How to keep your Vibration High – Learn more about it

" how to keep your vibration high"

Vibration is the energy with which we resonate. It plays a vital role in your life as it is responsible for your connection to the spiritual world. You need to know how to keep your vibration high as lower vibrational frequencies are linked to feelings of fear, doubt, and sadness. Discover now how to keep your vibration high and how to profite from it…

Maintain your high vibration

Awareness is a major component of maintaining your high vibration. You need to be able to shift to older patterns of vibration as they are important at times.

You need to be aware of the lower vibration with your conscious mind when it happens. When you experience a shift in vibration, you should know what to do. In these cases, a salt bath and meditation are great techniques to make use of and reap benefits from. Don’t be afraid to repeat the spiritual baths several times, when feeling the need to regain and recharge your energy.

Maintain high vibration by keeping your house clean and asking the angels to bless you with their love and light. Do whatever it takes to shift the negative energy into positive energy. The longer you stay in a zone of negative energy, the harder it will get to get rid of it.

You can’t stay the same

The flaw with how to keep your vibration high is that you can’t stay the same. Thus, you can’t maintain one state ALL the time. Change is a constant phenomenon in the world that we live in.

It is true that is you are not raising your vibration; it is declining because it can’t stay the same. The changes in your surrounding environment lead it to change all the time.

The present moment is yours to grasp and you must choose how it affects you. You should choose to enter love and light with this opportunity instead of letting it have a negative impact on you. You have the angels to back you up with help, guidance, or assistance if need be.

Claim your power

You have the power to decide how to let things affect you. When a challenge is thrown your way, instead of letting it weigh you down, you should claim your power from it. This leads to an increase in your vibration so, all you need to do is take action.

When you feel low on energy, get yourself moving. You can decide to go on a hiking spree, or do some workout, or perhaps even start jumping around in your room. Whatever is needed to create a shift in vibration, is what you need to do at that time.

You have the support of the entire realm of light which includes your spirit guides, the angels, and the archangels. If you fail to shift your vibration yourself, you can and should call upon Archangel Michael who will help, guide, and assist you to shift our vibration.

How to keep your Vibration High – The journey continues

Learning how to keep your vibration high is a journey you need to keep following. Even if you have been increasing your vibration for a long time, there is still further that you can go to. There is always room to grow and succeed; the journey to raise your vibration does not have an end.

If at any point you think that you can’t raise your vibration any further, just know in your mind that you are wrong. The path is long and never-ending. Thus, all you need to do is keep moving.

You can always invoke the angels in case of any time where you get lost and don’t know what to do.

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