels can aid in clearing karma.

Karma Cleanse Methods

There are a huge number of different methods through which one could carry out a karma cleanse. The main difference being that you get small acts that gradually balance your karma or you can try more thorough methods, which essentially work like a spiritual and karmic reset button.

It’s important to note the following: a karma cleanse won’t work if you’re actively carrying out immoral acts or behaving in negative ways under the notion that you can simply carry out a karma cleanse and start over from scratch. Intentions are vitally important in this process and an intention to remain on the negative energy side will result in your karmic energy remaining representative of that.

Small Acts of Kindness

One of the easiest ways to begin a karma clearing is to become more and more aware of the small acts you do which may be slowly leading you into negative karma territory. These could be incredibly small and effortless tasks such as offering your seat on the bus to someone you believe needs it more or holding the door open for someone: Just basic acts of kindness that don’t hugely affect you. These carry little effort but will also play only a minor role in restoring your positive karma.

More Active Approaches

The next level is tasks that are not only going to work as a karma cleanse but will also have psychological benefits. Think of someone you’ve hurt in the past. Think of how it makes you feel and how whatever you did would have made them feel. Now take some time to write them a letter apologizing and asking for their forgiveness.

You don’t have to send it but you should be as detailed and as genuine and sincere as you can. Similarly, think of someone who has hurt you in the past and write them a letter expressing how it made you feel, how it’s impacted your life and how you forgive them. If it’s not something you can forgive, write that in your letter and express your wish that one day you’ll be able to find the forgiveness in your heart.


Meditation is like the skeleton key of spiritual tools. Meditating on its own isn’t going to impact your karma one way or the other. Self-exploration however, can. Take 10-15 minutes out of your day to relax, focus your mind and meditate. While doing so, create a mental list of all the things in life that you are grateful for.

This could be relationships, it could be resources such as water or food, it could be luxury items, whatever it is simply picture your life without it and then thank whoever you believe played a role in you acquiring it.

Angelical Karma

You may be wondering what exactly angelical karma is. Put simply, angels can play a major role in karmic energy and ultimately the success or failure of a karma cleanse. As such, reaching out to your angels can be a major step in resetting your karma back to neutral. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s as simple as asking for the karma cleanse and getting it. You have to truly express yourself and convince your angels that you deserve such an action.

It can be useful to note down some reasons why you believe you have negative karma as well as actions you will take in the future to avoid it. Have this ready before you reach out to your angels so you can at least demonstrate your willingness to accept responsibility for your actions and a desire to change your attitudes and behaviors for the better.

While Angel Camael is often referred to as the karma angel, you should view all and any angels as potentially being a karma angel as they all have the power to alter your karmic balance.

A Word of Caution

On your journey to experience a karma cleanse you may come across terms such as grand angelic ceremonial of karmic deliverance or hyper beneficial angelical karma. Often these are ideas that suggest or even promise some grand cleanse that will not only remove all negative karma but also bless you with an abundance of positive karma.

These are rarely free and so you should be warned that there are no shortcuts. Asking your angels for help is one thing but paying someone to try to erase your negative karma is not going to help you in any way. In fact, it could lead to even more negativity in your life. You have to face up to your actions and only through doing so can you hope to undo past mistakes in order for a karma clearing to be successful.

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