How to meet your Spirit Guides

spirit guides

We’ll also cover how to meet your one of your spirit guides in the first place (if you haven’t already) as well as how to connect with your spirit guide once you’ve met. Not all of these techniques work for everyone but we’ll cover that in more detail when we come to it.

If you’re new to the idea of spirit guides or just haven’t had much luck connecting with them in the past then this article should provide you with some guidance. We’ll be taking a look at what exactly a spirit guide is and why you may need to contact them.

Spiritual Angels

Before we get down to business, we need to cover the idea of what exactly spirit guides are. The idea of spiritual guides can be found all around the world, in all different forms from all different times.

The ancient Egyptians often viewed animals as being spiritual guides containing the souls of family members who had passed onto the afterlife. From the UK to China dragons have been seen as spiritual creatures that guide their wards down certain paths.

Today in the Western world, spiritual angels are the most common spirit guides but they can take on the form of animals. Your Guardian Angel can help guide you towards this level of spiritual growth and knowledge!

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Why is Connection Important?

This may seem like a silly question for those of you who have experienced the connection before but for those who haven’t, the idea as a whole may seem a little odd. To put it in simple terms, your spirit guides are simply there to help you along your path.

The extent to which they play a role differs from one person to the next. Some people rely quite heavily on their guides, some don’t make any attempts to connect at all. Both of these are perfectly acceptable and connecting with your spirit guide is never an essential part of your spiritual journey.

That being said, you’re potentially putting yourself at a disadvantage by not making the effort. Learning how to meet your spiritual guide is not only a beneficial process in of itself, but it allows you to have a higher spirit with whom you can communicate with, ask questions or reach out to for guidance.

This guide is specific to you and so once you’ve learned how to connect with spirit guides, you basically have a guide with you whenever you need them. For those of you embarking on a long spiritual journey, you really don’t want to take on that task all on your own.

How to meet your Spirit Guides

In this article, we’ll explore 4 of the main techniques used for learning how to connect with your spirit guide. One key thing you have to remember is that meeting and connecting with your spirit guides can take time and it can take patience. Ideally, you should try to use all of the following techniques.

That being said, if you try a technique a few times and it doesn’t seem to be helping you in the same way as the others, don’t feel you need to continue doing it. It’s best to focus on the ones that work best for you.

Be Direct and Purposeful

Spirit guides can be difficult to make initial contact with. They don’t just appear out of the woodwork because you ask them to. It’s not like saying Beetlejuice three times. You have to display to the guides that you want and are ready for their guidance.

Take some time to think about why and write down some of the reasons. Perhaps you’ve become lost on your spiritual journey or need help dealing with your own emotions. There’s always a reason (at least one) so take some time to look within yourself for the answers.

When you know yourself why you’re trying to connect with your guides, they will appear.


Following on from the previous example, you may need a method for looking inwards or for reaching out to your guides in the first place (or both). Meditation is the best tool for this. You can use guided meditation to learn how to meet your spirit guides or simply carry out your own meditation.

Simply focus on your breathing until you reach that familiar meditative state. Once there, reach out to your guides and explain to them why you’re choosing now to connect with them. Keep an open mind and see what happens.

Don’t begin your meditation with a set idea of how you think things will go. This brings us to our next point.

Manage Expectations

Learning how to meet your spirit guide isn’t always what people expect. Some think that it’s like the movies where spiritual angels appear on your shoulder or a small red dragon appears from the smoke.

In reality, the situation can be very different. Your experience could be as minor as seeing a certain color or could be as mind-blowing as a full-on vision. But the important thing is setting your mind up to fail. Go into your meditation or other techniques knowing that it’s very likely you may not experience anything in this instance.

It could take 5 attempts, 12, maybe even 20. Then again, it could happen the first go. The trick is to expect nothing so you can appreciate whatever your guides present you with.


Believe it or not, when you enter deep sleep, your body and soul naturally absorb cosmic energy from the surrounding world. During this phase, your heightened levels of spiritual energy allow for clearer contact with higher beings. This of course includes your spirit guides.

The issue here is that you’re of course asleep and guiding yourself can become a little challenging. You have two options: use some deep sleep techniques and hope that your guides appear to you within your dream or use hypnosis or guided meditation based on deep sleep and on contacting your guides.

That way, when you fall asleep and enter deep sleep, your mind will be guided to where it needs to go.

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