What are Indigo Children?

Indigo Children

What are Indigo Children? That’s one of the many questions we’re going to answer as we explore this topic. We’ll consider what they are, why they are here, and the most common traits that an Indigo Child is likely to possess.

Humanity stands out from other animals in a rather interesting way. We’re all unique, largely due to the existence of the soul, our individual soul journeys, our life experience, and a number of other factors.

But to say that we’re all individual ignores a forgotten truth: we’re all one. Indigo Children play a major role in reminding us of this fact. 

What are Indigo Children?

The term “Indigo Children” refers to a specific type of soul that has returned to Earth in order to carry out a very specific mission: to lead humanity back towards the correct path in order to improve our spirituality all around the world.

So that we may reach our full potential and advance beyond our materialistic desires to a place where we can embrace our multidimensional, non-physical reality.

Indigo Children are beings that have reached a pivotal point or age within their soul journey, and so they’ve been sent back to Earth with this mission.

There is some debate as to when these beings first returned to Earth, but the consensus seems to be that the 1970s was the starting point.

The 1980s and 1990s were the high points for the birth of Indigo Children, but many are still being born today, along with Crystal children and Rainbow children, who were typically born after the 90s.

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The Mission

We’ve already briefly discussed the mission that Indigo Children have upon returning to Earth but understanding the specifics of this goal is important before we move on to look at some of the Indigo Child traits that we commonly find.

So, what are Indigo Children doing here? Well, every soul that is here on Earth is carrying experience, karma, certain spiritual energies, and many other attributes.

For some people, this process of moving into a new life with positive energy and experience leads them down the correct path towards their soul mission.

For most people, however, the build-up of negative energy or karma can force us down the wrong path, and with each choice or decision, we make we stray further and further in the wrong direction.

Humanity first became lost thousands of years ago. When the population of the Earth was much smaller, and each society more close-knit, spirituality could be explored in full.

You only need to look as far as modern-day South American tribes to understand the lives we once led. Over time, our egos became the central focus of human societies, and we began to focus less on the oneness of humanity and more on the individual.

This misguided and selfish attempt to rise above others has ultimately led humanity to the place we are today, which is why the arrival of Indigo Children couldn’t have come at a better time.

The Traits of an Indigo Child

It’s important to realize that these traits that we’re about to cover are somewhat generalized. You might not find all of these traits in every Indigo Child, but they do offer a clearer picture of what sort of person they are likely to be.

So, if you believe that someone fits this role, don’t be put off by the fact that there are one or two traits here that don’t match up. Trust your intuition and simply use these traits as a guide.


These beings have witnessed and experienced a lot in their many lives, even if their conscious minds can’t remember or even comprehend these thoughts.

However, their subconscious mind still rolls out these ideas, in some form or another, and so creativity is a common trait among Indigo Children. They can express intense emotion through many platforms e.g. painting, writing, singing, or even dance.

Creativity isn’t limited to these typical creative outlets though. As such, an Indigo Child is likely to be insightful, to the point of finding unique solutions to difficult problems.

This is a skill that will prove incredibly useful within certain jobs, as they’ll always be able to offer a solution that nobody else has thought of.

However, this creativity comes at a price: they typically get bored of reality very quickly as their imaginations are far more entertaining. At a young age, these individuals typically get diagnosed as having ADHD. Of course, this diagnosis is inaccurate.


An insightful and creative mind is one that doesn’t cope well with strict rules and governments. An Indigo Child will typically take one of two approaches to deal with governments that inhibit their freedom or rules that seem arbitrary and pointless.

Some will choose to distance themselves from such a ruling system, either by moving or by finding a way to get off the grid.

The other approach is to rebel. As such, they typically fight against such systems of rule, peacefully of course. Through either outcome, an Indigo Child will appear asocial at times.

As they are born introverts, mostly, people assume that it’s in their nature to be alone when in reality it’s a response to this world and all of its negative energy. When these souls can’t isolate themselves, they’ll find comfort through their connections with plants or animals.


The emotions of an indigo soul can seem a little different to what you might expect. At times, they can feel as if they are the most important person on the planet.

This is largely as a result of the importance of their mission, something they can sense within themselves, even if they aren’t fully aware of what it is.

At other times, they can feel worthless: as if their being here serves no purpose to anyone, including themselves. As such, they are often prone to addiction and will likely have a history of mental illness.


Of course, it’s no surprise that Indigo Children return to this Earth with a list of natural skills. For starters, they have incredible memories. They can’t always control what they remember, but the stuff that stays in their minds is usually useful later.

They are often naturally gifted with technology, perhaps to aid their communication with the rest of the world. Finally, there have naturally high vibrational energy levels and so communicating with spiritual beings comes naturally to them.

As children, it’s likely they had nightmares that were in fact, spiritual visitors.

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