A Daily Morning Prayer

daily morning prayer

Powerful morning prayers allow you to kick start the day with hope, direction, and under the knowledge that you’ve reached out to angels or God. It also sets your frame of mind for the rest of the day which can allow you to decide which issues you wish to tackle that day.

In this article, we will explore an example of daily morning prayer and morning prayer for a range of situations.

What should I pray for?

As you wake up in the morning, saying a daily morning prayer may not be the first thing that comes to mind. The fact that you’ve yet to start your day allows you to pray for the aspects that mean the most to you.

For example, if you have an exam that day then you may pray for the confidence to stay calm. Maybe your friend is going in for surgery and so you want to pray for everything to go well.

There really is no limit to what you can pray for and there is no right or wrong thing to pray for. You can pray for whatever is important to you. On a similar note, you should know that there is no wrong way to prayer either.

We are going to provide you with some examples of a morning prayer that you can use for a variety of situations but these are no more “right” than anything anybody else would come up with.

You can use these daily prayers as they come, you can edit them to better suit your situation or you can simply use them as inspiration and change them entirely.

Trust your gut instinct and do whatever you feel is right. Pray from your heart and soul and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

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A Daily Morning Prayer for Creativity

There are a variety of reasons why you may need a creative boost on any given day (perhaps every day). It could be that your job involves your own creativity such as being an artist, a writer or a musician.

Alternatively, you may still be in school and require creativity in one or several of your subjects. Regardless of the reasoning, finding a prayer for today that includes creativity can be difficult.

As such, we will look at an example of a prayer to Gabriel who is the Archangel known for interacting with creativity and arts:

Dear Gabriel, the Strength of God, I am worried that

I’ve exhausted my creative abilities and

without your guidance I believe that my day will go horribly.

I ask that you shine your light and energy upon me so

that I may access my own creativity in order to further

my own journey and come closer to reaching my full potential.

Please help me to start this morning off

in the same manner that I wish the rest of the day to follow.


A Daily Morning Prayer for Healing

The act of healing can cover a wide range of areas: physical healing, emotional healing, spiritual healing, and much more. As such, saying a morning prayer for healing is fairly common.

This is particularly true if you’ve recently suffered damage or have a friend or family member struggling with their own problems.

We’ll now take a look at an example of  healing prayer for the day in which we ask Archangel Raphael to bestow some of his healing energy upon us:

Dear Raphael, I understand that within the world

there are many who require your healing more than I.

 I do not wish to be selfish or take any of your attention away

from those who deserve it more. However,

if you believe that you are able to help me,

I ask that you use your power to help my anxiety-ridden mind.

The thought of stepping out into the world today is filling me

with dread and no matter what I say to myself,

I can’t seem to find the strength.

I pray that you lessen my mental suffering

through your healing energy.


A Daily Morning Prayer for Improved Spiritual Ability

Daily morning prayer can cover a wide range of issues. For example, if you have recently started your spiritual journey and are becoming frustrated and your inability to learn and explore new techniques then you may wish to pray for guidance on the matter.

The prayer of the day that you may choose to use could be to Archangel Raziel who can increase your ability to connect to the spiritual and the divine. He may not do it with a click of his fingers but he’ll provide you with the tools necessary to help yourself:

Dear Archangel Raziel, my own frustrations and failures betray me.

I understand the important role that patience plays in expanding my spiritual knowledge

and understanding yet I feel as if I’m making no progress at all.

This, in turn, is stunting my confidence and

I worry that I will lose the progress I have made thus far.

I pray that you help me today by sending me

a sign on how I can find my spiritual path once more.


A Daily Morning Prayer for Forgiveness

Some find it easier to forgive than others. As we face a new day, we often wish we had the strength and courage to forget the past in order to allow a relationship with someone to start over.

This can often be easier said than done and as such, we may need a daily morning prayer to Archangel Zadkiel in order to ask for his guidance and assistance in letting go:

Oh Mighty Zadkiel, I pray to you today because

I lack the strength to forgive my sister for stealing from me.

She needed the money badly and she isn’t an evil person

but her actions have damaged my trust along

with the relationship we had.  I wish to be able to return

to the way things were but I worry that without your guidance

I will be unable to on my own.  Please show me the way, 


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