Soul Star Chakra Stones – Gateway to Divine Love

Soul Star Chakra

You need to ensure that your spiritual abilities keep on developing to maintain a good balance in life. The star chakra stones help you keep the balance by keeping a good connection with your higher self.  Discover now more about the Soul Star Chakra Stones

What is the Soul Star Chakra?

This 8th chakra is associated with enlightenment and the ascension principle. It is all just about “letting it go” and let the Divine Light enter your body, mind, and soul to heal you. This chakra is the gateway to Divine love and spiritual energy to enter into your body, mind, and soul.

Situated at the top of your head, the 8th chakra is called the soul star chakra. It is located at the highest point of the physical existence of your body. It is known to be the first transpersonal chakra that exists. Sometimes, it is also referred to as the “seat of the soul” because spiritual energy and Divine Light enter into your body, mind, and soul through this soul star chakra.

Its meaning has been linked to spiritual compassion, spirituality, infinite energy, and Divine supreme wisdom that can’t be found from anywhere else. You can also gain access to the Akashic Records if you have developed specific gifts of spirituality. In this way, you will be able to use your soul star chakra as well.

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Which Soul Star Chakra Stones to Use?

There are many stones readily available, however, some of the stones are not as common and will need to be deeply searched in crystal shops, if you wish to use them. Kyanite is the most recommended stone that you should use before starting or even wanting, to work with higher vibration crystals and stones.

related_posts to the higher chakras, like the Crown Chakra, is the indigo Kyanite, which is known to be a magnificent stone to be used with any of the chakras. Any energy gaps that you have within your body, mind, or soul will be covered up by this Soul Star Stone.

Primarily, you need to ensure that you have aligned all of your chakras with Kyanite, otherwise using this stone will not prove to be effective or efficient for you. Blue Kyanite is also known to be very effective if you want to align your chakras.

How to use the Soul Chakra Stones

To know the energy of these stones is crucial to your use of these stones. You need to gather as much information and gain a deep insight as to how these stones work to work with them in a way that they can benefit you.

It is just like reading an instruction manual of a new device to know about all the features that it has so that you can best use them. The 8th chakra crystals can be used to higher your vibration or even make a strong connection with the spiritual world.

You can always also call upon the angels and ask them to bless you with their love and light before you start the process of healing. In case anything goes wrong, the angels are just a prayer away to help, guide, and assist you with your problems.

Wearing Soul Chakra Stones

Many of the stones of the 8th chakra are used in the making of jewelry and are worn not only by females but also, also by males due to the immense power that they carry within themselves.

They not only equip you with physical protection but, also act as a tool for spiritual grounding for you. Apart from all the powers they have, they are exotic and beautiful crystals that can be worn just for jewelry purposes.

Wearing high crystal energy stones continuously is known to be very powerful, so if you are going to wear or use high vibration crystals, just ensure that you also wear grounding stones too so that things balance themselves off.

Keeping Black Tourmaline and Charoite close by is also highly recommended. Use of natural crystals is the recommended scheme instead of using manufactured stones because, during the manufacturing process, many of the stones lose their abilities and powers.

How do Soul Star Chakra Stones Help You?

Looking to develop psychic abilities, soul chakra stones are best put to use. You need to start by connecting yourself with your conscious state of mind. Imagining rays of white light around you is a great meditative process that enhances you to develop your psychic abilities and better connect with the physical and spiritual world.

These stones help you in retaining a good balance between your emotional and mental state. If you feel that you are not emotionally stable, you should make use of these stones and see the shift in emotions you experience instantly. It is a very effective and efficient way to get your emotional condition back to a balanced state.

Other benefits

These stones are a gateway for you to get the Divine wisdom that does not have any other source. It is all about ascension and your higher self. Once you start working with your higher self, you will slowly learn and realize your purpose on Earth and what is the sole purpose for which the Divine has sent you to the world.

You will gain in-depth knowledge about the incarnation process and why it takes place as well. You will start to follow the right path better once you realize what it is and the chances of you going astray tend to reduce the amount of use you make of the stones.

Clairvoyance and psychic knowing are two excellent abilities that you expose yourself to in order to better understand them and apply them to your life. They also develop your intuition, and you end up trusting it more often than you did before.

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