Learn How to Use the Metaphysical Properties of Selenite


There are so many different crystals, gems, and stones in the world that it can be difficult to keep track of them all. Each type has its own variations, and each of these possesses various metaphysical and physical properties. Becoming overwhelmed is a natural response, which is why we’re going to explore just one type of stone: selenite. The selenite crystal is a magical and deeply spiritual stone, and as we explore the selenite properties, we’ll look at how you can use this crystal in everyday life. We’ll start off by considering the selenite meaning.

Selenite Meaning

This crystal isn’t an uncommon phenomenon. We find plentiful deposits of it all around the world: Greece, Russia, Mexico, the UK, the USA, Germany, Poland, Italy, France, and many other locations. Don’t let this appear as a negative though. After all, there are more stars than we could count in our galaxy alone but staring up at the night’s sky is still a mystical and humbling activity.

The name ‘selenite’ actually comes to us from Ancient Greece, and it translates as meaning ‘moon’. When you see the color and shade of this crystal, it’s hardly surprising that this name was chosen. Not only does the crystal appear to be an Earthly moonrock, but it also appears to reflect the moon when light shines down on it.

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Selenite can come to any many different forms, from flat chunks to rounded wands, to thin, need-like shapes. It’s also possible to fashion it into a crystal ball, but this would be mainly for decorative and energy-cleansing purposes, as the stone is mostly non-transparent. Different variations of this stone, usually in the form of different colors, come in a variety of odd and rather unusual shapes.

It’s important not to the confusion the composition of this stone with other substances. A selenite crystal is made up of calcium sulfate dihydrate. Another chemical, known as sodium selenite, is quite different and not connected to spiritual stones. Sodium selenite is often found in dietary supplements.

Selenite Properties

The selenite crystal carries a number of different properties. We know from exploring the selenite meaning that it holds a connection to the moon and its energy. As such, it possesses feminine energy, one that can be used for healing. We’ll explore this in more depth in a moment, but first, let’s consider some of the less common uses for this precious stone.

It is often considered to be a gateway to the spiritual world, but more than that it’s a gateway to the soul. One of the surprising, and yet often unheard-of qualities that this crystal possesses is connecting you to your past lives. This will vary from person to person. Some people won’t be able to access anything, others will activate dormant abilities, but some people will be able to access memories and discover more about the parts of their spiritual journey that they’ve already completed.

It also resonates with the Third Eye Chakra. You can use this crystal to clear any of your chakras, but it holds a special connection with the Third Eye Chakra. Many believe that it’s because of this connection that you’re able to access your past lives. So, let’s look at how you can make use of the selenite properties.

Accessing Past Lives

Due to the different levels of success people have with accessing their past lives, even with the help of a selenite crystal, it’s important to manage your expectations. Assume that you may not see anything, or at the most, you may simply feel inside yourself that something is true. Don’t expect a flashback or detailed visuals as only a small minority of people will ever access their past lives in that manner.

There are a number of different approaches that you can use. Some require more effort than others. We’ll look at two popular methods which involve selenite. The first is simple, but also unreliable. Due to the nature of dreams, we often access the spiritual realm. Once this doorway is open, our conscious mind becomes inactive and we can rarely interact with dreams in a meaningful way, other than through lucid dreaming.

If you sleep with the stone on your body (e.g. jewelry), under your pillow, or on a nearby desk, you can invite past memories and abilities forward, even while unconscious. You’ll feel that a dream is familiar to you and this suggests that it connects to your past life.

Another method is meditation. Keeping the stone in your hand, you want to enter the meditative state and begin opening your mind up. Focus on the crystal and simply let its energy flow through you. As your mind begins to wander, simply keep bringing your focus back to the stone. If past memories or abilities start to come forward, you may just feel like your mind has wandered, but it will be a thought that doesn’t connect to your current life. It can help to note down thoughts, symbols, words, numbers, and sensations.

Healing Energy

Using the healing properties of the selenite crystal is easier than you might expect. Many people choose to wear this stone as jewelry in order to benefits from its properties throughout the day. You’ll find that your mood feels more balanced, your mind focuses on the positives more than the negatives, and your body may feel slightly more energetic.

However, there are times when a more intense or directed type of healing energy is necessary. We already mentioned the connection the selenite has to your Third Eye Chakra. As such, you may need to focus its healing powers on your chakras in order to regain balance.

In a similar way to accessing past lives, meditation is the most effective method for harnessing the power of the selenite crystal, especially in relation to clearing your Chakras. Get comfortable, hold the crystal in your hand, reach a meditative state, and then begin to visualize spiritual energy flowing through you. It comes up from the ground, through your Root Chakra, passes through the others, and flows out of your Crown Chakra.

As the energy reaches your Third Eye Chakra, begin to direct energy from the selenite to that spot. Feel it merging with your own spiritual energy and begin to feel it eroding away at any negative energy that may be causing the blockages.

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