What do Angels look like? Well, here are some answers!

what do angels look like

We’ve all read about angles and heard stories of encounters with these heavenly beings. The idea that someone is always around us, watching and observing, and sometimes coming down to help us is both fascinating and intimidating at the same time. One of the most talked-about topics is what do angels look like? 

First things first!

Are they human-like or do they wear long white gowns with gold belts and halos hovering above their head? Do they spread their wings and fly where ever they want or do they walk and move like us?

We are all intrigued by angel appearances making guesses derived from our perceptions and imaginations. Here we will give you a good idea of what does an angel looks like so read on to clear your mind of all confusions.

Before we can dive headfirst into what angels look like, it’s important to understand what angels are. Angels are divine creators created by God for His worship and to act as His messengers.

Angels surround us, but they can’t be seen all the time except when they want to be seen.  They make their presence known to the ones who need it the most through signs and sometimes by appearing themselves.

To fully understand the message that they want to convey, it is essential to know what do angels look like. Only then will you be able to recognize them and understand the reason for their presence.

Angels are present to guide us when we are lost, to motivate us when we are giving up, to lift our spirits when we are feeling down, and to give advice when we are stuck in a dilemma. They protect us from negativity helping us find out own silver lining.

Your Guardian Angel can help guide you towards this level of spiritual growth and knowledge!

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What do angels look like in real life?

They don’t have a fixed form. They change shape and form depending on the need and the message that they have to convey. If they have to express power and divinity, they will appear as light, bright light depicting spirituality, love, and purity.

In case they need you to believe in the message without being intimidated or scared, they will appear as a kind stranger, a concerned friend, an old lady, or anyone who can help you out.

Angelic appearances vary from time to time and with a change in scenario. If you are convinced that angels look like they did in the cartoons you watched as a kid, the angel will appear in that form to convince you that they are sent from the heavens above.

It is up to you to perceive the angel in whichever manner your mind comprehends. The answer to this is up to you. Its influenced by your emotions, your state of mind, your experience, stories you’ve heard, and what you want to make out of what your eyes see.

Characteristics of angels

There are a few distinguishing features about angels’ appearances that make your encounters very clear if you’re lucky to have them. Angels are often classified by light. These may be orbs of light, a streak of light, a flash anything that entirely different from the ordinary, and catches your attention.

If you’re gazing out the window, lost in your thoughts, and suddenly see a ray of light shimmering in the distance, don’t just look away and tell yourself you’re going crazy. Look closer and try to absorb the energies, they will tell you a secret that you’ve been missing on. It might be your guardian angel telling you that it’s by your side.


The most cliché representation of angels is through wings, thus with feathers. Long, huge and white making it fly all around the world. Our first encounter with their pictorial representation was probably in a book or cartoons.

Wings have almost become synonymous with the mention of the word angles. When does someone ask you what do angels look like? The first things that come to your mind are wings, big long white wings.

Not convinced? There is more!

Angels are neither male nor female, so the ongoing debate about the supremacy of one gender over another doesn’t apply to them. They are above such worldly notions. They are holy and have the perfect balance of masculine and feminine.

Unless of course, they appear as humans. In that case, they will look like a man or woman, a kind teenage boy or a small girl playing in the park. They can take up any role that fits the purpose at hand. Another human feature that they don’t possess is age.

Since they have existed forever and will continue to long after we have perished, the concept of time isn’t the same for them as it is for us. What do angels look like when they are old? The same as they did years ago. They can appear to us as a little child or a grown-up or an aging lady.

This depends on who they are reaching out to and what age is suitable for conveying the message but its merely a role they take up which has no connection with their actual age.

What do they wear?

Like all the other humanly things that the angels are beyond, clothing is a concept that doesn’t fit for angels. They may dress up as whoever they like to fit a form they are taking.

White flowy clothes to fulfill the picture of a typical angel in your mind, regular clothes to appear as a human, or no clothes at all when they are shining like a light. It doesn’t matter what they wear, but what they have to say or deliver.

Angelic appearances only help you understand their existence, but that is about it. Their message is to be recognized by our minds and believed by our hearts; it has nothing to do with how they look or what they wear.

Keep your eyes open for the right signs and no distractions. After all, it boils down to what you perceive. What you see comes from what is inside of you. Your ability to understand the unknown will help you decipher the mysteries that the angels present.

You will decide the answer to what do angels look like depending on what you choose to see and how.

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