Spiritual Blockages Removal

spiritual blockages removal

This article about Spiritual blockages removal will focus on how to remove spiritual blocks and why removing energy blockages is worth your time. Everyone has moments in life where they feel like something is holding them back. It could be that you have everything you’ve ever wanted but still don’t feel content.

It could be that you’ve reached your career goals but keep finding new areas you just have to excel at. No matter what we accomplish in life, if we don’t remove blocks that are clogging our energy then we can never truly feel at peace. 

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Removing Energy Blocks

The first step to removing spiritual blocks is identifying their cause. While this step can help in the process, it’s not completely essential. However, it can be trickier than it sounds, as there is a number of reasons why blockage could occur.

Perhaps you’ve put the blockage there yourself without realizing it. Angels are always watching over you! Are you familiar with the different types of an angel that are watching over you? Consider reaching out to your Guardian Angel for more information!

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What is a spiritual blockage?

The meaning and function of each one are different, but you can learn their role quite easily. Each type represents a different aspect of guidance, both to you and the universe as a whole. It is essentially,  something that creates resistance within the self.

It could be that it’s a karmic spiritual block. Some blockages are even passed down from your parents. Others could be put there by angels as a form of guidance.

The list is pretty extensive and so asking your angels or doing some self-exploration through meditation are useful practices here. Trust your gut instincts and you’ll find the answer.

How do Spiritual Blockages Form?

What is a spiritual block and how do spiritual blockages removal work? We’ve discussed the general idea, but without examples, it can be difficult to fully understand exactly what a spiritual block is.

In essence, a spiritual block is a source of negativity, one that often begins in the mind. Human beings have evolved to notice the negative aspects of any issue. Why? Because when we were roaming the wild as hunter-gatherers, noticing the negative elements is how we survived.

Those who focused solely on the positives would miss the dangers of the world. Now that we live in safer societies, we should be able to focus more on the positives (and we can certainly learn to), but our mind is still wired towards the negative.

Negative blocks tend to begin with one simple, negative thought. Once this thought has been established, you begin to see the world through a negative lens.

You’ve probably heard of rose-tinted glasses, but this is the opposite. You perceive negativity in all that you do, and your glass is always half empty rather than half full.

Examples of Spiritual Blockages

Different types of spiritual blockages can arise in different situations. Here are some examples of how they can develop:

  • Fear (and focusing on fear) leads to worry, anxiety, and negativity.
  • Being dishonest, either with yourself or others.
  • Hiding your gifts or denying their existence.
  • Returning to bad habits or negative belief systems that no longer serve you.
  • Ignoring your heart’s desire, life goal, or soul mission.

We can explore some of these ideas in a little more depth. Have you ever been in a relationship where your partner is unable to let their guard down, possibly due to negative experiences in past relationships?

This would be an example of an emotional blockage. Another example would be refusing to accept your natural gifts, which is an example of a spiritual blockage.

Although, if your gifts involve being able to detect obscure signs from the universe, and you still choose to ignore these signs, then that could be an example of an intuitive blockage.

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about spiritual, emotional, or intuitive blockages. They all lead to the same end goal. Dealing with them early on or working to avoid developing them in the first place, is the healthiest approach.

How do I clear my energy? Clearing Abundance Blocks

You can carry out easily the spiritual blockages removal process in a number of ways. In this article, we will explore just a few of them. One thing to bear in mind while carrying out this process is that your mind is your enemy.

Many people find that even once they remove blocks, they still feel like their energy is getting clogged. This is entirely psychological but it’s best to prepare your expectations around this potential outcome.

The psychological element is something that fades in time but if you don’t feel like your spiritual blockage removal was a success, this is most likely the reason.

Using Meditation

Meditation is perhaps the most effective method of spiritual blockage removal. Meditation allows you to focus your spiritual energies and use them as a battering ram to remove abundance blocks.

You’ll find guided meditations online if you don’t feel you can complete this task on your own but here is an example of a meditative exercise you could use:

  • To start with, simply find a quiet spot somewhere during a time that you won’t be disturbed. You could even carry this out just before going to sleep at night or as you wake up in the morning.
  • Relax and begin to take some slow, deep, purposeful breaths. Breathe in for 4, hold for 4, breathe out for 4, hold for 4, and repeat.
  • As you start to feel relaxed and feel your mind enter a trance-like state, begin to focus on your purpose.
  • Search through your body as if scanning it with your mind until you are drawn to the blockage.
  • Focus your energies on this spot and think only of removing energy blocks.

You may also try the Angel meditation but If it helps, picture the process in your mind or repeat a mantra such as:

I will remove energy blocks and

clear the path for my spiritual energy.

Anchors to the Past

One major cause of spiritual blockages comes in the form of the anchors we leave behind in the past. These are moments that hold us back from progressing along our spiritual path, and they often come in the form of an event or relationship that lingers in our minds.

For one reason or another, we become incapable of moving on from this moment, and much like an anchor, it holds us in place. It’s common for anchors to stay in place due to the fact that we never face the moment.

We think about it a lot, but never in any depth, and so we never explore the truth of the matter or attempt to find closure. Ask yourself why that moment still holds power over you, and explore all your feelings, emotions, and thoughts surrounding it until you finally feel like there’s nothing left to explore.

Spiritual blockages removal just by going out into Nature

The benefits of being out in nature cannot be understated. This is particularly true if you live in a city. Nature is how we reconnect with Mother Earth. It’s how we naturally recharge our batteries and remove negative energy.

When we become cut off from nature, we lose that connection and begin to hold onto more and more negativity, leading to a higher number of blockages. Try to escape the city as often as you can. You can do something simple like walk up a hill or through a forest.

Alternatively, swimming in a natural body of water will cleanse your spirit and remove blockages, as will meditating somewhere special, such as near a waterfall.

It’s also important to exercise. You don’t need to run a marathon or become a bodybuilder, but laziness causes your energy to stagnate. Much like when a river stagnates, you end up with pockets of settled, unclean energy.

Doing something as simple as a small run or a 15-minute home workout can make all the difference. Tying this activity into your exploration of nature will allow it to be doubly as effective.

Practice Pranayama Exercises

Yogic breathing exercises are a great way to flush negative energy out of your mind, body, and spirit. You are almost guaranteed to feel more positive after a session of such a practice.

There are many to choose from, including a range of yoga that isn’t focused on breathing but would still be beneficial.

However, there are two pranayama exercises that stand out as being particularly effective:

  • Kapalabhati breathing – also known as Shining Breath.
  • Bhastika Breathing – also known as The Bellow Breath.

You can make this easier by scheduling non-negotiable spiritual time into your day. Maybe not every single day, but certainly on most days.

Smile Often

Smiling may sound silly, especially when you’re smiling for seemingly no reason, but there’s a method in the madness. Smiling and laughing are both contagious acts. By doing so, you subconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

You create a space where people can join you in this positive action, and in turn, they too encourage others to smile. It’s a way of spreading positivity to others, but it also makes you feel good as well.

By smiling, whether you’re happy at the moment or not, you trick your brain into releasing neurotransmitters associated with feelings of positivity, such as dopamine.

An additional practice you can add to this one is to avoid complaining. Even when life is dealing you one poor hand after another, only talk about the positives. Don’t moan about the weather, don’t talk about how bad your coffee tastes, and don’t gossip about other people.

When we complain, we allow our minds to focus on the negatives. Even if it feels good to complain at the moment, it creates a negative cycle whereby each negative complaint then leads to a negative thought, causing you to notice more negatives and ultimately complain about them.


Telling someone to relax is guaranteed to have the opposite effect. But when it comes to your own mental state, you are perfectly capable of relaxing.

Some people relax by listening to music, others take a hot bath. Some people will relax through intense exercise or by meditating. No matter what you do to relax, it’s important that you give yourself time to do it.

Maybe not every day, but certainly every 2-3 days. Otherwise, stress will build up and you’ll naturally begin focusing on the negatives, which is a recipe for blockages.

You can use what’s known as the letting go technique to help you manage stress and negative thoughts. If you ever find that something is lingering in your mind and stopping you from being able to relax, use visualization to picture the problem fading away.

For example, you might imagine that you’ve placed the thought into a box, put that box on a boat, and now you’re watching the boat drift away. As it disappears over the horizon, feel that stress leaving your mind, body, and spirit.

Spiritual blockages removal – Asking your Angels help

A more direct approach to spiritual blockage removal is simply to ask your angels. The reason this is an effective process is that not only can they help you identify the cause but also offer advice on the best solution to removing energy blockages from your spirit.

Just keep in mind that the answer may not be direct. Often when seeking advice from angels, they will direct you to the answer within yourself. It is important to trust your instincts and trust that your angels know what they are doing.

It won’t be the first or last time they’ve aided someone in removing spiritual blockages.

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