Guardian Angel Names – How to Learn Them!

guardian angel names

Who is and what are my Guardian Angel Names?”, Is a question you should ask yourself often. Your Guardian Angel is the angel that is with you from the moment you enter into this world, till the day you die. He is the one who looks after you, who manages your life for you, who answers your prayers, who helps you in your life, and who provides you with guidance and assistance throughout your life.

Find Your Guardian Angel Names!

Everyone has their own Guardian Angel throughout their life. Even if you do not know that they exist in your presence, they still are always with you.

It is not important to know your Guardian Angel names, but it can be helpful to know them. If you want to know who your Guardian Angel is, you need to find a quiet place where you feel comfortable. The less the people, the better it is. Ensure that you do not get interrupted. Place your feet on the floor and sit in a comfortable position in a way that your hands are laid on your laps. While relaxing, breathe slowly, and imagine being surrounded by white light.

When you are at the maximum level of your comfort zone, make a short prayer that goes something like:

Oh, My Guardian Angel, connect with me, and bless me with your light and love.

Breathe and relax! Imagine your name with your full consciousness as being visually put in front of you. Place your full focus on your name and when you think you are mentally ready, ask the Guardian Angel its name.

Trust Your Guardian Angel

You need to put in your trust when you ask a question from the Guardian Angel regarding the Guardian Angel names.

You need to trust the Guardian Angel to get an answer from him. Unless the trust element is present, you will not get a response.

Empty your mind, and have patience as you wait for the Guardian Angel to reveal its name to you. The answer may come in the form of a feeling, a picture, or even a thought. So, you need to be very well aware of your surroundings, your intuition, and your thoughts.

The most common way to get to know the Guardian Angel names is the name popping up in your mind. You would HEAR the name in your mind through the help of the Guardian Angel. That is why you need to be very well aware of your thoughts.

You need to be very alert and need to focus on the very first name that pops up in your head. It may be one name, or it may be a series of tones.

Accept the Name You Receive

If you doubt the name that you have received, you can ask the angels to give you signs which can confirm that the name you have received, is the Guardian Angel Name.

It is not recommended to try and find information about the name on Google as the angel is unique only to YOU! So, you will specifically be in contact with him yourself. The information you find by the help of the angels is far more authentic and valid than any online source.

Trust the angels, and you will get what you are looking for.

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