Exploring the Meaning and Uses of Rainbow Moonstone!

Rainbow Moonstone

Moonstone is a divine looking gem that looks as magnificent as it sounds. There are many different types of Moonstone: gray moonstone, white moonstone, blue moonstone, and even cat’s eye moonstone. However, in this article, we’re going to focus on just one type: rainbow moonstoneWe’re going to explore a number of different aspects of this from the rainbow moonstone meaning to the rainbow moonstone metaphysical properties. We’re also going to explore how to use moonstone effectively in order to harness the moonstone healing properties and other moonstone benefits. We’ll start off by exploring the origins of rainbow moonstone.

Back to Basics

Moonstone is one of the most ancient types of gem to have been used by mankind. Many civilizations would tell stories related_posts to it being as old as the moon itself. Ancient civilizations, including the Romans, believed that the stone formed under the natural rays of the moon and as such they associated it with moon deities. This is an idea that the Romans shared with the Ancient Greeks.

This belief isn’t surprising given how incredible a polished version of the gem can look, particularly the rainbow moonstone. What does a moonstone look likeRainbow moonstone gets its name from two different aspects of the gem. Firstly, all types of moonstone display an effect known as adularescence, whereby the light that shines through the transparent stone is scattered by the thin layers within it. Secondly, what separates the rainbow moonstone from other types is that appearance of different colors within the stone itself.



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Rainbow Moonstone Meaning

As you might imagine, the color often appears as a miniature rainbow. The stone can appear to look like a pearl at first glance but on closer inspection, you will find that not only is it transparent but it’s not the sort of white that you’d typically find with a pearl.

So what is the meaning of this colorful gem? The answer to that question depends largely on who you ask. For many, the meaning of this stone relates to protection, particularly of travelers. Those who travel at night or across bodies of water are encouraged to take moonstone with them.

Early sailors would take the stone across the sea with them so that the power of the moon and the moonstone could help guide them to port safely. However, travelers weren’t the only people to have an opinion about the meaning of this stone.

As we already mentioned, the gem was viewed as having a connection with the divine moon deities of ancient cultures. These deities were always female and their feminine energy would not only connect with the stone but also with nature, particularly Mother Nature.

As such, the rainbow moonstone became symbolic of natural processes such as fertility, eroticism, birth, life, and even death. While being viewed as a symbol of purity, this gem also represents the natural balance of all things and serves as a reminder that all negativity is balanced out by positivity. So let’s take a look at some of the uses of this wonderful stone.

Rainbow Moonstone Metaphysical Properties

This special stone carries a number of different metaphysical properties that can be used in a variety of different ways. Monks around the world will actually carry this stone with them in order to feel connected to the spiritual path they walk along, in the hopes that it keeps them from straying from the right path.

The stone also connects to the Crown Chakra and can interact with it in several ways. These are just two of properties we’re going to explore but we’ll also take a look at a property that only benefits women, or those with high levels of feminine energy.

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening may sound like a term full of connotations. This is one metaphysical property that requires you to manage your expectations before exploring. The stone doesn’t create a spiritual awakening by magic. A prime example would be the monks that we just briefly mentioned.

Monks and other people walking spiritual paths are searching for a spiritual awakening and spiritual enlightenment. By using this stone, they don’t create either of these but they are better guided towards their spiritual goals. This isn’t through magic but rather through the stone’s natural energy which can help provide us with a sense of clarity and direction.

Rainbow moonstone, perhaps more so that the other forms of moonstone can help us acknowledge the more toxic aspects of ourselves. Many spiritual teachers and guides believe that the natural energy of this stone actually helps to dissolve the ego.

Our ego can be the largest obstacle we face when trying to achieve higher forms of spirituality and achieving anything near to enlightenment is impossible without first letting go of the ego. You may find meditating with the stone in your hand beneficial as you can explore the effects of its natural energy while in a neutral frame of mind.

Improved Intuition

Many people claim that rainbow moonstone can enhance psychic abilities, particularly those related_posts to precognition or clairvoyance. This is a slight exaggeration of its abilities and you shouldn’t view it as a magical stone that grants psychic powers. In truth, the properties of this type of moonstone are closely tied to the natural vibrational energies of the universe.

Everything in this universe has a vibrational energy level and these vibrations create ripples that can extend across the entire physical realm. Think of any action as being similar to dropping a pebble into a still pond, except instead of a pond it’s the entire fabric of reality.

Rainbow moonstone can allow you to notice these ripples slightly more than you normally would. What does this mean? Well, it means that your gut instinct, that primal sensation that leads you to make a decision that might not be based on logic, can be improved.

If we follow on from the pond analogy, it would be like having a motion detector in the water that lets you know that there are ripples forming across the water. You won’t necessarily know what caused the ripples but you’ll know that something is creating them which can make you notice details that might otherwise pass you by.

Crown Chakra Connection

Your chakras are the 7 energy hubs that exist within you. These hubs, which also work in a manner similar to gates, allow energy to flow through you. When one or more of your chakras become blocked, your spiritual energy becomes hindered and you can begin to experience side effects: spiritual, emotional, and even physical.

You could say that the Crown Chakra is the moonstone chakra given how well connected they are to each other. Moonstone can aid in improving the flow of energy through your crown chakra which is vitally important given its location at the top of your body.

There are a number of ways through which you can make use of this property. The simplest would be through meditation. Simply enter into a meditative state and visualize the white, sometimes lightly rainbow colored, energy flowing through the moonstone, up through your Root Chakra, and all the way up to your Crown Chakra.

However, if you want to really make the most of the natural energy of moonstone, do this meditation outside with the moonlight cascading down on you. This is how the ancients would have to access its power and cleared their chakras all the way through.

Harnessing Feminine Energy

As we’ve already discussed, the stone has a special association with natural feminine energy. The ancients attributed this energy to the stone’s connection with female deities such as moon Goddesses and Mother Nature herself. The feminine energy within this gem can be used to harness your own feminine energy.

We live in a society that often seeks to neutralize both masculine and feminine energies, and as such, you may feel like your internal fires have gone out. This gem can help ignite the spark that relights them!

This may sound a little bizarre but your feminine energy can directly relate to your ability to love, confidence, focus, assertiveness, and more. When this energy is dampened, these traits can decrease or even disappear altogether.

One of the best ways to harness this energy is through moonstone jewelry. You could say that something like the rainbow moonstone ring meaning is directly related_posts to giving your feminine energy a much-needed boost.

Moonstone Healing Properties

As with most crystals and gemstones, Moonstone offers properties that go beyond the metaphysical. Similarly to the moon itself, this gem connects with natural rhythms and cycles. As such, keeping this stone with you can help reduce anxiety by keeping your heart rate and breathing rate at a more balanced level.

Similarly, once again tying into natural feminine energy, this stone can help reduce mood swings during periods and has even been known to reduce the pain that most, if not all, women experience during this monthly cycle.

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