Clairaudience: 6 ways to develop your clairaudient abilities


You may be wondering what clairaudience is. To put it simply, those who possess clairaudient ability are able to hear the non-physical. What I mean by this is that they can hear spiritual beings from beyond the material world. Depending on your faith, clairaudience could mean hearing ghosts, angels, those in Heaven, or even out-with this dimension.

The truth is we know so little about what lies beyond the physical that all beliefs could be true. This article will answer the question: what is clairaudience? Whilst also taking a look at 6 of the main ways of how to develop clairaudience.

One usually hears the sounds coming from within their own mind: Like a thought that isn’t their own. However, it could also appear that the sounds come from the external world.

Clairaudience and Meditation

Ask any clairaudient and they will tell you just how important meditation is to developing clairaudience. It’s the frame of mind that is important: the ability to be able to focus the mind and allow the physical world to simply fade into white noise. Meditation is the most effective way to practice this skill.

You only need to spend 5 or 10 minutes a day practicing meditation in order to notice the benefits. There are also guided meditations online designed specifically to aid with clairaudient abilities.

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Increase your Vibrational Energy

Everything in this universe has its own vibrational energy. Different beings have different speeds of vibrational energy. For example, angels have higher vibrational energy than us, as do spirits. The easiest way to communicate with such beings is to match their vibrational energy speed.

There are simple ways to increase your vibrational energy. Meditation is one such example but certain foods also play a major role in this. Organic, naturally grown food types always have higher vibrational energy than processed foods.

Audio Aids

While clairaudience itself isn’t related to hearing in the material world, being able to either block outside noise or adapt your hearing (both mental and physical) is a useful tool. For example, the use of white noise can often help to take the mind to a more suitable place.

There are more pleasant techniques such as listening to the rain, ocean waves, or even just classical music. All of these can help you to focus your mind and aid in developing clairaudience.

Ask for Help

One method many people forget happens to also be one of the most simple: ask for help. Regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs, ask whoever is listening: what is clairaudience and how do I improve my clairaudient abilities?

Sometimes this is the final piece of the puzzle and can give your mind that little push into hearing beyond the material world.


Sometimes you actually know how to develop clairaudience, even if you didn’t realize it. After all, what is clairaudience? It’s the ability to hear. How can you hear if you don’t listen? Sometimes you just need to take some time to listen to the sounds around you.

Practicing this can help you develop your skills in hearing the sounds within you. Many people forget that while you can hear non-physical sounds as if they are around you, more often than not you hear them inside yourself.

Practice with Imagination

This may sound like a bizarre idea but sometimes in order to develop clairaudience, you have to pretend you already can. It’s a method of practicing that involves tricking your mind into thinking you already have clairaudient abilities.

There are two ways of doing this. The first involves telling yourself that you are a master clairaudient. You’ve already reached such a high level of clairaudience that you’re training is complete. The second involves imagining the sounds.

Whether this is voices, music or other sounds such as bells or drums is entirely up to you. The purpose is to hear sounds within your mind that are not being created by the material world.

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