Increased Emotional Sensitivity – Know how to manage it!

increased emotional sensitivity

Being sensitive emotionally is something that out there in the dog eat dog world can come across as a weakness. Within the world of spirituality, it can be quite the opposite. Those with increased emotional sensitivity are often gifted in an area of spirituality: higher vibrational energy, psychic abilities, strong spiritual connections, etc.  In this article we will explore how to be less emotionally sensitive through managing your emotions.

Emotions and Asking your Angels help

It’s important to remember that being emotional and sensitive are not bad things. It’s just important to be in control of your emotions. The trouble with being emotionally oversensitive is that in many situations it can be viewed negatively and can lead to negative outcomes.

Not to play the “manage angel card” but one tried and tested method to help you manage your sensitive emotional state is to consult your angels. Not only can they provide guidance regarding increased emotional sensitivity but they can provide a deeper insight into potential causes. It could be that your increase in emotional sensitivity is a symptom of something else such as an overcharged chakra. Of course on the same note, you can contact your spirit guides to ask for their assistance on the matter.

One of the issues you’ll face is determining whether this emotional oversensitivity is a symptom as well as whether it is merely temporary or permanent. If it’s a temporary increase in emotions then sometimes your best bet is to ride it out. Once it passes, you’ll return to your usual levels. If it’s permanent or even long lasting then you will need a different approach. This is something you should discuss with your angels.

Increased Emotional Sensitivity by using Crystals

Sometimes being emotionally sensitive can be the result of a bizarre energy fluctuation. If, for whatever reason, your spiritual energy levels are drastically rising and falling, this could trigger an emotional awareness that you wouldn’t usually have. Crystals serve many purposes, once of which is increasing our positive energy and balancing the levels. If your sensitivity is related_posts to strange energy levels then crystals could help in soaking up some of the spare energy and balancing what is left. You could try meditating with crystals, like using the selenite crystal,  as a solution to this anomaly.

Spiritual Breakthrough

One potential cause of this sensitivity could be that you’ve grown spiritually and this increased emotional sensitivity is simply due to your new spiritual awareness. Sometimes, when we increase our vibrational energy levels drastically enough, we become aware of new aspects of the world (both the physical world and the spiritual world) that were hidden to us before. This can manifest itself in any number of ways, one of which could be a new sensitive emotional state. If this is the case, you’ll need to continue your spiritual journey in order to get a hold of these new “abilities” and come to terms with what you’re experiencing.

One thing to keep in mind is that blocking these new emotions or emotional awareness will do more harm than good. You’re much better to open yourself up to whatever it is you’re feeling and just see where it takes you. You can view it as an experiment of sorts; a way of testing your new “abilities” to see where they lead. You may want to keep a diary or journal of what new emotions you feel or how this new spectrum of emotion is different to what you could experience before. That way you can look back and see how further spiritual development has changed the experiences further.

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