Clairsentience: 7 signs you are clairsentient


How can you know if you are clairsentient or if you have the gift or skills to practice clairsentience and do clairsentience readings? Uncover below Seven Signs showing you have the clairsentience ability.

Definition: What is clairsentience?

Clairsentience definition is simple: it means a clear sensation. You intuitively feel and sense through different kinds of physical or emotional stimuli from other people or from the environment around you.

You can get these feelings of clairsentience from spontaneous physical sensations through your stomach; for example – tingling, contractions, and pressures in your body….

Many people possess clairsentience and don’t even realize it. Are you one of them? There’s a misconception that having psychic or spiritual abilities is obvious to the individual who possesses them.

But these powers can manifest themselves slowly, and often in ways that may seem too subtle to be anything more than intuition. There are signs you can watch out for though!

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Are You Clairsentient?

You are too, but you have not uncovered your clairsentience ability so far, and you can also develop it to a higher degree. Being clairsentient is a way of feeling something without the physical senses.

First of all, clairsentience is different from clairaudience, clairvoyance, and claircognizance. Even if clairvoyant readings are the most popular and well-known, you can do other kinds of readings, including clairsentient readings.

Clairaudience is psychic hearing, claircognizance is knowing things instinctively, and clairvoyance is seeing the future, or sometimes the past, even of a perfect stranger.

How can you know if you are clairsentient?

Well, your body is able to absorb the energy around you through feelings and sensations. It helps you to relate to others and your surroundings better as it can be both negative and positive.

You can also receive this information through negative or positive emotions. You feel happiness or sadness in a relationship due to the nature of the sensations you are connected with. When you act as a clairsentient or if you do it intuitively, you are able to pick up and tune into the energy around you.

Being Patient is Key

It’s important to manage your expectations when trying to discover your clairsentient abilities. As with anything spiritual, patience is just as important as practice.

Some people will display strong signs early on in life, others will only begin to display these signs later, and sometimes only in minor ways. It’s possible that you’ll show all of these signs, just as it’s possible that you’ll show none of them.

If your intuition is guiding you toward clairsentience, then it’s important that you focus on your abilities without putting too much pressure on yourself to discover something fantastic straight away.

It may take days, weeks, months, or even years, but be patient and simply focus on improving your connection to your deeper spiritual self.

The Seven Signs of Clairsentience

Find the 7 traits of clairsentient medium or empath that you may have as well:

First Sign of clairsentience: You often have a gut feeling about people

For example, you meet someone and you intuitively have a gut feeling this person is good or bad, even though you have never met them before. When you talk to people, you can feel whether they are trustworthy or not.

You often know if people you meet are happy or not. Even only thinking about them without their presence, you can sense their mood or their mindset.

Second Sign of clairsentience: You can sense information about a spirit

You can sense a spirit, which is a pure form of energy. There is no need to be afraid because that energy can be your spiritual guide or your deceased loved ones coming to communicate with you.

You are clairsentient if you walk into a place which is supposedly haunted and you get uncomfortable and strange sensations. You may have the feeling that you are not alone, that you are being watched. That’s clairsentience.

Third Sign of clairsentience: Your mood changes when you enter a room

When you walk into a new room or place, can you check immediately if you feel at ease or not? Comfortable and safe or insecure? Do you sometimes sense some anxiety, a change of mood or energy level when you enter a new place?

You can also sense the emotions of happiness, lightness, or heaviness, depending on the kind of energy around you. You have a feeling of weight on your shoulders or that the air is light and breezy.

You can feel different types of sensations relating to the nature of the energy you are connected with. You can be sad or joyful, relieved, or scared. Your body is able to bring in the energy around you through your senses. It helps you to relate to others or your environment better. Clairsentience often feels like this.

Fourth Sign of clairsentience: You can notice temperature variations

When you come into a new place or room, you feel the temperature change, sometimes you detect cold and hot spots in the same room. It might mean there is a spirit or at least a great deal of energy in this location.

For example, you can sense a cool breeze or a warm and strong wind in a room where all the windows and doors are closed. Sometimes, clairsentience can be subtle.

Fifth Sign of clairsentience: You have unexpected physical sensations

Does the hair on your arms stand up or do you feel a tingle in some part of your body all of a sudden?

It can be pressure on any part of your body, but more often on the top of the head, the forehead, or in your stomach. For example, you talk to someone and unexpectedly you get chills in your body, or sometimes it happens when you are alone.

It could be a spirit giving you a sign that you are with the right people and at the right place or it could be warning you of danger. If that has happened to you, it means you are clairsentient.

Sixth Sign of clairsentience: Your mood changes quickly and unexpectedly

Do you sometimes feel a kind of anxiety or a change of mood without reason?

For example, you are in a great mood before entering a room and once inside you get tired and anxious, or before you came in you were in an unhappy state but now you feel calm and relaxed. In these cases, you spontaneously feel the natural energy around you. It’s clearly a sign of clairsentience. Does your mood change?

Do you feel stress or angry? Do you feel agitated when you are in small spaces, confined areas, or in large crowds? It means you are sensitive to the nature of the energy around you.

Seventh Sign of clairsentience: You can guess the past of a location

When you go to see a new house, place, or apartment, can you feel if this location had a happy or violent past?

You walk into a place in a good mood and when you walk around, you feel negative emotions without knowing why and sometime later you find out this location has had a horrible past: death, murder, suicide…

Do you have the ability to be clairsentient?

These are the main seven signs indicating whether you have clairsentient abilities or you can make clairsentient readings in a different way than clairvoyant readings. If you have experienced one or more of these Seven Signs, it is likely you have some ability in the clairsentience field.

Unlike clairaudience, clairvoyance, and claircognizance, clairsentience is easier to develop. In time, with practice, you can develop this psychic ability to a greater degree.

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