How to Raise Your Vibration: Meaning and Significance

How to raise your vibration

Do you normally feel sad and depressed? Do you want to have a better emotional condition? Do you want your life to have more happiness than it already does? Well, then you need to raise your positive vibrational energy! But, do you know how to raise your vibration? “Vibration” is a fancy word for the state of being you are in; it may be positive, or negative. Every solid item has its vibrational energy, and so do you!

The Purpose to Raise Your Vibration

Vibrational energies are categorized according to their frequencies. There are low frequencies which are associated with distress and emotional instability whereas, higher frequencies are associated with good health and positive thoughts.

The reason for you to know how to raise your vibration is so that you can have positive expectation from life and the results in your life turn out to be positive and beneficial for you in every way. If your aim is to enjoy life and make the best out of it at the same time, then you need to start working on raising your vibration; it is the best and most effective way to lead a happy and successful life.

Activities That Lower Your Vibration

As our daily life progresses, we do a lot of activities, some of which lightens up our mood while some activities destroy our mood. Activities that destroy your mood lower your vibration. The most prominent activities that lower our mood include:

  1. Microwave radiation
  2. Frequencies emitted from cell phones and Wi-Fi
  3. Drinking alcohol and smoking
  4. Getting angry
  5. Watching violent movies

All the activities mentioned above will negatively impact your mood and your surroundings. Therefore, you should refrain from them or stay away from them as much as possible so that your vibration does not get negatively impacted. You should avoid them and look towards activities that will raise your vibration, instead of decreasing it.

Every Choice You Make Either Raises Your Vibration or Lowers It

On a daily basis, you are entitled to making a lot of decisions. Starting from morning… what to have for breakfast, when to start getting ready for college or school, whether to listen to the teacher when in class, how to talk to people, how to dress, what to do once you are back home, etc. All the decisions that you make over a course of time, impact you without your conscious mind knowing about it.

Each decision is associated with either raising the frequency of your vibration or decreasing it. For example, if you decide to talk nicely to people, then people will talk nicely to you and you will feel good; thus, your vibration energy will rise. But, if you decide to talk rudely to someone, then they will talk even more rudely or perhaps get upset because of you. In turn, you will feel bad, not immediately but surely after a time. Thus, you will start to witness negative vibrational energy rushing through you.

So, you need to be very careful with the decision that you make as each decision is associated with your vibration energy. This signifies the importance of knowing raising your vibration.

How to raise your Vibration… 9 Ways to Increase Your Vibrational Frequency NOW!

As there are activities that decrease your vibrational energy, there are ways for you to raise your vibrational energy as well. Here, some of the easiest to do ways are given that could teach you.

Take out a bit of time from your daily routine to do an easy exercise

Giving time to yourself is by far the best way to raise your vibrational frequency. The best way is to find an exercise you can easily perform and do it for 15 mins in a day, just once. How easy, right?


Meditation is a remedy for many cures and just like that it also helps in raising your vibration as well. Go to a quiet place and just get lost in the thoughts of your own world.

Be well aware of what you watch, listen, and read

Sometimes, we just watch and listen to stuff and believe it although it is not true. Make sure you are aware of the facts and opinions that you hear, read, and listen to. It avoids unnecessary complications in life.

Drink a lot of water

Drinking water is another very easy remedy for increasing the vibrational frequency. It is needed by the body and once your body receives it, automatically your vibration is raised.

Spend time in nature

Nature is a beautiful thing gifted by God. We underestimate its abilities to heal us and the only way you can find out of what it can do is by spending time in it. Nature will increase your vibration far more than any other type of remedies given here. Make sure to try it out!

Set goals and work towards them

Setting goals is a crucial part of your life and you need to set goals so that you can give meaning to your life. Once you have meaning, you will work towards it to get successful.

Live in the present

As humans, we often spend too much time thinking about the past that we do not realize how we are wasting away our present; that we can make beautiful. Our aim should be to think about the future, not the present. It will make life beautiful!

Keep a balance in life

Having a balance in life is very important. You should neither be very happy, nor too sad. Yes, celebrate your success and mourn the dead but do not go to the edge of either one as it will decrease your vibration.

Be grateful!

Last, but the most important… you should thank God for gifting you all the beauty in your life and helping you put up with life at the toughest of conditions.

Knowing how to raise your vibration really helps in leading a successful and happy life, and you should always keep in mind about the activities that raise and decrease your vibration so that you can have a good balance in your life and can always stay happy and positive. Having a positive approach to life is your way of succeeding till the end!

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