What Color is my Aura? An DIY method

What color is my aura

Your aura is a powerful spiritual field that works to deflect negative energy and absorb positive energy. Many people define aura color as being a visual representation of the aura’s vibration, and therefore an indication of its effectiveness at deflecting negative energy. The aura color meanings do vary slightly from one color to the next, and so people will often adjust their behavior in order to achieve a specific color. What color is my aura? Well, that’s the first step, and so we’re going to take a look at an aura color test. This test is a quick and simple way to gauge the color of your aura.

Covering the Basics

Before we look at the aura test or aura quiz, whatever you want to call it, we have to understand the basics of what an aura actually is and why the color is so important.

What color is my aura? If you find yourself asking this question, then you probably fall into the majority of people who are unable to perceive auras with their naked eye.

The simplest way of understanding an aura is as a forcefield, of sorts. An aura is made up of and fueled by spiritual energy. This allows you to remain protected from negative energy while still being able to absorb positive energy.

We can define aura color as being representative of a specific type of energy. For example, a light or white aura is higher positive and beneficial energy, such as the Guardian Angels, and more effective aura than one of a darker or black color.

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Aura colors

The aura color meanings are simply a guide to how effective your aura is at handling certain energy types or situations. In a way, they are also reflective of your personality, to an extent.

So, what color is your aura? Let’s look at a simple aura color test you can carry out to get an idea. It’s important to understand that the aura color meanings are more complicated than simply being a single color.

What color is my aura?

This aura quiz will match your aura to one of seven main colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and indigo. However, each color also has a range of shades, and each of these means something different. As such, this aura test should be used to get a rough idea only to reply to the question: what color is my aura.

For each of these questions, choose the answer that fits best. You may find that you’re torn between two answers or don’t feel that any accurately reflect your views, but just go with your gut instinct. Make a note of which answer you choose i.e. a, b, c, etc. What color is my aura? Time to do the aura quiz and find out.

#1 – Personality

Which of the following answers most closely describes your personality?

  1. A) High-energy and assertive
  2. B) Compassionate, empathetic, and considerate
  3. C) Health-conscious, active, and friendly
  4. D) Extroverted, sociable, talkative, and outgoing
  5. E) Charitable, helpful, and selfless
  6. F) Gracious and humble
  7. G) Sensitive, understanding, and caring

#2 – Who are you?

Which of these statements best describes you?

  1. A) I have a habit of losing control of my temper
  2. B) I enjoy keeping active and pushing my physical limits
  3. C) I live my life by the idea that rules are made to be broken
  4. D) I’m charismatic and can express my opinions, views, and ideas clearly
  5. E) I go out of my way to try and make everybody’s life a little better
  6. F) I often lose track of time due to daydreams
  7. G) I’m always eager to learn and improve

#3 – Describe yourself

What color is my aura or your aura? Only a few more questions to go until you find out! Out of these options, which best fits how you’d describe yourself?

  1. A) I enjoy being alone
  2. B) Life isn’t worth living if you’re not taking risks
  3. C) The most exciting things happen when you don’t plan ahead
  4. D) I prefer being out in nature than inside a city
  5. E) Listening to my friends, family, and strangers improve my understanding of the world
  6. F) Dreams are the first step towards a better tomorrow
  7. G) Happiness comes through being able to connect with others

#4 – The Best Fit

If you had to choose one statement to reflect who you are as a person, which of these is the best fit?

  1. A) I have a realistic view of the world
  2. B) I feel confident in most situations
  3. C) I’m usually positive that things will work out
  4. D) I try to experience new things
  5. E) I trust my gut-instinct with most decisions
  6. F) I search for the answers to life’s mysteries
  7. G) I strive to live my life in a way that positively affects those around me

#5 – My Friends Say This About Me

When it comes to my friends, they would say that I am:

  1. A) Realistic
  2. B) Confident and risk-taking
  3. C) Inspiring
  4. D) Driven by love and passion
  5. E) Deeply spiritual
  6. F) A daydreamer
  7. G) A lone wolf

#6 – My Favorite

Out of these items, which is your favorite?

  1. A) A bouquet of roses
  2. B) A sweet treat
  3. C) A new pair of shoes
  4. D) Jewelry
  5. E) A new piece of furniture
  6. F) A cosmetic product
  7. G) A romantic meal

#7 – One Word

If you had to pick a word that you believe best defines who you are as a person, which would you pick?

  1. A) Determined
  2. B) Self-motivated
  3. C) Absorbed
  4. D) Cold
  5. E) Instinctual
  6. F) Balanced
  7. G) Spiritual

What color is my aura?

So, what color is your aura? If you wish to know the answer to this question, you simply need to look at your answers to the aura color test. Take a look at which letter you selected as your answer the most and then find your aura color here:

Mostly A – Your aura is likely red in color

Mostly B – Your aura is likely orange in color

Mostly C – Your aura is likely yellow in color

Mostly D – Your aura is likely green in color

Mostly E – Your aura is likely blue in color

Mostly F – Your aura is likely indigo in color

Mostly G – Your aura is likely violet in color

It’s important to remember that this is just a guide to the question of what color is my aura. Your aura’s color is constantly in a state of flux, and it can change on a daily basis depending on your spirituality, personality, lifestyle, health, and a number of other factors.

There are other ways to detect your aura’s color more accurately, such as through learning to see it or feel it. You can also reach out to your angels if you wish to learn more about your aura and the various colors it can possess!

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