What are the Aura Personalities colors?

Aura Personalities

Your aura is a type of spiritual shield that surrounds all living things and protects them from negative energy. We can influence the strength of our auras by increasing our vibrational energy through healthy eating, meditation, affirmations, and other spiritual practices, thus the aura personalities all this by being represented by different colors. Discover them now!

Understanding Aura Personalities

Although auras are generally invisible to the naked eye, it is possible to learn to see or sense them, and through doing so we become aware that each aura displays a color.

These colors aren’t random, as they reflect the spiritual energy of that individual, and through exploring their meaning we can begin to understand the aura personalities.

As you begin to explore the personalities associated with each of the aura colors, there are some important points to remember:

  • Firstly, the colors don’t indicate whether somebody is moral or immoral. The colors are only indicative of energy levels/types, and while some people will display those associated with negative emotions. It simply means they are going through troubled times.
  • Secondly, the color of an aura doesn’t represent permanent personality types. A person’s aura can change color frequently or rarely, and so it’s important not to judge an aura as being entirely representative of the type of person any individual is.

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Do you want to know what color is the rarest Aura?

Let’s list some of the main Aura colors and their main features:


We’re going to start with the two ends of the color spectrum: black and white. A black aura, sometimes referred to as a dark aura, signifies a spiritual imbalance. This can be the result of energy blockages, such as those found within Chakras, or it can due to emotional distress that is ultimately creating or absorbing negative energy.

People with this aura color will often display negative emotions. On the surface, this can manifest itself as them being materialistic, narcissistic, selfish, and angry.

But if we were to dig a little deeper, we would often find that these people are depressed, scared, lonely, anxious, and lost. Negative events can trigger this aura color in some people e.g. the death of a loved one.


White is the opposite of black, and this is true when it comes to aura colors. A person with a white, sometimes silver, the aura is glowing with positive spiritual energy.

And as for the previous question above about the rarest Aura, if you hunch was towards the color “White”, you are right! White is the rarest of all the colors in the aura and indicates a high level of spirituality, purity closely linked to the crown chakra.

People with white auras have access to high states of consciousness and wisdom. These people are optimistic, empathetic, compassionate, and often wish to share their positivity with others. It’s usually safe to assume that they regularly take part in spiritual practices, such as meditation.

Anyone who manages to achieve this color of the aura will usually have little to no ego and certainly won’t allow their ego to control their thoughts and/or actions.


When somebody displays a red aura, it suggests that they are the type of person to search out adventure. They get their energy from thrill and excitement, and so the only way they can maintain the air of positivity that often surrounds them is by avoiding the mundane and ordinary.

Extreme sports such as mountain biking, rock climbing, or skiing will likely be this person’s cup of tea. This impulsivity has its perks, but the lack of forethought on any decision can also leave them skating across thin ice, sometimes literally.

Ultimately, this person strives to be free and independent. You’ll rarely find them working a 9-5 office job.


Blue, in many ways, is the opposite of red. These beings are calm, composed, and take their time when making decisions. They often display high levels of intelligence, and so they can consider the most logical choice when it comes to making a decision that could affect their future.

Although they can overthink the occasional problem, they tend to find the right balance between considering possible outcomes and deciding in a timely manner. Although they are rarely described as talkative, they do have a way with words and if you find a topic that interests them, you’ll struggle to get a word in.


A yellow aura is associated with a logical personality. These people are natural problem solvers, and they often think outside the box in order to find solutions. Yellow aura personalities are naturally introverted, and you’ll often find them reading a book or learning through some other form.

This is why you’ll rarely find them engaging in small talk, as they will often save their words for intellectual conversations. They tend to focus more on the theoretical side of things rather than the practical.

A yellow aura can indicate a lack of emotional awareness, and so these people can come across as cold, even though they don’t wish anyone harm or ill will.


An orange aura indicates that a person is a social creature. They often come across as charismatic, confident, funny, and will always liven up any situation. Although their passions can lead to outbursts and impatience, they are the first to apologize when a mistake has been made.

This same impatience can lead to regrettable and rash choices, but no matter the outcome, you’ll hear this person sharing their negative experiences in the form of entertaining stories.

An orange person can appear to be a social butterfly, but they always want the best for their friends and family, they just don’t always know how to achieve that.


A pink aura suggests that a person has a soft and sensitive nature. They can be easily affected by the energies of others, which is why they are so compassionate and empathetic.

Due to this high empathy, these people are often the most caring, as they can feel how acts of kindness change a person’s mood. They are kind, giving, selfless, and generally just lovely people to be around.

A pink aura suggests that you’re speaking to an honest person, so any answer they give you will be the truth. They will often avoid answering a question if they don’t wish to share the truth.

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