Want to know more about the Signs from Heaven?

signs from heaven

When we lose someone, especially somebody close to us, it can be natural to put doubt into things you were once so sure of. You may find yourself beginning to question everything you once viewed as fact, particularly in relation to spirituality. Hoping for signs from heaven almost as a nod from your loved one is completely natural. So, you want to know more about the Signs of Heaven? In this article, we will be exploring just that: signs from heaven from loved ones. So let’s head right in and look at how you can spot genuine signs of loved ones after death.

Asking for Signs from Heaven

It’s completely natural to hope for signs from the afterlife. When you’ve lost somebody so important to you that you can feel a deep void within, we all want to be sure that they’ve made it to a safe place. Luckily, you don’t have to just sit around with your fingers crossed that these signs will appear. You can actually ask for them.

Signs from heaven from loved ones aren’t always going to be clear, especially to begin with. You’re going to have to keep your expectations fairly low. Often signs from the deceased (especially the recently deceased) are hard to notice unless you’re on the lookout for them.

Consulting your angels on the matter isn’t a rare event and most people will do it within their life, sometimes on several occasions. Your angels can reassure you that everything is ok and aid your loved one in sending signs from heaven.

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Dreams and Visions

It’s even possible that your loved one is with you while you ask for signs and you’re simply not picking up on their presence. This is completely natural and it’s because you’re used to the physical triggers of their presence and not so much the spiritual ones.

So we’ll start to take a look at some of these signs after death that you may already be receiving from a loved one. It stands to reason that one of the main places you’re likely to see signs from heaven is through visions or dreams.

There is a straightforward reason for this: when we’re asleep, especially deep sleep, our spirit taps into the cosmic energy around us. This significantly boosts our spiritual abilities and allows us to contact higher beings much easier, even if we aren’t conscious.

A loved one could use this boost in your abilities to communicate with you. If direct communication isn’t possible, they may alter aspects of your dream in order to make you realize they have been there.

Digital Mishaps

This is another common one that is often used within horror films as a sinister nod to the presence of an evil spirit. Luckily, in reality, it’s a much different story. You’re not going to hear creepy voices or screams through your radio.

The interference of this kind is a lot subtler and can manifest itself in many different ways. That’s because when a loved one is trying to send signs from heaven, they don’t pick and choose what happens. It’s more like they’re plugging their energy and intention into the physical world in the hope that something makes it through to you.

With that in mind, there are some things you can look out for. Some are more obvious than others such as the radio changing to a song you associate with the loved one or the TV turning off when a show you both hated comes on.

Some are subtler such as lights flickering. Obviously this is something that can happen with or without spiritual interference but if you were thinking of your loved one and suddenly the light flickers, it could be one of the signs from heaven death isn’t the end.

Messages through Animals

Animals can often be messengers from the beyond. When a loved one is trying to make contact, a nearby animal (particularly if an angel in disguise) may come nearer to you than it usually would, perhaps even let you touch it.

People often mention the hummingbird sign from heaven, which relates to seeing a hummingbird whizzing around your head, even if you’re not somewhere that usually has birds of this kind. The same goes for the cardinals sign from heaven, which is the exact same situation. If these birds take an interest, then it’s probably a sign from someone.

Other animals will also play a role. Dogs often run up to you or if they were being loud, they go quiet as you pass. Animals can quite often have a more direct connection to the spiritual realm than we do so they pick up on some of the frequencies that are beyond our perception.

Just keep in mind that these animals are rarely your loved one and are more often than not simply signs of your loved one attempting to make contact or let you know that they are there in spirit.

Specific Energies

One of the more common signs is the feeling of a presence. We will often think again to ghosts but this feeling isn’t a negative one. People regularly describe a warmth or tingling, sometimes similar to static electricity.

There are more familiar sensations as well which would relate more personally to you and your loved one. Perhaps they used to stroke your hair a certain way and while looking at a photo of them you feel that familiar sensation, even if a little lighter. Sensations aren’t limited solely to touch though, so what other signs are there?

Well, there are also smells, sounds, even sights. All of our senses can detect varying aspects of a spirit from the other side. You’re unlikely to experience them all at the same time which is what allows your brain to separate the physical from the spiritual otherwise it might drive us all a bit crazy.

You might smell a familiar perfume see a scarf tied to a post that suddenly vanishes after you look away. There is also the possibility to hear signs. You probably won’t hear a voice but you might hear the tapping of fingers in a familiar pattern or maybe a sneeze that you can easily identify.

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