Telepathy or transmission of thoughts

Telepathy, Transmission of thoughts

Are there people who can transmit and capture thoughts beyond the normal and ordinary function of our senses? It seems so, even though this parapsychological phenomenon has not revealed all its secrets yet… Find out more about Telepathy, Transmission of Thoughts

Where does the term “telepathy” come from?

It comes from two Greek words: “tele”, which means “far” and “pathos“, which means sensation, affection. This term was created at the end of the 19th century to define the communication of thoughts or ideas via extrasensory methods.

Consequently, telepathy is defined as the transfer of sensations or ideas from one mind to another without speaking or writing.

Can we believe in Telepathy, Transmission of thoughts?

We have all experienced it in some kind of way:

  • Some of us have already thought very hard about someone just before this very same person rang the doorbell.
  • Some of us have also experienced a moment of grace when someone near and dear calls at the very moment when they were about to give them a call.

This tends to speak in favor of a resounding YES. The countless experiences conducted by scientists from all around the world for more than a century back up this conclusion. All these experiences show this phenomenon is undeniable, although it remains largely unexplained.

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What was the most reliable telepathic experience?

Thousands of experiences were carried out and this is the most “striking”: within the framework of a scientific protocol, several people reputed to have a telepathic gift were successively asked to sit in front of an examiner.

This examiner was looking at pictures appearing randomly on the screen. Telepaths had to describe or draw what the examiner saw. And they all managed to do that in stunning fashion!

Does telepathy with animals exist?

Everything suggests that it does. Examples abound. I will only give you: the BBC showed a few years ago a dog heading for the front door and sitting down, waiting for his master – who was out – every time he emitted the mere thought of going back home.

How to explain telepathy?

  • Some think it is a “seventh sense” that we all possess and that might be developed through training;
  • Others say it is an energy produced by some brains, one that is said to go faster than light;
  • An English biologist mentioned “morphogenetic fields” that reportedly makes it possible to transmit information from one being to another beyond space and time.

Will Telepathy, transmission of thoughts unveil all its secrets any time soon? Specialists in artificial intelligence spend a lot of time and effort on telepathy nowadays.

There is a strong likelihood that great discoveries will be made in the next few years.

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