The Ladder: A strong spiritual symbol

ladder strong spiritual symbol

The ladder is one of the most important symbols in the field of spirituality where it represents terrestrial beings’ ascent to the divine world. It is the link between the Earth and the Sky, between matter and spirit, between the physical and metaphysical worlds. Discover more about the ladder’s strong spiritual symbol!

 What is the meaning of the Ladder in various civilizations?

It is the passage from darkness to light and, as a result, the passage from ignorance to wisdom. Its symbolism dates back to Antiquity’s early days. It can be found in different civilizations:

  • Hebrew: Jacob’s ladder, the base of which touches the Earth and the summit of the sky,
  • Hindu: that of Brahma and the 7 worlds,
  • Persian: Mithra’s ladder, which represents the 7 steps towards the 7 Heavens,
  • Freemasons: the ladder of Kadosch with its seven “steps”,
  • But also in Scandinavian, Chinese, and American Indian civilizations…

All the great traditions have one thing in common in that their symbolical ladders have 7 levels, and these 7 levels each correspond to teaching always taking place in seven steps.

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The Number 7’s symbolism

Number 7 is therefore ever-present in all the Ways with the aim of arousing consciousness:

  • The 7 chakras in India,
  • The 7 planets in traditional astrology,
  • The 7 colors of the rainbow, the “bridge” between men and gods in Nordic mythology, etc.

In all these traditions, the ladder is the vertical instrument enabling men to leave their “horizontality” and access – step by step – a higher level that is out of reach, thus increasing the ladder strong spiritual symbol.

It is therefore always an initiatory symbol of elevation, whether physical, spiritual or even social. This is why it can also be called “Ladder of Happiness”.

Meaning of a dream involving a ladder

Your dream involved a ladder: what does it mean? It’s a very good omen! Yes indeed, this dream’s symbolism is very positive! It shows that you are making your will to reach a higher level conspicuous by your own means.

But if the ladder in your dream is shaking or if rungs are missing, this means that the moment to start your ascent has not come yet.

Does walking under a ladder bring bad luck?

There are several possible ways to explain this superstition. One of them is related to Jesus’ death. It is said that a ladder was leaning against the cross, for the crucifixion. The ladder would then have become a symbol of betrayal, of death.

During the Middle Ages, in France and England, those sentenced to death were forced to walk under a ladder when the executioner circumvented it.

Very mundanely, the fact remains that walking under a ladder when laborers use it to work makes those doing it run the risk of having some tool or other thing fall on their heads. No one will say otherwise!

The ladder, symbol of luck

But, since what is true on one side of a border is often incorrect on the other side, it is interesting to add that the Egyptians, for instance, considered the ladder to be a symbol of luck. It is said that it saved the god Osiris from the spirit of darkness that threatened to imprison him.

To end this article about the ladder strong spiritual symbol, and, since it is always a good thing to conclude on a positive note, the last word must go to a poet, Dante.

Let’s become enlightened through what he said:

“I saw a ladder the color of light-reflecting gold, raised so high that my sight could not follow it.

And I saw so many splendors coming down its rungs that I thought every light that shines in Heaven was pouring down!…

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