The healing powers of Abalone shells that might be what you need!

Abalone Shell

There have been thoughts and theories about the sea life and the connection it has with the spiritual world. Sea creatures, with their weird looking shapes and colors, have always been something that has made the world thinks about what they are capable of. Let’s discover more about the healing properties and qualities of the Abalone shell

What are Magic Stones and what is Abalone?

There have been thoughts and theories about the sea life and the connection it has with the spiritual world. Sea creatures, with their weird looking shapes and colors, have always been something that has made the world thinks about what they are capable of.

For thousands of years, these have been secrets deep beneath the sea, unrevealed till the time of discovery. This discovery made a lot of unexplained mysteries reveal themselves as elements and powers that are influencing the world.

The influence can vary a lot, but it is undoubtedly there. The abalone shell is one such entity that exists under the sea. However small it may be, let us learn how crystal meanings and healing stones can influence us.



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Abalone Shell Meaning:

People have been searching far and wide for abalone shells. If you’re wondering what is abalone shell or paua shell meaning, you have to remember that the edible shells of the snails that are kind of like abstract paintings on shell casings.

Native Americans practically traded in an abalone shell, meaning it was their currency.

With an extremely durable shell that often has markings of beautiful colors and patterns, abalone shell metaphysical properties are nothing ordinary themselves.

Abalone shell has been most commonly used as abalone ring meaning associated with the stabilization of the chakra flow inside our system.

They don’t differ from gemstone meanings as they also possess abalone healing properties. These were discovered by the Native Americans as they started using it with sage.

The use of abalone shells hasn’t decreased since its discovery. Millions have found abalone healing properties helpful in curing various diseases and problems with connecting with our inner cores.

Abalone Jewelry and Importance:

Even though these magical things are hard to extract, even for otters that get them out from the rocks that abalone shells can cling on to using the small tentacles and feet.

Although they are found in the North American West coast and along the coasts of South Africa, they are not limited to these areas.

Since the energy of the universe is distributed all around, Japan, Australia, and even New Zealand have abalone shells appearing on the coast of their beaches.

It is not out of use and surely not out of demand now in South Africa. If you’re confused, you need to know precisely what is abalone jewelry meaning.

These shells have the people going crazy after them especially following the recent awareness people have gotten regarding abalone shell meaning Native Americans revealed.

Abalone Spiritual Meaning:

Many experts on spiritual guidance have advised the use of abalone shells because abalone spiritual meaning is associated with the revelation of the hidden self that lies within us all.

It isn’t something to doubt or not accept because this advice, much like the abalone shell, is precious. They have been used in spiritual rituals to restore the soul’s former power.

Apache culture has abalone shells are used in the Sunrise Ceremony. The people have a myth that involves abalone shells being worn on the heads of the young woman setting foot into adulthood.

The shell is not like the other healing stones with metaphysical properties; it also has a history of being signified and symbolized for puberty and maturity. Also, because the spiritual effect it has really makes the soul grow.

Abalone Spiritual Effects:

Abalone stone is a mighty stone, spiritually speaking. It is rumored to have powers of sensual and imaginative clarity, which offers a lot.

One of the most important things about abalone shell is that when it is used with sage, it provides access to the divine realm.

Energy healers and experts on spiritual treatments then scatter the smoke on the parts of the body that requires healing, or the chakra valve that may be facing a blockage.

The subject instantly starts feeling almost as if he’s being rid of all the toxic energy inside of him and the wasteful auras that are stressing him down are being chased away by the smoke.

The prayer while doing this all should be offered by reciting the words, “I invoke the spirits of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth to cleanse this space and bless it with positive light”.


You can probably try abalone shell to help you increase the focus of your senses, relieving yourself of the anxieties that keep us down.

Relieving yourself by letting go of the agony and embracing the pure feeling of the soul as it is cleansed of all evil spirits by the abalone spirit.

And the soul experiences a lovely trip to the heavens and back, therefore uplifted and rejoiced, almost as if reborn.

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