Dark Night of the Soul Symptoms

dark night of the soul symptoms

The dark night of the soul can be as harrowing as the name would suggest. If you’re unsure of what it is then this article is for you. We will be exploring what exactly a dark night of the soul is but we’ll also be taking a look at dark night of the soul symptoms to help you realize when you are in this space. We’ll also cover some tips on getting through the dark night of the soul and making it safely through to the other side (and what you can expect to find there). So let’s jump straight in and look and answer the question: what does dark night of the soul mean?

What is the Dark Night of the Soul Symptoms?

Have you ever had a period in your life that you would simply describe as dark? All hope and light seems to fade and you find yourself surrounded by negativity with no help in sight? You may feel abandoned, lonely, sad, a sense of dread, even fear. At the time you couldn’t even imagine what the world once looked like to you and all you see now is the inevitable doom that humanity faces. At the time it can be an overwhelming experience that can often shake us to the very core…but handled correctly, it can actually be a very beneficial experience.

You may be wondering how that could possibly be the case. How could somebody showing dark night of the soul symptoms possibly come out the other side in a positive manner? Surely the entire experience is soul destroying? Well, while it is true that the experience is challenging and many people do come out the other side feeling defeated, it can be used as a form of spiritual therapy. This does require a certain frame of mind that can often be hard to maintain or remember once dark night of the soul symptoms start to appear. So let’s take a look first at how to notice these symptoms in order to better prepare yourself.



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Negative Emotions

The main symptom you’re likely to notice is related_posts to one we’ve already mentioned: negativity. You’ll feel negative emotions to begin with which can range from jealousy, sadness or loneliness to anger, rage and hatred. Although you may be wondering why these are considered dark night of the soul symptoms, don’t they happen to everybody every once in a while?

That would be correct. The issue isn’t so much the negative emotions but rather the inability to shake them. You may try some of the usual techniques for cleansing your spirit’s energy or calling upon your angels for positive energy, only to find that nothing seems to be helping.

Unfortunately that isn’t where the negative emotions end. Trying and failing to cleanse yourself of these thoughts and feelings is often a stressful experience when it doesn’t work. The more you try, the more your feelings of hopelessness increase, along with general feelings of fatigue.

This isn’t even limited to a physical fatigue but also a spiritual one. All your energy is spent trying techniques that show zero improvement. This leads to even more frustration and anger, which in turn boosts your negative energy and starts the cycle all over again.


Mostly due to all of these negative emotions, you may find that your mind is constantly stuck on negative memories from your past. You may find that childhood memories that you’d long since forgotten about start to resurface and force you to come to terms with dealing with certain truths. Perhaps you experienced some sort of trauma that you now have to confront. This is typical of dark night of the soul symptoms.

Alone in the Dark

Another problem with going into the dark night is that you will be lonely. I don’t just mean that you’ll be alone from people. Reaching out to your angels, spirit guides, spirit animals, even powerful Archangels will often be futile. It’s possible that this will be the most alone you’ve ever felt in your entire life and no matter where you reach out to; there could potentially be no response. That’s why so many people get lost within their dark night of the soul symptoms.

Going into the Dark Night

However, despite all of that, getting through the dark night of the soul can be an incredibly beneficial experience. Nobody is saying that it won’t be difficult, because it will. Nobody is saying that you’ll definitely come out the other side a stronger person, because you might not. There are certainly risks with going into the dark night but aren’t there risks with everything? It can be helpful to know what waits for you on the other side so let’s take a look at some of the positive outcomes of such an experience.

Facing your Demons

The famous saying: “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” comes to mind in this situation. Facing the dark night of the soul symptoms isn’t an experience that will do you any physical harm. It’s entirely a spiritual battle…and it’s a battle with yourself. The only person you are facing is you but it’s not the cheery, happy version of you. It’s the dark version. The version of you that lives in the shadows and is kept at bay by energy from the Light. It might all sound a bit intense but this is where the therapeutic aspect of this experience becomes clear.

Within the dark night of the soul, you’re facing your flaws. You’re facing everything that you view as being unhealthy about yourself, all your selfishness, your greed, contempt, hate, jealousy. You’re tackling all of these issues and it’s hard to face that we have them. Yet, by accepting that we have this part of ourselves (and we all do) you’re acknowledging areas of your own being that require work. This is you at your darkest so if you can face these problems, identify them and come out to the Light on the other side, then you already know exactly what areas need to be worked on.

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