Praying to Guardian Angel Habuhiah!


Guardian Angels can be a bit elusive, and it is rare for us to know the name of any Guardian Angels other than our own due to this being a deeply personal and intimate revelation. When it comes to the Guardian Angel Habuhiah, however, we can all be aware of his name and purpose within the universe. We’re going to delve into the role of this particular angel as well as exploring some of the reasons why you may choose to pray to him, as well as providing some examples of prayers that you can use.

Who is Habuhiah?

Don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with the name Habuhiah, many aren’t. The name itself carries a specific meaning: ‘God the Kindest Giver’ which relates deeply to this angel’s role within our lives and the universe in general. Habuhiah is the Guardian Angel of agriculture, harvest, and health.

Few angels are mentioned by name within the Bible, particularly those who aren’t Archangels. We find that within Judaism, Habuhiah Angel Guardian is a Cherubim, while in Christianity he is viewed has been an angel, specifically a Guardian Angel. That’s not to say that he is your Guardian Angel, but rather a guardian for all of the Earth and its inhabitants.



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Psalm 106:1

You’re probably wondering where we can find mention of this angel within the Bible. While his name isn’t mentioned, there is a Bible passage associated with Habuhiah in Psalm 106:1 and it reads as:

Hallelujah! Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his faithful love endures forever.

It’s often believed that this verse references the propose of Habuhiah within this world, which is to provide fertile lands, aid in the production of natural foods, and ensure that humanity lives a healthy existence.


As we already briefly mentioned, we typically don’t have an intimate relationship with Guardian Angels who aren’t connected to us. While Habuhiah does offer protection, support, and guidance to everyone around the world, he does have a more intimate connection with those born within certain dates.

If you happened to be born between February 25th and February 29th, then you may already have an understanding of our relationship with this angel. It’s likely that he has been guiding you throughout your whole life, even if you didn’t realize it. As a result, people born between these dates tend to display certain personality traits. They are typically cheerful, positive, and possess a clear definition of morality.

People born within this time period often have a natural connection and understanding of religious teachings. They feel close to God and spend much of their life, even from a young age, trying to find ways that they can grow their spirituality and enhance their contributions to religions and local communities alike.

Angel of Healing

If you have Habuhiah as your angel, you’re probably already aware of his natural healing powers. We’ll look at a Guardian Angel prayer for this in a moment, but first, let us explore the nature of these healing abilities. How can we be healed by this angel?

Habuhiah has a slightly unique approach to healing, and if you’ve ever prayed to an angel before to have your mind, body, or soul healed, you’ll be able to notice the key differences. When someone prayed to be healed by angels, Guardian Angels, or Archangels they typically use light or energy to increase the rate of the healing process. So, if you have a broken bone and you prayed for faster healing, that’s exactly what you would get.

When it comes to Habuhiah though, we find that his approach to healing is a bit more methodical. Anyone who prays to him won’t be healed but will instead be provided with the knowledge to heal themselves.

Just in case you’re wondering what the benefits of this are, here they are: By allowing you the opportunity to practice your spirituality, trust your intuition, and discover new knowledge, Habuhiah is teaching you. Through these lessons, you will find yourself advancing along your spiritual path and gaining priceless experience. But how can you reach out to Habuhiah when you’re in need of support?

Praying to Habuhiah

Praying to Habuhiah can be done in the same way you would pray to any other angelic being. However, if you truly want to put his lessons to use and make the most of the knowledge that he can impart to you, then you should combine your praying and meditate into one session.

Find yourself a quiet spot where you can be comfortable and undisturbed, and begin taking some slow, deep breaths until you enter into your familiar meditative state. Close your eyes and begin to reach out with your spirit, make it your intention to contact him.

You may get a response, in the form of a thought or sensation, but don’t worry if you don’t. Angels are sometimes quiet in order to allow us to fully explore our meditative states. When your mind becomes clear and focused, reach out to Habuhiah with the issue that you’re facing.

If you need help with getting rid of negative energy or finding a cure for the frequent headaches that you’ve been having, then you might wish to say something along the lines of this Guardian Angel prayer.

Habuhiah, Guardian Angel of healing and growth, I reach out to you now in the hopes that you will share your knowledge of the world with me. It is my desire to increase my positive energy while cleansing all negative energy. Amen.

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