How to Get Psychic Protection

psychic protection

Human minds, body, and soul are all filled with negativity at some point in time. You need to get rid of the negative energy inside you so that you can enjoy a peaceful and happy life. The way to do that is to let the light enter into your body through psychic protection. The light will help block out all the negativity within you and will help protect you from fear-based constructs.

When to Use Psychic Protection?

Psychic protection can be used anywhere at any time of the day. There is no designated place or time to shield yourself from the negativity.

Whenever you feel that your surroundings are filling up with negative energy, you can make use of a white light prayer of protection to help shield yourself from harm.

This negative energy can enter into your body or your thoughts and prevent all the positive things in life from reaching to you.

One way to stay positive and keep a positive mindset is to use psychic protection. It is the easiest and convenient way to ease your body, mind, and soul. Your depression, moodiness, and anger will all be taken away from you, and you will be full of happiness and positive vibrational frequencies.

Invoke Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is the angel that you need to call upon when you need help and guidance with protection affirmations. To get the help from Michael, you need to you need to make a prayer for white light protection. The prayer can be made like:

“Oh, Archangel Michael, I seek your help and guidance to get protection against all sorts of negativities. I seek refuge in your protection so that my energy be cleansed for the highest and greatest good.”

You need to be breathing slowly and need to keep your mind clear of any other thoughts while you are in the process of making the prayer. You need to keep your full focus on the prayer you are making and make sure to have a good intent before making the prayer. You will start feeling light beginning to surround you, which would depict that the Angel has heard your prayer and is working its way to helping you. Keep your trust in him, and you will get the help you seek.

Easy Ways for Psychic Protection

There are always different ways and alternatives to get a task done. Just like that, psychic protection has different ways for different people. Suit yourself and choose the best alternative that makes it easier for you to under to go the process.

  1. Wear an Orb of White Light and Love

For this to happen, you need to go to a place where you have your peace of mind and feel comfortable. Make sure not to get interrupted.

Now, you have to firstly empty your mind of any thoughts and then start imagining being surrounded by white light.

The orb of light and love will help release any negative energy that your body, mind, or thoughts have inside them. All the negativity from within you will leave you and enter the orb.

Think of any negative thoughts, any memories that have been troubling you lately, or energy that has been occupying your mind for the most and bothering you. Think of your angels and in your mind, seek their help, guidance, and assistance. Think of these angels as if they are extracting all the negativity from within you and releasing it into the orb. The orb is a medium for you to dump your waste negative energies in.

  1. Invoke a Purple Pyramid of Light

This method is less known and used but is as effective as any other method stated here. For this purple pyramid to take effect, you can always count upon Archangel Metatron to help, guide, and assist you in the process.

You can make a small prayer to Angel Metatron, and he will come to serve you at his best. You need to imagine as if you are encircled by a purple colored pyramid which acts as the white orb to absorb the negative energies that you release.

The purple light of the pyramid will extract all the negative energy from within you.

  1. Mirrored Ball

The mirrored ball is a powerful technique to protect yourself from the negative energies in your surroundings. The mirrored ball effortlessly reflects any negative energy that tries to find its way to you.

It will help you keep the love and feel at peace, away from the negativity. Very simple and extremely effective, this technique is very commonly used for psychic protection.

Mostly effective in places where there are a lot of people for example in a huge gathering. All the negative energies of the people around you which find their way to you will be reflected by the mirrored ball. Thus, you will be protected.

  1. Affirmations and prayer

It may come to be a surprise but, thoughts, intentions, and prayers are the most powerful psychic protection tools that exist. They can help you form a filed of positive energy around yourself.

Just having positive thoughts is enough to keep your surroundings positive. Your energy field is very dependent on your thoughts.

  1. Angels of Protection

Angels are always available to help, guide, and assist you in your life. A simple prayer can invoke them to help you in whatever situation you need help with.

Just a little bit of effort can prove to be very worthwhile.

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