Accessing Akashic Records – Learn how to use them now!

accessing akashic records

If you are reading this then it means you’re curious about the Akashic records or perhaps you’re interested in accessing Akashic records. Not to worry, this article will not only fill you in on what they are but also show you how to access Akashic records.

The main way of doing this is through Akashic records meditation, which we will cover later in the article. It should be noted that anyone can use the Akashic records reading for free.

So what are the Akashic Records?

To put it simply, the Akashic records are a library of vibrational energy. This energy contains information from the past, present, and future. Once you understand how to access Akashic records and interpret the energy, you can find out information about any of these states.

This is particularly useful for accessing the information on your past lives. The Akashic Records are available to anyone at any time, it’s sort of Akashic records reading free for all. Are you trying to learn how to access the Akashic records?

Understanding what these records represent is an important step to gaining access. Many people attribute these records to being like God’s records of the universe. Your Guardian Angel can help you learn how to access the Akashic records.

They can guide your preparation and advance you along your spiritual journey until you achieve your goals!

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Meaning of the Akashic Records

Before we can explore the role of the records, why they are useful, or how you can access them, we need to spend a moment better understanding their root meaning. It is common to view words as simply a means of communication, and numbers as a method for measuring quantities, but both hold vibrational energy.

This energy is power, and so certain words or numbers can represent a universal power that can only be witnessed by those attempting to understand it. The word ‘Akashic’ may sound a little bit random, but that is because it has ancient origins.

This is a word so powerful, that it has remained mostly unchanged for thousands of years. We can trace its origins at least as far back as 3,500 years ago, wherein the Hindu writing language of Sanskrit it carries a particular meaning.

Akashic, in this language, represents ‘ether’, ‘space’, or ‘universal atmosphere’. It is a type of energy or substance that is metaphysical in nature. Within some belief systems, it is referred to as a great element.

This element is associated with vast emptiness. It is sometimes referred to as the void or the gap between worlds. It is believed to play a vital role in the connectedness of the physical and spiritual worlds, as well as between the four elements: earth, wind, air, and fire.

The meaning of the Akashic records is that they exist outside everything else. It is not physical, and technically it is not actually spiritual, but rather something in-between.

In a way, they are an imprint on the energy of the universe, like using tracks left in mud to learn which animal has walked along a forest path.

Can Anyone Access the Akashic Records?

When it comes to spirituality and the various spiritual tools that are available to us, some are available to everyone and anyone, while others are gifted to only a few. All require patience, practice, and dedication.

We will discuss some of the obstacles that you may face when trying to access the records, but first, we need to consider some of the limitations. It is difficult to describe someone as being a “spiritual professional”, but there are certainly people who are further along their spiritual journey than others.

Many of these people can be considered spiritual teachers, and their knowledge of this metaphysical world can be truly valuable to all of us. Although the views between these teachers can vary, when it comes to the Akashic records, they do agree on one thing: not everyone will be able to get access.

To be more specific, everybody will have the ability to access them at some point along their spiritual journey, but it is possible that it will not be in this lifetime. That does not mean you cannot try though, as attempting to access the records is still a powerful spiritual practice.

Why are the Akashic Records Useful?

Discussing the Akashic Records can distract us from their usefulness. Beyond aiding in our spiritual development and our advancement along our spiritual path, these records allow us to glimpse at possible outcomes and how they may impact our lives, for better or for worse.

We can’t always see exactly how a situation will turn out, but our intuition can often guide us toward better outcomes. By understanding the ripples that we create within the universe, and whether they are positive or negative, we can make informed decisions.

Although the Akashic Records are used for a variety of purposes, they are perhaps most useful as a tool for finding the path that allows us to reach our full potential and offer ourselves back to the services of humanity.

Benefits of Accessing Akashic Records

There are some long-term benefits to working with the Akashic records that go above and beyond what could be described as “usefulness”. It is often said that knowledge is power, and in relation to these records, knowledge is a powerful tool for developing and advancing your spirituality, including your spiritual abilities.

This is one of the many reasons why some people will be unable to access the records. In the hands of someone incapable of understanding and learning from these records, they would only create confusion.

Much in the same way that you don’t have your first driving lesson in a Ferrari or jump in at the deep in when you’re first learning to swim, you can’t leap straight to learning from the Akashic records without taking the necessary earlier steps along your spiritual journey.

We have already considered the usefulness of the Akashic records, but what are the long-term benefits? What does the knowledge lead to?

Overall, the Akashic records lead to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our place in this universe. This includes a stronger connection with our own intuition, which is how we detect spiritual and psychic changes, including using psychic abilities.

For some, this will mean that they become far more capable of interpreting and understanding Tarot cards. For others, their clairvoyant abilities may noticeably improve. Some people will not notice any drastic changes, but that does not mean that similar changes are not taking place at a slower, more gradual pace.

Either way, it is important that you do not enter the Akashic records purely for the benefits. You should only enter when you feel that the time is right. Your angels will often offer guidance on this matter.

How can I access my Akashic Records?

That doesn’t mean you can access all the information. Some content is off-limits depending on your intent. So it’s important to have a clear mind and soul before entering. There are a number of ways you could choose to get Akashic records access.

Some people claim to get there through astral projection or near-death experiences but these are completely unnecessary; while angels and other spiritual beings have guided people there.

Accessing Akashic records

You don’t have to wait for an invite though so in this article we’ll show you the simplest method: Akashic records meditation.

You can find guided meditations online that walk you through the entire process for accessing Akashic records but going it alone is just as easy as long as you’ve meditated before. Remember that the guardian angels are watching your back.

What is Akashic healing and Akashic Meditation?

Accessing Akashic Records through meditation starts off like any other meditation session: start with some focused breathing until you feel yourself entering a meditative state. Akashic records access is very similar to fine-tuning a radio.

You have to find the right frequency and then you have to use tiny movements to get it to the clearest sound possible. In this case, you need to focus on increasing your vibrational energy. This is the only entry requirement of the Akashic records.

One way to do this is to contact your spirit guides or angels and ask for their assistance and guidance in reaching the required energy speed to access the Akashic records.

Visualization is key

Another method is visualization. Imagine that there is a beam of light shining down from above. It’s pure white light and it starts to lift you up off the ground, almost like aliens are abducting you.

As you get higher, you start to feel your body pulse with energy. The higher you get the more your vibrational energy increases. When you feel like you literally can’t go any higher, look up and visualize yourself opening a door.

There will be darkness behind this door but soon you will start to see shape, symbols, or colors. You may even hear noises or voices.

8 Steps for Accessing the Akashic Records by Using Clearsight

There are a variety of ways to access the records. Meditation, visualization, and near-death experiences are just a few, but an extremely common method is to gain access via clearsight. Clearsight, in simple terms, is a combination of visualization and clairvoyance.

It is about seeing the non-physical world with extreme clarity. It involves a lot of focus and concentration, but it is also a great way to gain access to the records.

We will discuss the importance of clairvoyance in more depth in a moment, but first, let us explore the steps for using clearsight to access the records.

Step 1: Preparation

Since clearsight requires a great deal of concentration, it is important that you set aside some time where you can be alone and will not be disturbed.

Put your phone on silent, draw the curtains, and make sure your mind will not be preoccupied with whether you are going to be late for work or how long is left until your friend comes over.

These steps can be performed quite quickly after some practice, but the first few attempts will be slow and will require much more focus.

Step 2: Spiritual Protection

Protection is always important whenever you are delving into any transformative spiritual practice. You want to make sure that the process will not allow you to absorb negative energy or let any spirits follow you back from beyond the physical realm.

Both examples are highly unlikely when it comes to the Akashic records, but it is always best to be prepared. Simply light some candles, keep some crystals nearby, say a prayer, or invoke the power of an Archangel.

You can also ask your Guardian Angel to watch over you during this process.

Step 3: Breathing

Much like meditation, breathing is an important aspect of clearsight. If you have a preferred breathing technique, then feel free to use that. If not, then you should try box breathing. As the name might suggest, box breathing is even breaths and holds.

Breathe in slowly for 4 seconds, hold the breath for 4 seconds, breathe out slowly for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, and repeat. The breathing itself is only part of the technique though. Initially, you should focus on the count of each breathe/hold.

The 1, 2, 3, and 4 should be evenly spaced, and you should hear the number in your mind as you count. As you get into the rhythm, also begin to focus on each breath in or out. Notice when the breath starts and notice the exact moment it ends.

Step 4: Grounding

This step involves a technique known as grounding. This is when you focus on the connection between your physical body and the ground (or chair or bed or whatever other physical surfaces you may be on).

This step allows us to separate the physical from the spiritual by becoming entirely aware of the differences between both. You should focus on the weight of your body, as we often feel entirely weightless within any aspect of the spiritual realm.

Pay attention to how heavy your limbs are, notice that your head is beginning to feel weighed down, and you may even realize that your eyelids are growing heavy. When you become aware of these changes, you will know that grounding is taking place.

Step 5: Intention

Stating your intention is important. Think of it as the spiritual equivalent of typing a location into Google maps or telling the taxi driver where you are going. Your intention guides you to the destination.

Given the absolute vastness of the Akashic records, you need to have some idea of where you are aiming. It could be that you are searching for a specific piece of information, or perhaps you wish to understand more about a certain topic.

No matter what your intention, focus on it. You can say it out loud or simply repeat it within your mind.

Step 6: Be Patient

As images or sensations start to appear within your consciousness, do not try to push them to one side. Simply allow them to pass by, as the ones that do not go will be of importance.

The images/feelings will likely be blurry but focus on the ones that attract you the most. Some will hold a special significance that you might be unable to explain.

Step 7: Focus

It is important to understand that these blurry images are not actually images, so to speak. They are visual representations of data. We see them as images or experience them as feelings only because that is how our mind interprets them.

Focus on a blurry image and try to make it clearer. This is where clearsight becomes an important tool. The act of focusing allows you to interact with the information and absorb it.

By remembering the picture or sensation, you will be able to access the memories associated with it, and your intuition will guide you towards what you’ve learned from the Akashic records.

Step 8: Let Go

You can leave the records whenever you feel the time is right. It is important that you do so slowly, simply because it allows you to retain more memory from the experience.

You can start by noticing sensations from the physical world, such as breathing or the pressure where your body or arm touches an object. Begin to slowly open your eyes but hold the images or feelings you focused on clearly in your mind.

It can help to take some notes ones you leave the records so that you do not forget the details. Just use bullet points to list the key aspects. No matter how odd, small, or ridiculous something may seem, you should always write it down like nothing in the Akashic records is random.

How to See the Records More Clearly

Learning to access the records should be your first step, and your second, and your third one. It does not matter how clearly you see things when you visit the first few times, all that matters is that you’re familiarizing yourself with the route there.

The path to the records is one that requires physical, mental, and spiritual focus. With patience and practice, you will discover that it becomes easier and easier to see the records. However, the images you see may remain just as blurry and out of focus.

Luckily, there are some steps you can take in order to improve the clarity of your visions, which in turn will help you in understanding the records.

Clairvoyance is Key

We already mentioned that clairvoyance is the backbone of clearsight. They are so closely entwined that it is common for people to refer to clairvoyance and clearsight as actually being the same thing.

However, both are slightly different aspects of the same tool or technique. There are some simple ways to improve your clairvoyant ability though.

Practice Makes Perfect

The only way to improve at something is to practice. With clairvoyance, you need to listen to your intuition, write down what you believe it is telling you, and watch for signs of your interpretation of the universe being correct.

You will not be right 100% of the time. To begin with, you might not even be right 50% of the time. The important thing is to focus on the times you were right and be aware of how those times felt different from the others.

Cleanse your Spiritual Energy

Nothing will dampen your clairvoyant ability quite as much as negative energy. We are often exposed to negative energy as a result of negative thoughts, people, locations, or due to lack of protection.

Try to regularly cleanse your energy by taking salt baths, meditating, or exposing yourself to Mother Nature. You can also take precautions by placing crystals around your home or wearing them as jewelry.

Increase your Vibrational Energy Level

All aspects of our spirituality are impacted by our vibrational energy level. Everything in this universe, from numbers to animals to us, holds vibrational energy. The higher/faster this energy is, the stronger the spiritual capabilities or power of that thing.403-page_403

Eating a poor diet is enough to reduce and limit your vibrational energy level. Similarly, if you live a clean life and only eat healthy and organic foods, then you will find this vibrational energy increasing.

Focus on Images

Whenever you are accessing the Akashic records, you may find that you’re being distracted by thoughts or overwhelmed by the experience as a whole. The key to seeing the records more clearly is to focus on the information.

To some, it will be visual in nature, like looking out into the world. To others, it will be a feeling or experience, like re-living a memory. Sometimes the records present themselves as simply a gut instinct or thought.

No matter how the images or feelings may appear to you, focus on the sensations, and try to fine-tune the quality to make it clearer.

What to Expect from accessing Akashic records

The most common data you’ll receive is through feeling. Not your sense of touch but actually your gut feeling deep inside you. This is your spirit accessing information that your conscious mind can’t digest on its own.

You need to open yourself up to the experience and take in whatever information you can. Just remember that you may be unsure of when or where this information is coming from.

Don’t jump to any conclusions because you saw yourself being shot or winning a Nobel Peace Prize, these could be memories of your past lives or they could be a future life.

It’s often beneficial upon returning from the Akashic records to make notes of what you experienced. If you saw symbols, draw them. If you heard noises, describe them. If you had feelings, explain them. They may all piece together after accessing Akashic records a few times.

What to Expect When you View the Records

So, what are the records, and what will you likely experience when you access them? We just discussed the different sensations that you may experience, from a feeling in your gut to visual experiences.

But it is what the images/sensations represent that is most important. The records are true! Think about your DNA. It represents who you are. It can show what your heritage is, the physical traits you will possess, and the psychological issues you may face.

DNA is a blueprint of who we are, but it does not represent the entirety of us. The important thing about DNA though, is that it cannot lie. Your DNA won’t point to your heritage being African when it’s actually Asian, for example.

The records can be like the universe’s DNA. It shows the truth. It tells us what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen. It is possible for us to misinterpret what the records are showing us.

For example, you may feel like the records are showing you death when it’s simply the end of a life cycle. But no matter how we interpret the meaning of the records, they are only ever revealing the truth.

Common Obstacles When Trying to View the Akashic Records

As with any spiritual technique or experience, there are obstacles that you will face. It is important to remember that obstacles are not a negative thing. They can stand in our way and they can pose a challenge, but they are opportunities to grow and develop.

It is only when we face such challenges that we can truly discover and test ourselves. Negative emotions are one of the most common obstacles people face when trying to access the records.

Feelings of doubt, anxiety, fear, shame, or guilt can weigh us down and limit our ability to reach the records in the first place. Even if we do, interpreting anything when in a negative mental/spiritual space will almost always lead to misunderstandings.

We will discuss the importance of positivity in more depth in a moment. False expectations are another obstacle, as our misguided intentions. The records are a place of learning and self-improvement.

But if you are expecting to discover a hidden truth that is not meant for you, or improve your psychic abilities for nefarious purposes, then you will likely never gain access to the records within this lifetime.

Take some time to consider whether you are ready for the knowledge contained within the Akashic records, as we already discussed that they are not meant for everybody, at least not yet.

Can Accessing the Records lead to Negative Experiences?

Accessing the records can certainly be an intense experience. But much like any other spiritual experience, it requires focus. This means that you are always able to pull yourself out whenever it becomes too much.

Think of a time you have been meditating, and you have followed a scary or anxious thought into a deeper part of yourself. The experience can be unpleasant, but you can simply let the thought go and focus your mind on another aspect of your being, such as your breathing.

The reason that the Akashic records are not accessible to everyone is to reduce negative experiences. People who are not ready for the records would find themselves learning the information they should not know or were not ready to discover.

If you can access the records, then it is safe to assume that you are ready for whatever lies ahead. Overall, the Akashic records can be incredibly intense, but the experience itself is unlikely to be negative beyond that.

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