Flickering Lights Spiritual meaning – Signs from spirits that they want to communicate

flickering lights spiritual meaning

Have you ever wanted to communicate with a deceased loved one? Or have you ever felt that someone who has passed away is trying to contact you? One very common sign is the flickering lights.

It is likely for that to happen, as the spirit world has its ways to connect with you when they want to. Learn now more about the flickering light’s spiritual meaning. 

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What does flickering light mean? – Signs of a Spirit Visiting You

When your loved ones pass away, all you are left with are memories. Those memories are what help you to move on, but you do not really move on, do you? Do these memories help you in moving on after their death?

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Do they make it easier, or harder for you to move on? We, as humans, are very ignorant. We tend to ignore many important things that happen in our surroundings and environment every day. The symbolism of a flickering spiritual light should never be ignored!

What is the meaning behind a flickering spiritual light? When you see this peculiar phenomenon, you probably wonder what it represents. Learning to understand any angelic sign can represent a positive change in your spiritual progression.

Understanding the Message within a Flickering Light

Flickering lights are incredibly basic forms of spiritual communication. Unlike angel numbers or visions, it can be difficult to understand the message that is being sent via this method.

Whenever you experience this phenomenon, you should take a minute to consider what was happening at that moment: were you thinking about something specific?

Were you in the process of carrying out an action? Were you on your way somewhere? By finding what was happening when the lights flickered, you can begin to understand what the spirit is drawing your attention to.

Are flickering lights dangerous?

Not at all but… for example, when we see a rainbow in the sky, we just think of it as God’s phenomenon.

However, in reality, it can be a sign from the Angels who want to connect with you to deliver an important message. Just like that, there are signs of a spirit visiting you.

Here are the 4 most common signs of a spirit trying to communicate with you:

Flickering lights

This is the most common type of sign from a spirit. When you see a light flickering, you might just think that the bulb needs to be changed or there is some electrical problem.

But, in reality, it is a spirit sign; something you never thought a flickering light could mean. But, for you to connect back, you need to know that a spirit is present who wants to contact you.

Unless you know the flickering light spiritual meaning, you would not have known if a spirit is trying to communicate, or not.

Dreams and Flickering Lights spiritual meaning

You often meet your deceased loved ones in your dreams because they want to get into contact with you.

When you dream, you are more open to the spirit world as your conscious mind is asleep, and it’s the subconscious mind which results in these dreams which are a gateway for the spirits to contact you.

Dreams are the easiest way for spirits to connect with you, which is why you often remember dreams in which you possibly could have seen a deceased loved one.

Electrical Interference

You might have come across instances where an electrical device or gadget starts to work on its own without having any physical contact with it?

For example, your phone starts to blink even though you did not touch it, nor did you get any notification. Yes, that is a sign that a spirit wants to connect with you!

You would have never thought that an electrical interference could mean that a spirit is trying to connect with you, but yes, that is a way that spirits try to communicate.

Due to not noticing, they try every possible way to get your attention; out of which, this is just one.

Psychic Senses

Your intuition is stronger than you think it is! Your psychic mind has amazing ways to get you into contact with the spirit world. Seeing your grandmother’s favorite fruit repeatedly is a sign that she wants to connect with you.

But, in order to realize it, you need to be very alert and aware of your surroundings all the time.

If you know you are seeing fruit, but are not thinking about your grandmother while you see or buy it, then there is no way that you can realize that she wants to contact you. Flickering lights’ spiritual meaning is linked to things that happen when a spirit visits you.

For you to notice these spirit signs, you need to be very alert about what is happening in your surroundings.

Flickering Lights Meaning

Since flickering of lights is the most common spirit sign, you must know the flickering lights’ spiritual meaning. Flickering light’s spiritual meaning is mainly concerned with the fact that spirits have the ability to turn off and on lights.

It may sound creepy, but these are some gifts that the Divine Light has gifted these spirits so that they can easily communicate with the world that they have already left. Flickering lights are a sign of a spirit visiting you.

It may be trying to communicate with you to deliver some important message, or to guide you in your life, or merely because it wanted to.

For example, your deceased grandmother may try to contact you to warn you about the potential danger that has been drooling over you for some days.

Or maybe, she just wanted to connect with you because she misses you?! It can be either one of the two or none at all. You will have to communicate back to know what she really wanted to convey.

Feeling Spirits While Sleeping

When you sleep, you often dream, and most of the time you do not even remember what you dreamt of.

Flickering lights’ spiritual meaning might as well mean that while you are asleep, your conscious mind is also sleeping and that is the time for the subconscious mind to work, and it does.

It is because of the subconscious mind that you dream. Often you would have noticed when someone is sleeping, they may be smiling, or sleep talking?

That is because they are in contact with the spirits. It does not make sense for someone to just laugh in their sleep, does it?

No one laughs without a reason, and when someone laughs while they are asleep, it is because they are enjoying communication with the spirit. Dreams are also a very common spirit sign.

Flickering Lights as a Form of Communication

Although we often think of the material world and the spiritual world as being quite separate from one another, there are many instances of overlap. Possibly the best example of this comes in the form of energy.

Energy is physical and spiritual in nature, meaning that it interacts with the spiritual realm and spiritual beings, but also with the physical realm and physical beings.

This can be extended to other aspects of the physical dimension, including electrical wiring. After all, electricity is a type of energy, and various energies will interact with one another.

Energy fluctuations can happen in two ways:

  • The first is that you give off such high vibrational energy that it causes interference with electrical appliances. One example of this that we’ll discuss in a moment is when you are near a moment of spiritual awakening. However, we’ve already looked at several other examples of spiritual energy causing flickering lights, such as when an angel is sending a message, or the spirit of a loved one is trying to warn you of something.
  • The second cause relates to a more cosmic/universal energy burst. One example of this happens a few times each year when Mercury goes into retrograde, and communications begin to jam up or break down. Of course, there are many other celestial bodies that enter retrograde and many other cosmic events that can cause energy shifts.

We’ll explore both of these ideas in more depth as we take a look at some other reasons why your lights may be flickering, and what it might mean.

Other Reasons for your Lights Flickering

We’ve already discussed the idea that flickering lights may be a message or warning from your angels or spirit guides. Once you’ve also ruled out technical faults, you may be left without an explanation.

Lights often flicker when there is a pulse of energy. The most obvious example of that would be an electrical surge, which often causes lights to flicker or go out completely. But what about when this happens with other types of energy?

A Sign of a Spiritual Awakening

When somebody nears the point of a spiritual awakening, or perhaps when they’ve only recently experienced a spiritual awakening, they are giving off waves of high vibrational energy that they haven’t learned to control yet.

This isn’t something to worry about, as this type of energy won’t harm anyone. If anything, it will likely send positive vibes to those nearby. However, one potential consequence is that electrical devices will be affected.

This can be anything from malfunctioning televisions, cell phones with no signal, laptops or computers that keep turning on randomly, or flickering lights.

This type of energy will hold a deep connection to your emotional and spiritual state. The next time your lights flicker, or a device behaves in a strange way, take a moment to consider the emotional state you’re in. Are you happy? Are you calm? If not, what is troubling you?

Cosmic Surge

A cosmic surge may sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but these high-level energy waves happen all the time.

We often think of cosmic surges as being something that only happens from space. While it is true that this is the source of cosmic energy, the build-ups and surges can happen from almost anywhere.

For example, have you ever been to an abandoned building that felt strange? Have you ever noticed that there’s a specific spot on your walk to the shop that feels weird?

Cosmic energy can build up anywhere. Locations and people can both be hotspots for this energy, and it always reaches a stage where cosmic energy needs somewhere to go.

At this moment, a blast of energy occurs that while harmless, can interfere with devices, including lights. These sorts of surges can also happen when the planets align, when the sun and the moon align, or when a celestial event takes place.

Powerful Aura

An aura is a spiritual forcefield that surrounds every living thing in the universe, including animals. Although most auras are barely detectable, and most people can’t even see auras, they are sources of spiritual energy.

White auras represent some of the highest vibrational energy levels that a human can possess. These auras are built of such positive and highly vibrational energy that they are absolutely capable of interacting with the physical world.

If an aura is the cause of the flickering lights, then there are two reasons why this may be the case.

Firstly, the lights may be a source of negative energy. This might sound strange, but negative energy can attach itself to anyone or anything. It’s possible that a particular light has become a magnet for negative energy, and this powerful aura has reacted to it.

Another possibility is that the aura has reached such a high energy level that it’s struggling to contain itself. A similar thing can happen when lower-level auras begin to increase rapidly, possibly due to a spiritual discovery or a major step along your spiritual journey.

The auras become temporarily unstable and begin reacting with other energy types.

Never a Mundane Explanation

The final explanation may seem mundane. If your lights are flickering, it’s possible that there’s a fault with the bulb, with the light itself, or with your source of electricity.

But even when the explanation for the flickering boils down to being a technical issue, that doesn’t mean there isn’t something to be gained from the experience.

For a brief moment, before discovering the technical issue, you believed that the flickering might be a spiritual sign or message. During that time, what did you think the message would be about? What guidance were you hoping to receive?

Did you hope that a specific angel or loved one was reaching out to you? No matter what your answer, it’s indicative of an underlying thought or issue that you’re dealing with, and now it has been brought to light.

Consider exploring these thoughts with your angels so that you can learn more about yourself and about your spiritual journey. As you can see, there’s never anything mundane about a flickering light, no matter what the cause may be.

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