Answering Twin Flame Relationship Question!

Twin Flame Relationships

The concept of a twin flame is one that is often misunderstood. These powerful and intense relationships can offer you the opportunity to develop your spirituality in a much more effective manner. In order to clear up some of the confusion surrounding these dynamics, we’re going to consider the basics of what twin flames actually are. From there, we’ll go on to answer some of the commonly asked questions that people have when confronted with the possibility of meeting their twin flame, such as whether twin flames can be the same gender.

What is a Twin Flame relationship like? – The Basics

So, what is the twin flames meaning? To understand and explore this concept, we need to consider the nature of the soul. As you advance along your spiritual journey and carry out your soul mission, your vibrational energy level increases. Eventually, your soul simply becomes too advanced for the human body to handle.

Before we can return to Earth and live out a new life, our soul needs to change. To give you a clue as to what happens, another name for a twin flame is twin soul. That’s right! Your soul is separated into two parts. You then return to Earth and live out two completely individual lives until such time as the two parts of your soul are reunited in the spiritual realm.



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The idea of a soul being split into two may seem a little odd but think of each of the human bodies as radios. The source is located elsewhere, but two radios can receive the same signal and still look different, sound different, and interact with it in different ways.

Can Twin Flames be together?

You may be wondering what difference it makes if one soul twin meets their other half. For many, they may not even be aware that they’ve met a different version of themselves. Through living individual lives, the spirit is interacted with in different ways. There will be an undeniable intensity which can become romantic as you’ll both naturally feel drawn to one another, almost like separating two magnets.

Other than the development of a powerful relationship, there are larger benefits to finding your twin soul. When you meet, you naturally begin to push one another to higher levels of spirituality. You may be completely different, but you’ll share a view of the world, sometimes a view that nobody else seems to understand.

You’ll encourage each other to make healthy lifestyle choices, look at situations in a more positive manner, and explore new spiritual pursuits that you may not have discovered otherwise.

Of course, such a relationship can raise a number of questions. Can your twin soul be the same gender as you? Are you guaranteed to meet them? Can you have a child together, and if so, what happens? Do twin souls stay together forever? These are just some of the questions that we’re going to answer.

How do you know if you found your twin flame?

If you’re curious about meeting the other part of your wandering soul, then there is good news and bad news. The good news is that you’re guaranteed to meet them at some stage…the bad news is that it might not be in this lifetime. Twin souls are randomly finding each other all the time, all across the world, and there are techniques you can use to increase your chances of finding them.

Don’t let this become the focus of your life though. Twin souls will function a lot better together when the relationship or meeting isn’t forced ahead of time. Everything will happen in its natural time, so you just have to be patient and see what happens.

Are twin flames meant to be lovers?

One common misconception surrounding the twin flame meaning is that it indicates the eternal nature of the relationship. The truth is, this relationship type is the same as any other in terms of its likelihood to succeed. If you do meet your other half and things go well, don’t assume that it will stay that way forever. You should always be positive and optimistic with any relationship, but it’s also important to fully understand the complexities they carry.

With your other half, you may simply find that you’re at slightly different levels of your spiritual journey. After all, many lifetimes have likely past and even just one lifetime can make all the difference. It’s possible that you’ll meet each other in later life and the relationship will be more successful, or perhaps you’ll have to wait for another life to bump into one another again. It’s important to remember that twin flames can just be friends and still benefit greatly from one another’s company.

Can Twin Flames have babies?

One question that does pop up quite frequently relates to a successful soul twin relationship. If a couple marries and decides to have children, will the fact that they share a soul create any problems? No, not at all. The creation of life is a magical and wonderful experience and raising a child together will only allow your spiritual experience to grow as you begin to teach this newborn about the world and all the ways he/she can be a part of it.

Can We Both Be the Same Sex?

When people are searching for their soul twin, they are often surprised to discover that their other half is the same sex as them. While most twin souls will be the opposite sex from one another, it’s not uncommon for them to both be men or both be women. Obviously, this rules out the possibility of you having children together, and for many people, it will rule out the possibility of a relationship, but that doesn’t mean that your bond won’t still be powerful and educational.

What happens when your twin flame dies?

Another common question relates to the death of your other half. Our physical bodies are destinated to eventually tap out, so what happens when one twin flame is alive, but the other has died? The emotions can be extremely intense, especially if you knew or had a relationship with them. If you didn’t meet your soul twin in this life, you’ll still likely feel intense sadness and may even cry without explanation.

Don’t worry though, death is only temporary. A time will come when you’ll become one with your other half in the spiritual realm, but until that time you’ll keep being reborn on this world as new people, constantly hoping to cross paths with one another.

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