Spiritual Detox – Simple but effective methods to know about!

spiritual detox

If you’re feeling a bit lethargic or worn down then it could be time for a spiritual detox cleanse. Our busy lives often lead to our spirits being weighed down with negative energy and so in this article we will be exploring some signs that you’re in desperate need of a spirit detox. Learning how to spiritually cleanse your body is an incredibly useful piece of knowledge to have and so we’ll explore some very simple, yet effective, methods of doing just that. This will include techniques such as exploring nature or making use of a spiritual diet cleanse.

Why is a Spiritual Detox Necessary?

In today’s world, we often spend most of our time away from nature. Some of us spend 8+ hours a day looking at a screen, in a building with recycled air, artificial light and often processed foods as our only option for lunch. When you’re not at work you have a billion and one other things to be doing, very few of which are relaxing or enjoyable. Some of us have to travel literally miles just to escape the hustle and bustle of human civilization and as such, we have a near constant disconnect from natural spirit cleaning energies. It can be difficult (sometimes impossible) to find the time to go out and take part in an activity that would be naturally detoxing and spiritually cleansing.

What are the Signs?

Knowing whether you are in need of a spiritual detox doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult to find out. The signs can be subtle but usually they are pretty obvious. For example, signs such as having difficulty falling asleep and not sleeping well when you; being bored literally ALL the time; finding yourself binge watching videos, TV shows or even films that do not interest you at all; you find yourself staying inside and hiding away from the prospect of going out into nature. If you find yourself searching for these signs then that’s also a major clue that you’re in need of a spiritual detox, especially if you did it without really thinking about it.

Of course the signs can be a little harder to detect, especially during the early stages. You may still be going about your day, having fun, smiling, laughing, going on walks and doing things that you wouldn’t expect somebody in need of a spiritual detox to be doing. Yet you may find your mind wandering to negative places. You might even get small sparks of joy from somebody else’s misfortune and find that bad news actually makes you feel a little happier. Not to worry though, whether you notice it earlier on or not, a detox spiritual cleansing can solve all your problems.

Varying Techniques

We’ll now take a look at some of the various techniques you can you to perform a spiritual detox on yourself. Meditation is perhaps the main technique and often the go-to one so that will be our first stop. Then we’ll also look at exploring nature, a spiritual diet cleanse as well as physical cleaning in order to achieve a clean spirit.


It may sound a little simplistic but meditation is a tool that can be used in almost all aspects of spirituality, even as a spiritual detox. To get the most out of the experience, you want to pull out all the stops. Don’t rush it or take any shortcuts. Schedule it in for a time when you’ll be alone and undisturbed. Make sure your space is clear (something we’ll look at in more detail later on) and set the ambiance by lighting some candles, dimming or even turning off the lights and shutting the curtains. You want to be wearing some clean and loose clothing that is comfortable to sit on.

Start off like any other meditation: focusing on your breathing. Notice each breath as it comes in and then notice it as it goes out. Follow each breath to completion. Gradually you’ll start to become aware that you’re drifting into a meditative state. You have two options here: The first option is focusing your own energy on the spiritual detox. You can do this by imagining a pure, white flame burning over your body, visualizing all the negative energy being lifted. The second option is reaching out to your angels. Ask for their help in carrying out the spiritual detox and allow them to guide you through the process.

Nature’s Energy

It probably goes without saying that being surrounded by nature is a very cleansing activity. Whether you’re walking in the woods or swimming in a lake or river, you can always feel yourself having any negative energy washed away. Learning how to spiritually cleanse your body in this manner often means you can combine it with other activities such as walking your dog or playing with your children. Fitting these sorts of activities into your day, even if just once every week or so can have noticeable benefits on your mood and personality.

Spiritual diet cleanse

You are what you eat, the infamous phrase that has been repeated to children and adults alike over and over again. Of course there is truth to this and no spiritual detox is complete without a spiritual diet cleanse. Think of it like a normal diet: no matter how much exercise you do, you’re going to struggle to get in shape without also modifying your diet. You want to aim for natural foods as these have higher vibrational energy within them. Your best bet is anything green but as long as its naturally grown and doesn’t come into contact with pesticides, added sugar or any additives then you’re fine.

You’ll want to avoid any sort of food that is processed, high in sugar or is full of any unnecessary chemicals. Aim for organic and you can’t really go wrong. Sugary drinks are a no-go along with alcohol and drugs. Obviously if you take anything for genuine medical purposes then don’t stop taking that but a glass of wine doesn’t count as medicinal.

Clean Body, Clean Mind, Clean Spirit

No matter how much work you put in, if aspects of your life aren’t clean then neither will your spirit be. Take some time to clean your house or flat, wash your clothes, change your bed and towels, and empty your fridge of anything off. Finally: clean yourself. Take a long soak in a bath or shower and make sure all physical impurities are removed to truly get the most out of the other spiritual detox techniques.


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