The Third Eye and Your Guardian Angel

third eye exist as well aura

It seems it is not easy for most human beings to recognize that these two things do exist, and give them a definition. Still, the third eye also associated with the sixth sense does exist, just as the aura does. Everybody has them and can draw great benefits from them. The Third Eye exist as well aura! Are you interested in knowing how?  One of these benefits could be to communicate more easily with your Guardian Angel and know the names of angels able to help you.

Link between the third eye and the astral body

The 3rd eye could be defined as a 6th sense, which is the sense beyond the 5 senses that a human being possesses:

  • hearing
  • sight
  • touch
  • smell
  • taste

This third eye leads to a mysterious parallel world which leads to the divine world as our The Guardian Angel has told us.

Scientists have been studying the third eye, and have called it an extrasensory perception for a long time although The Guardian Angel already guided us. The third eye exist as well aura. But, none of these scientists has ever gotten convincing results without taking the structure of the subtle body of humans in their approach; also known as their aura.

Link between your astral body and your Guardian Angel -Your Third Eye exist!

Long before the discovery of the atom, scholars had discovered there is life after death and, by extension, above the physical body: which is known as the astral body.

According to the sages of the East, it is an etheric immaterial body, which is a replica of our carnal body juxtaposed with it.

If you can reach this divine world with your astral body, you could meet your Guardian Angel.

Astral body and chakras – Third eye exist as well aura

This body, which is surrounded with an aura, is organized around a spiritual axis (corresponding to our spine) on which 7 chakras, 7 wheels called centers of energy are attached. The Guardian Angel has already guided us about these 7 chakras, and now it’s time to spread the word.

The 6th chakra is located in the middle of the forehead; it is called 3rd eye. This is the one that allows us to see what our eyes can’t. This is our sixth sense. It is found on Indian statuary; on Buddha’s forehead.

The world in which we are forced to live and the materialistic concerns we are daily faced with, have caused us to lose our faculties of vision; even though they are natural. This has resulted in losing our third eye.

The more down-to-earth you are, the heavier the vibrations. The more you spiritualize, the more your vibrations become subtle and allow you to escape many purely-mechanical laws.

The more you can create positive vibrations, the easier it is to contact your Guardian Angel.

Creating positive vibrations attracts your Guardian Angel

By practicing a spiritual discipline, it is possible to increase your vibratory rate and to reach your Guardian Angel, leading the third eye to progressively recover its powers. Three outcomes can be expected by this.

You may discover the Vibrations of reality. These vibrations can’t be detected by normal senses. You will be mesmerized.

At this stage, uttering the names of angels is very efficient too because these names are made of vibrations too, which can draw them to you.

You may acquire specific senses that enable you to comprehend the essence and hidden nature of events, beings, and things.

You may develop the ability to derive information from the vibrations of “matter” through “ultra-lucidity” and real clairvoyance.

You may be able to communicate with your Guardian Angel

It is, therefore, possible to bring your 3rd eye back to life, and to develop your sixth sense, allowing you to get more help from your Guardian Angel and to be revealed the names of angels helpful in any kind of circumstances.
How? … This is another question, one that needs other elements to be taken into consideration.


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