The 5 Reiki Principles: Represent a Path to Inner Peace

5 Reiki Principles

What is Reiki and what are the 5 Reiki principles? Many people are unfamiliar with these ideas but understanding the Reiki principles opens up a door which leads down a path to inner peace. We’re going to start off by considering the term ‘Reiki’ and what it means and then we’ll go on to discuss the 5 Reiki principles. For each one, we’ll explore the general premise, what it represents, and how you can implement the concept into your day to day life. We’ll also briefly consider how to meditate on  the main 5 Reiki principles.

What is Reiki?

Before we can begin to consider the 5 Reiki principles, we need to understand what the term ‘Reiki’ actually means. In Japanese, Reiki (which is pronounced ray-key) represents universal life energy. However, the term has since been adapted and now embodies a practice which uses natural energy healing. Within this system, you will find practitioners of hands-on healing and palm healing, both of which rely on universal energy to work.

In many ways, Reiki healing is similar to a massage, but instead of interacting with the body, it interacts with spiritual energy. Even when hands are places on someone’s body, they don’t manipulate the flesh in any way as you would with a traditional massage. Many forms of Reiki treatment involve no physical contact whatsoever.

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The 5 Reiki Principles

We now understand that Reiki refers to universal life energy, so what are the main 5 Reiki principles? In simple terms, these are guidelines for how to live our lives in order to fully embody this universal energy. The principles of Reiki represent ways to avoid being negatively influenced by energy while also allowing the flow of positive energy.

Each of the principles of Reiki explores life one day at a time. There are no long goals or plans. Instead, we simply take each day as it comes. We don’t know how we’re going to feel tomorrow or the day after. As such, each of the principles embodies the term “just for today, I will…”

So, what are the 5 Reiki principles? Let’s look at them each individually and see how you can adapt these into your life.

#1 – Just for today, I will not be angry

The first Reiki principle represents the idea that just for today, you will not be angry. By allowing anger to fuel your decisions and actions, you open yourself up to spiritual blockages. It doesn’t matter if you’re angry at yourself, someone else, or the world as a whole. Maybe you’re even angry at the universe.

Only through controlling anger can we also allow it to be released. Keeping it built up inside us creates negativity which negatively impacts our mind, body, and spirit. Whenever you feel angry, take some slow deep breaths and count backwards from 5. Realize that nothing positive can be gained from this emotion.

  • The only way to achieve peace is to let go of anger!

#2 – Just for today, I will not worry

Worry stems from our inability to see the future. When negativity begins to plague our mind, we begin to believe that the future is bleak, dull, and grim. We think about all the bad things that might happen, even if they are incredibly unlikely to. We become convinced that our path leads down into an abyss.

Worry stems from negativity, so the best way to conquer it is through positivity. You can make use of affirmations in order to control your thoughts. Alternatively, you can meditate to help your mind and soul return to a neutral space.

  • Don’t let worry dampen your body, mind, and spirit!

#3 – Just for today, I will be grateful

It’s easy to lose track of all that we’ve accomplished, just as it’s easy to lose track of all that we’ve gained. Taking things for granted is something that we all do from time to time. We forget that not everybody in the world is lucky enough to have food, water, shelter, let alone all the knowledge, comforts and forms of entertainment that we experience on a daily basis.

Expressing gratitude is an incredibly grounding experience. It reconnects us to the world and the rest of humanity and demonstrates that we’ve not become materialistic or driven solely by material desires. Remember to smile, say ‘thank you’, and acknowledge when somebody does you a favor or provides a service.

  • Gratitude is the key to keeping the spirit joyful.

#4 – Just for today, I will do my work honestly

Remaining positive is something that we all struggle with, but this task can be even more challenging within the workplace. It’s important that we all find jobs that we can feel proud of. Search for a career that allows you to serve all of humanity, rather than harming any part of it. When you think about a job, do you feel pride? Do you feel honor? If not, it might be time to explore other options.

Honesty is often about accepting hard truths. Can you be honest with yourself regarding your job? Can you be honest with yourself about the potential moral implications that your role has?

  • Our soul can only experience abundance through honesty.

#5 – Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing

Spreading kindness through the world may sound like a difficult task, but it starts with the smallest of gestures. Simply treat every person you encounter with kindness. Hold the door open, offer to help those who need it, give change to the homeless, try and become involved with charities. You can choose your level of involvement, just a find a way to be involved.

  • Kindness is the key to spreading love.

How to Meditate on Reiki Principles

When it comes to Reiki and meditation, you might be expecting something intense or grand, but the key is simplicity. Gain a basic understanding of the 5 Reiki principles and begin your meditation.

Cycle though each principle and suggest a way in which you can work towards it. Think about releasing anger, think about searching for positivity rather than negativity, think about how you can show gratitude and what you’re grateful for, think about how honest you can be with yourself, and think about how best to spread kindness throughout the world.

Only through embracing these principles can you begin to experience the universal life energy. Meditation can help you focus your energy towards this goal but remember to take each day on at a time. Just for today, embrace Reiki.

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