How to Release Past Life Trauma

how to release past life trauma

How to release past life trauma? Not quite simple as it seems…. Over the course of life, you learn a lot of things. All the challenges and hardships that you face offer pay-off in some learning. However, sometimes it is very hard to get over something terrible that happened to you in the past. The memories haunt you even years after such an event. You can release those emotions. Learn how…

Past Life Experiences

“Past life experiences either make or break you.” Nothing truer has been said than this quote. However, you always have the option to overcome fears or let go of memories that result in negativity getting the best of you. But, you do have ways to learn how to release past life trauma. You do not always have to suffer the pain and agony of something that happened years ago, and you should not!

To learn to forget past life problems is nothing less than a true feeling of blessing. When you dig deep into the past life experiences, they get the best hold of your mind. Once that happens, all you can think of is the negative side of life although there is so much positivity around you.

So, do not let the positivity be hidden behind a temporary veil of negativity that does not even exist anymore.

How to release past life trauma: Get help from Archangel Metatron

Angels, as you know it, are always available to help, guide, and assist you throughout every phase of your life. Archangel Metatron is one such angel who can help you in how to release past life trauma.

This angelic form of help is useful to heal the physical, mental, and emotional injuries that you encountered previously. These injuries, although encountered a long time ago, maybe still with you as they are not easy to let go. They might have impacted a greater part of your life and so are hard to forget. But, with Angel Metatron’s help, even something you thought was impossible can be made possible.

A Guided Exercise

To get help from Archangel Metatron, you need to meditate in the utmost greatest way you can.

You need to firstly find a quiet place for yourself where you feel comfortable. Ensure that you have your peace of mind with you and your focus can remain intact.

Start off by breathing slowly and then start focusing on your heart by diverting your conscious mind to the center of your body.

Make sure that you have no other thoughts hindering this process while you focus on your heart as your mind is quiet and still. When you have reached the maximum level of your focus, you will feel your heart opening, and it is then that you will hear an inner voice speak to you.

This is when you need to ask, “Do I have any experience that carries negativity in me, for it to be released?”.

You need to let your mind quiets you start to see an image or feel some energy around you. A rush of emotions will be felt which will lead you to the answer to your question. Follow and trust your intuition as it is guided by Metatron himself. He is best at helping you learn how to release past life trauma.

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