How to Open your Third Eye!

How to Open your Third Eye

Are you familiar with the third eye? This aspect of your body, mind, and spirit is often used to ridicule those who take part in spiritual practices. So, How to Open your Third Eye?

Really, it’s believed to be the part of us responsible for spiritual and psychic abilities, particularly in relation to contacting spiritual beings.

Interestingly, science is becoming more and more baffled by discoveries connected to the third eye and the role it plays in our lives. In order to fully understand its importance, we will explore the third eye, its biology, and the benefits of awakening it.

Finally, we’ll explore how to open your third eye through some very simple techniques.

What is the Third Eye?

The third eye is a concept that dates back to the earliest civilizations. Those with “the sight” were often depicted as having an extra eye, and many ancient mythologies surround this idea.

In Ancient Egypt, for example, the first Gods held an “all-seeing eye” that could travel beyond the physical world into the dark waters they believed lay beyond.

Later Egyptian myths referenced the Eye of Horus, which was immense power and was often symbolic of consciousness. More on that in a moment.

If you have any experience or understanding of Chakras, you may be familiar with the third eye chakra which is found on your forehead between your eyes.

This is a concept that we find within Ayurvedic philosophy which is an understanding of the need to find a balance between the mind, body, and soul. So, how does this idea connect to biology?

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Biology and the Pineal Gland

The pineal gland third eye connection may seem to be a recent discovery, largely due to the advancement of modern technology, but it dates back as far as Ancient Egypt. The pineal gland is a small, cone-shaped gland that exists within the brain.

Coincidentally, or perhaps not, the Eye of Horus is a perfect representation of the location of the pineal gland within the human brain. Not only that, but there are many cone references within the Bible, with a large monument of one sitting in the gardens of the Vatican.

Before we explore how to open your third eye, we need to understand its biological role within our body. The pineal gland is responsible for producing melatonin which regulates sleep and sexual maturation.

However, studies into mice have revealed that the pineal gland also produces a chemical called dimethyltryptamine which not only plays a major role in our dreams but is also believed to have major ties with spiritual experiences.

So, what happens when this gland becomes blocked?


In today’s world, we’re beginning to understand the importance of diet. But eating healthy is just part of the problem as we have to consider the other chemicals that make their way into our bodies.

Calcification is the process through which calcium phosphate crystals build up within us. Overall, this doesn’t cause any major problems other than to your pineal gland.

Calcification of the pineal gland can result in your 3rd eye becoming “closed”, which limits spiritual abilities and potential. The most common cause of calcification is water. Much of our water contains fluoride which is the main contributor to calcification.

Others include sugars, additives, chemicals used to keep food from going bad, and even artificial sweeteners. We’ll look at the role of diet in awakening your 3rd eye soon. But what are the benefits of learning how to open your third eye?

How to Open your Third Eye – Benefits

Ultimately, if you leave your pineal gland alone, unused and calcified, you are unable to fulfill your spiritual potential.

You’ll find yourself having fewer dreams, you’ll begin to experience more negative emotions, your sense of oneness with the universe will seem to disappear, and you’ll find yourself feeling, lost, confused, and somewhat numb to the world’s problems.

On the other hand, by learning how to open your third eye, you can open the doors to a whole range of spiritual abilities. These begin with being able to communicate with spiritual beings more easily, but in time you can learn to develop psychic abilities, astral project, see the color of people’s auras, and much more.

How to Open your Third Eye

Awakening your 3rd eye isn’t nearly as complicated as it sounds, and by following these simple steps, you’ll find yourself achieving it in no time. While these steps are simple, they still require patience, dedication, and time.


The benefits of meditation cannot be understated! When it comes to your pineal gland, meditation directly activates this gland. By using your pineal gland regularly in this manner, you keep calcification at bay as these crystals struggle to form when the gland is in use.

You can also combine meditation with chanting. The vibrations that resonate through our body, particularly into your brain, aid in loosening the calcification crystals. Learn here about Angel Meditation.


We already discussed the importance in avoiding water that contains fluoride as well as artificial sweeteners, sugars, chemicals, and additives, but there are also foods you can actively consume that can naturally help you in learning how to open your third eye through detoxification.

The most natural and organic ingredients do the trick, such as honey, garlic, coconut oil, and vitamins such as D3. Raw cacao is also an ingredient you can use that helps, which also means you can avoid cutting healthy chocolate recipes out of your diet.

Essential Oils and Crystals

Within spiritual circles, you will often hear about the benefits of essential oils and crystals in aiding spiritual communication, cleansing negative energy, and aiding in the development of psychic abilities.

The reason for this is their direct impact on cleansing the pineal gland. Make use of some lavender, either through inhalation or by adding it to your bath.

Similarly, try holding onto a crystal during your next meditation session and notice any positive effects it may have.

Explore Nature

Many of us live in cities, and while there are benefits, there are also downsides. Being in a city typically cuts you off from nature. When we’re trapped in a concrete jungle, we are unable to naturally cleanse our energies by exploring the wonders of forests or lakes.

The polluted air, the stress, the constant distractions, and all the other negative aspects of a city can limit the natural activation of your pineal gland. But by exploring nature, you will find that learning to open your third eye becomes much easier.

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